Goatboy – Is Iyanden Worth It?

Goatboy is here to talk about the latest and greatest Eldar bit of goodness we got wrapped in candy coating of fluff and pretty pictures – the Iyanden digital publication.

I am just coming off the buzz from Wargames Con.  I didn’t play this year as I drew on bags, talked to fans, and sold some older minis I wasn’t threatening people with on the battlefield.  The buzz there was all about the Eldar and today I want to talk about the small bit of goodness we got wrapped in candy coating of fluff and pretty pictures – the Iyanden digital publication.

The rules update amounts to 2 pages but it really is an interesting batch of information.  You get a army list creation, some new psychic powers, and new wargear.  This is interesting as it probably should have been added to the main book but the addition of fluff and pictures makes me less upset as I feel it will lead to some new army options for other books.

Iyanden Rules
So what do we get with this?  Well we get those small tweaks to already given units.  The Spirit Seers become a Frat and you can make a Wraithlord your Warlord for some extra new fancy Warlord abilities.  You also get a really amazing Primus PRIMARIS power that should make your army a complete boss on the battle top.  Go figure they wanted to sell a book plus a bunch of models to create a new elite army of doom.

The Primus PRIMARIS power gives you the ability to make all your Wraith units turn angry a bit and get some battle focus and some anger when they charge in to get business done.  This comes in the wrapped package of costing 2 Warp Charges.  This is interesting as it is the first time we have had a Primus PRIMARIS power cost 2 WC’s.  Will we see other books do this to create new armies that use the psychic phase?  I don’t know about you but it feels they have decided to jump on the psychic powers band wagon as a way to increase an army’s power.  This makes me think the Orks might have a ton of “weird” boy options that will allow for a ton of roll on their special green tinged table.

The other change up is adding in a set of wargear as well as warlord traits.  They continue to push the new book powers as “better” overall alternatives to the main book character powers.  I always roll my book powers as I just don’t want to pull out my mini rule book or get one of the lame options.  Still it is adding that random element they like will mixing in somewhat decent options.  The last one could make for a really powerful Wraithlord as he runs around the table top re-rolling those pesky poison wounds.

The change to the “warlock” council and upgrading them to a Spirit Seer batch is very interesting.  It changes up how the army plays as you really needed the Primus PRIMARIS power to get it to work and allowing five 70 points jerks to run around with their robot friends to help create this list.  You will probably only see this council as the HQ choice as it is very expensive and adding a Farseer might be too much for your HQ choice.  You need more boots on the table top and this will be a very bloated list with upgrades and fat getting trimmed to fit in what you need.

Is Iyanden Worth It?
I like this update as it gives me what I like – pictures, fluff, and back story while mixing in some rules to help create these armies.  I think the book is too expensive but I will tell you right now I won’t be the only one first in line to buy a Legion book whenever it comes out.  If this does well enough I am sure we will finally see these rumored Legion books.  I know I won’t be the only one buying them and I am sure it will sell a crap ton more Chaos Space Marines if we could get the option to have Death Guard marines.

I am surprised we didn’t get a Tau mini book that detailed what Farsight did after getting out of contact range.  Wouldn’t that have been cool if we had a Crisis-suit book with limited Fire Warriors and gave you the option of a suit army like we had in the past?  I know it would be awesome to read more into these armies and getting that is something I think GW should capitalize on.  Not every army has Legions, Craftworlds, Sects, and other options so we won’t see this with every army book.  I think just creating a good shell work for an army and then playing with its miniature choosing to create new options is the best way to fill out the universe and it’s choices.

So will we see the Iyanden army on the top tables?  I am sure will see some as the army will be small, compact and fairly deadly.  The biggest issue comes from it having a bunch of 1 wound models that costs double most other armies “troops”.  I know they are toughness 6 but still once you start losing a few here and there the army will fold very quickly.  I am excited to see it as a bunch of yellow and blue armies will look great on the table top.  I just hope we see the Chaos Legion books following this Eldar book as we are all wanting something to make our Chaos Space Marines more then just Heldrake holders.

~What’s your take on the $40 Iyanden book?

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