40K: Apocalypse Arrives!!! (PICS)

Games Workshop just put up the Apocalypse Advanced orders.  RUN, RUN, RUN!!!

Apocalypse Rulebook $74.25
Apocalypse Gamers Edition $250
Apocalypse Collector’s Edition $250

Khorne Lord of Skulls $160
Necron Tesseract/Obelisk $160
Imperial Guard Baneblade $140

Aquilla Strongpoint $115
Firestorm Redoubt $65
Vengeance Weapons Battery $50

Lord Executioner $22.25
Master of the Rites $22.25
Master of Relics $22.25
Master of the Marches $22.25

Imperial Targeting Templates $25
Strategic Asset Cards $15

…and for the CEO-set, swipe your American Express black card for the:

Siege of the Angel’s Redoubt $1,616

~Who’s in for what?  Sign me up for a book and the Templates for sure!  These are up for pre-order from GW and your favorite FLGS/Etailer now.  

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