Specialist Games Going, Going, Gone…

Games Workshop is bidding goodbye to a lot of games from the days of yore.  Grab your hankie…

This story has been bouncing around for a couple days, but multiple sources are now saying that indeed the entire Games Workshop Specialist Games line is shuffling towards the graveyard.  In particular, the following:

-Battlefleet Gothic

Are all only available till stocks run dry then they are history.  Forgeworld just announced the ending of all products and support for Specialist Games as well.

That ends a long era, of variety and adventure in the worlds of both Warhammer Fantasy and the Dark Millenium.  Epic in particular has a long pedigree within Games Workshop and served as the incubator for so much of the fluff and details of the universe.  The Horus Heresy, titans, and so much more came around via Epic, and it will be a sad day to see the old girl fade away.  Battle Fleet Gothic’s demise marks the end of spacefaring  gameplay in the 40K universe, and also served as the wellspring from which so much of the  naval detail and backstory came from.

Forgeworld themselves wouldn’t have all those sexy titans to sell us if not for Specialist Games…

A bigger question is why now?  This final nail in the Specialist Games coffin brings GW at last down to three core systems.  In order of importance, 40K, Fantasy, and LotR.

It was always a longshot to ever see those ranges get moved over to finecast, but somehow the lack of those fiddly, esoteric systems, makes Games Workshop seem so – ordinary, normal.  Like a building that has painted over all its previous intricate detailing to put up a clean, tidy appearance.

I for one am sad to see them go.

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Your thoughts on both the news and your grand adventures in the realms of Specialist Games are welcome my friends. 

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