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‘Shadow and Bone’: No Mourners, No Funerals – The Crows Breakdown

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Mar 20 2023

Shadow and Bone introduced this group of highly skilled and highly likable gang members. Let’s learn more about The Crows.

We know them as The Crows, but Kaz’s highly skilled team is actually part of a larger gang known as The Dregs. But who are The Dregs and which are the members to watch?


The Crow Club started as a dilapidated building in Ketterdam. Eventually, it was purchased by Kaz Brekker, fixed up, and turned into a gambling hall for The Dregs.

The Dregs were for many years led by Per Haskell. And in this time they were considered a laughing stock of a gang; consisting of street kids, and mediocre con artists. Kaz eventually joined and began making the gang into something more respectable. He introduced a level of competitiveness, began building up one of the main harbors in Ketterdam, and recruited quite a few members. And in turn, many of his recruited members considered Kaz to be the rightful leader of the Dregs.

Eventually, Haskell attempted to oust Kaz from the group entirely, siding with those loyal to The Dregs in a conspiracy that framed Kaz for kidnapping. But after a long and brutal fight against many other members of the Dregz, Kaz finally, officially took over the gang, and under his leadership, the size, and influence of The Dregs grew by quite a bit.

While the Crow Club remained their home base, they controlled virtually all of the comings and goings of the Fifth Harbor and considered it their territory.



Most Prominent Members

The Dregs become a large gang with a lot of territories, but for our purposes in watching Shadow and Bone, we have become familiar with four key members.

Kaz Brekker is the leader of The Dregs. Dragged into a life of crime at twelve, he has been working his way to the top for most of his life. He can be ruthless and cruel and sometimes nicknamed Dirtyhands because of it, seeking vengeance relentlessly. But he also cares deeply about his closest circle and the members of his team. Kaz carries a cane, but for a permanent limp from a broken leg that never healed properly, and as a weapon.

Inej Ghafa is Kaz’s number two and has a lengthy collection of skills. She is an assassin, acrobat, and skilled knife thrower. These same skills also make Inej good at spy work and infiltration.

Jesper Fahey is the group’s sharpshooter and one of the most skilled members of The Dregs in a fight. Unfortunately, he is also addicted to gambling and easily distracted when something–or someone–fun comes around. Technically, Jesper is a Grisha, but he was taught at a young age to keep his powers secret and never use them.


Nina Zenik is this season’s newest addition to the team. Previously a Grisha soldier from Ravka, she is a skilled Heartender type Grisha. She has only recently joined the Crows but is proving herself to be an invaluable member of the team, both at mundane information-collecting and Grisha-powered battles alike.

Who is your favorite Crow? Have you read the books, or is the Netflix series your first introduction to these characters? Which of the Crow’s skills or abilities would you like to have for yourself? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Adventuring!

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