40K RUMORS: Apocalypse Rules Spotted!

Apparently a bunch of White Dwarfs shipped early all across the UK.  Here’s what folks are reporting on Apocalypse:

Khorne Lord Of Skulls

888 points F13 S13 R11 HP9 WS4 BS3 St10

Has a destroyer melee weapon and a hellstorm weapon that causes instant death and another which fires a strength 9 apocalyptic blast

Necron Tesseract Vault
No details on the armor and points, but it will have six weapons systems to choose from one of which can fire 6D6 St8 AP 3 shots per turn. Looks like its not a flyer as a group of Deathwing knights are able to destroy it in hand to hand in the battle report. The vault contains a unit called the transcendent C’Tan who can be removed from the vault and used as a unit in their own right, but that can be dangerous for the necrons as well as their enemies.

Necron Obilisk
An alternative to the tesseract vault, looks like it is a flyer and has an ability called a gravitational pulse that automatically hits flyers.

Stormlord & Stormsword
Both remain the same, but have had a slight drop in points. Stormlord is now 490, Stormsword is 485.

Other Goodies

-Apocalyptic barrage has changed completely, and is now 5 blast makers linked together.
-Formations look quite good, as a group of Librarians are now able to call in a vortex, and using Marine Battle Companies gives you an orbital bombardment. There is a formation for three heldrakes that allows them to make a pregame vector strike.
-Vengeance Weapon Battery gives you tow turrets, that can have either a punisher chaincannon, or a leman russ battle cannon. 
-Firestorm Reboubt gives you two twin linked quad lascannons,
-Aquila Strongpoint you can have a macro cannon, or a bay of vortex missiles! 
Apocalypse Rumor Roundup
Have at it!

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