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X-Wing Tactics: Cold as Steel – A Review of the Aggressor

The_EvilEd209 9 Minute Read January 16

This week we will take a look at the future of the game of X-Wing with the fast approaching release of Scum and Villainy, and one scary looking ship in the Aggressor. Greetings all, Ed here from NOVA Squadron Radio!Cold, methodical, and murderously insane, IG-88 was one of my all time favorite villains from the Star Wars […]

X-Wing Tactics: Countering the Meta

The_EvilEd209 11 Minute Read January 13

Want to take down some of the top squadron lists in X-Wing.  Well come right in pilot… Greetings all, Ed here from NOVA Squadron Radio!  This week we will continue our look at the early Store Championship Season.  So we know that Fat Han, Super Dash and the Decimators of Doom will be on or near […]

X-Wing Tactics: 2015 Championship Meta – Top 3 Lists!

The_EvilEd209 10 Minute Read January 2

What’s the best in X-Wing NOW? This week we will take a look at the 2015 Championship Season’s Meta.  Happy New Year!  Greetings all, Ed here from NOVA Squadron Radio! Scum and Villainy is on its way, but before they arrive some stores will have already held their Championships.  What will you see on the table starting in January […]

X-Wing Tactics: Return of the Dark Lord of the Sith!

The_EvilEd209 8 Minute Read December 29

Did you know the TIE Advanced (and Vader) just got a HUGE powerup from FFG?  You DON’T know the POWER of the Dark Side!Greetings all, Ed here from NOVA Squadron Radio!  This week we will look at the new face lift the TIE advanced will receive with the release of the Raider Class Corvette and just […]

X-Wing: The OutRyder Cup

The_EvilEd209 10 Minute Read December 20

Greetings all, Ed here from NOVA Squadron Radio!  This week I will be shifting gears just a bit and review an excellent tournament that I participated in this past weekend, The OutRyder Cup!  What is the OutRyder Cup?The OutRyder Cup was the brain child of Ryan Fleming and Matt Court from the Pittsburgh X-Wing Group, and […]

X-Wing Tactics: Boba Gets His Groove Back!

The_EvilEd209 7 Minute Read December 12

Today we will look at the best Bounty Hunter in the entire Galaxy, Boba Fett! Original and still the best, Imperial Boba Fett???Ok, so admit it.  When you ran out to your local game store and picked up the Firespray, it was for one reason and one reason alone, Boba Fett!  You got it home, […]

X-Wing Editorial: Target Lock Controversy

The_EvilEd209 7 Minute Read November 28

Pilots, today we are going to explore some of the little quirks found in the Target Lock rule and how they can impact the game, both in friendly and competitive play. Is it really an exploit of the rules to use the Target Lock mechanic to know range?  Or is it a clever tactic used […]

This Week in 40K Podcasting – 11/07/2014 – 11/13/2014

The_EvilEd209 6 Minute Read November 23

Welcome to the final installment of “This Week in 40K Podcasting,” Here is this week’s top 5! Jaded Gamercast – Episode 200!!! ***Explicit*** Highlights:  This week the full cast is celebrating their historic 200th episode!  Teri, Ward, and Matty joined Nathan and Lange for this massive party that was kicked off with the ‘Weekly Listener […]

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