This Week in 40K Podcasting – 06/21/2013 – 06/27/2013

Welcome to another “This Week in 40K Podcasting,”
Here is this week’s top 5!
The Heroic 28s – Episode 68
Highlights:  This week the boys start part one of their review of Codex Tau!  They opened up the show with some announcements before Cowboy Kenny and Uncle Buck take on their WargamesCon experience!  They covered some of the fun they had getting to the event, the cool people that they met, and some of games that they played in the GT.  They also discussed the tournament’s format, the including of Forgeworld units, and how the event was scored.  They finished off their first segment with some updates on their hobby progress.  Next, the guys moved on to part one of their coverage of the new Tau Empire Codex!  They open up with their one-word description of the Codex, followed up by a review of the Special Rules for the army, especially the Supporting Fire rule, the Warlord Traits, and the Tau Drones!  They then move on to some of the Weapon Systems and upgrades that stand out for all of the battle suits available to the Tau.  They moved on to discuss the HQ units, starting with the generic Commander, and moving on to Farsight, Shadowsun, the Bodyguard upgrades, the Ethereals, the named Etherals, the upgrade characters and much more!  The boys moved on to discuss the Troop choices, starting with the deadly Fire Warrior and their massive upgrade with this new book.  They also discussed the Kroot and their new Sniper Rounds and the Devilfish Troop Transport!
Opinion:  Despite being a two man show this week, the absence of the rest of the cast was not missed as both Kenny and Uncle Buck did a great job reviewing the first half of the Tau Codex.  I always have found their two-show format to look at a book to be just enough to make me want more next week.  Even though neither of them play the army, each of the cast brought some great ideas and thoughts on the Tau army.  Great work, I really enjoyed this week’s show.  My top pick for the week! 
The Independent Character’s – Episode 80

Highlights:  This week the boys are taking a new look at Imperial Armour 3: The Tauros Campaign, with the second edition released.  They opened up the show with ‘the Work Bench’ where they discuss what they have been up to lately in the hobby and gaming.  Next, they moved on to the new evaluation of Imperial Armour 3: The Tauros Campaign Second Edition (for their review of the first edition book, please see episode 48)!  They first started off with a side-by-side comparison from the first edition book and the second, in look, feel, artwork and editing.  They story from both booth is exactly the same, so the only changes are in the rules and the editing.  They then moved on to discuss what changed, included changes made to the Elysian Drop Troops, the Tallarn Regiment, and of course the Tau!  They moved on to discuss the new missions with this book, the Battlefleet Gothic mission (despite it no longer being supported by GW), and more.  They also explored the reasons why Forgeworld published this book as opposed to updating it via a pdf.  They then moved on to discuss the value of this book, if you play Tau, if you own the first edition of the book, and more.  Then, in the ‘Warrior’s Lodge’ Geoff sat down with some of the wives of their gaming club to discuss what it is like to be a ‘40K Widow’!  Geoff talked to Shell, Natasha, and Kim the wives of Carl, Lars, and Adon.  They discuss time management for the hobby, communications, time away from the family and much more!  They also discuss the benefits to having a husband in the hobby, including the social accepts of the hobby, the stress relief, the tactical aspect of the game and the artist outlet to playing this game.  They also offer up some advice for those women with husband/boyfriends who play the game, which included splitting time and finances for separate hobbies.  They closed out the show with an interview with Behavior Interactive on the new 40K MMO in development.  They discussed the Free-to-Play model of the game, they experience in the industry, working with GW, their plans for the game and much more!

Opinion:  I am having a hard time deciding which half of this show I liked best.  The review of Imperial Armour 3 was mostly a refresher course, with all the changes that make this book worth it pointed out.  I have to say though, I think the wives outshined the boys this week, and it was just fascinating to hear from them and their thoughts on the hobby.  I am also happy to hear I am doing a lot of things right with my wife, judging by their thought.  Great work guys, and girls!

40K Global – Episode 80 ***Explicit***
Highlights:  This week the guys clock in with another 4+ hour show!  They opened up with part two of their coverage of the ‘Home Nations’ tournament, day two.  They did a quick review of the event itself and who they have already played and their results.  They moved on to discuss their day two games, with included the missions, deployment, and the lists their opponents were running.  These were their usual brand of well detailed battle reports chocked full of tactics and strategies.  They followed this up with an overall evaluation of the event, what they liked and what they didn’t like, their performance there, and prep work for the ETC.  They also discussed some questions from their fans, like should the Americans be permitted to field multiple ETC teams, and much more.  Next, Dave had an interview with Scott Nicholls and they discussed the Daemon Cavalry army he took to the ‘Home Nations’ event.  Next, the boys moved on to their unit-by-unit review of Codex Eldar, starting off with the Dark Reaper!  They moved on to cover units like Warp Spiders, the new flyers, Warwalkers, Night Spinner, Fire Prisms, Wraithguard and of course the Wraithknight!  They close out by discussing the early lists that they are debating fielding. 
Opinion:  This week polished of two great segments.  First we got to hear the finally of the Home Nations tournament, in typical 40K Global fashion.  Quite detailed and every tactical decision analyzed, which I love.  Second was the second half of their look at the Eldar codex; this provided some really insightful thoughts on this brand new book.  Overall, a great show guys!
Imperial Vox Cast – Episode 96 ***Explicit***
Highlights:  This week Bill is joined by Sean and Reese from Frontline Gaimg to dicuss part 2 of their Eldar Codex review.  They opened up with some musing on the new Eldar Codex and its performance in their latest Feast of Blade Qualifier.  Next, they moved on to discuss the Iyanden Supplement and its merger contents.  They cover the Special Rules added in this book, the new Warlord Traits, and the new Psychic Powers.  They also discussed the Gifts found in this book and their battlefield benefits.  Next, the boys gave their overall thoughts on the Iyanden supplement and the benefits it brings to the Eldar army as a whole.  They then mused a bit about how well Eldar will perform in a competitive environment.  They cover their thoughts for list buildings an Eldar army and what units stand out as the best in the Codex.  Sean, Reese and Bill each presented a competitive list that they believe will do well in the current meta. 
Opinion:  This week’s show was a great follow up to the previous show, and it was just full of all sorts of great ideas tactical for the Eldar players and those who might face them.  Reese is one of my favorite internet personalities and he always has some great advice, especially for an army he loves.  This was also a great look at the Iyanden supplement and all that it adds to the Eldar army.  I highly recommend this one. 
Turn 8 – Episode 37
Highlights:  This week the boys celebrate their second Birthday Show with a massive 4 hour show!  The show opened up with the guys discussing what they have been up to lately in gaming and the hobby.   They guys moved on to some blooper reels from episodes 21.  Next, in the ‘Roundup’, the boys discussed a recent tournament they attended at Stomping Grounds!  They give a brief overview of their lists and how they did on the day.  Next were more outtakes, from episodes 22-26!  Next, the guys moved on to their Codex Review of the Tau.  They opened up by discussing the Special Rules associated with this army, including Supporting Fire, the Warlord Traits, and some of the Support Systems.  They moved on to talk about the HQ units, including the named characters, covered how Markerlights work, and the generic HQ units.  They move on to discuss the Troops, the Fire Warriors and the Kroot, and how they have improved in this book.  Next, they covered the Elites, starting with the big boy, the Riptide, and the rest of the Elite slots.  They then ran through the Fast Attacks, including the Pathfinders and all of their Markerlight fun, the new flyers, and more.  They then moved on to discuss the Heavy Support, including the Hammerhead, the Sky Ray, and the awesome Broadsides!  Next were more blooper reels from episodes 27-31!  Next came their signature Battle Report, and this week is a special report for their second anniversary.  This week they have a fan submitted 1000 point Tau versus Dark Angels battle report.  They discussed the mission and deployment, the battlefield itself, and the lists involved in the battle.  Next came the dramatization of this great battle, and was followed up by a review of the game itself.  They also announced their first content for more listener submitted battle reports!  They closed out the show with a final round of blooper reels from episodes 32-37.
Opinion: First, a very happy birthday to the guys and their outstanding podcast.  I had the pleasure to meet the cast at the Killadelphia Open this year and they were great.  A great group of guys who made us feel very welcome at the event.  As for this show, this was a lot of laughs sandwiching a great Tau review.  I am a huge fan of the outtake shows as it is a peak behind the curtain of the production of a show.  The fan submitted battle report was up to the boys standards and was once again a joy to listen to.  Keep it up guys, I am a huge fan!
Honorable Mentions– All great podcasts that just missed this cut this week, but you should still check them out, in no particular order:
Signals from the Frontline ***Explicit***  News, Rumors, List Reviews, Anime Expo, and more!
Skaredcast – Episode 51  Warlord Traits part 2, Army List review, and more!
Jaded Gamercast – 131 ***Explicit*** Model of the Week, Q&A from their Facebook fans, Chapterhouse lawsuit and more
Life After the Cover Save – Episode 75 ***Explicit*** Call to Carl from the Independent Characters and John from the Nova Open!
Forge the Narrative – Episode 16 Alterative Models and Painting

Second Founding – Episode 33 ***Explicit***  Jeff Crawley from the Michigan GT and American ETC Members Greg Sparks, Brad Chester, and Mike Mutscheller
6s2Hit – Episode 33 How podcaster react to their audience
VoxNet Radio – Episode 6  The boys actually released a podcast!
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