40K Apocalypse – New Model Unboxing

Apocalypse is here and it’s EVERYTHING IS BIGGER mentality has crashed against our gamer consciousness. Let’s see whats good!

Today I have for you spankin’ new video unboxings of the sweet new Apocalypse Models; Lord of Skulls, Tesseract Vault, Baneblade / Shadowsword, and the new Wall of Martyrs Fortifications.

The Baneblade kit was an obvious re-release that combined the original kit with the Shadowsword one for unknown reasons, however the other kits were 100% new for Apocalypse.

So where does this leave us? Well if you play a lot of big games and have a ton of super heavies already, well now there are a few more for you to get.

For most people though it seemed like opinion was divided over this release, except for the fact that normal 40k players seemed very keen on obtaining the rules for the two new smaller Wall of Martys kits.

As of right now those are legal for games or normal 40k, and even come with small rulebooks in the box with their stats!  However it does remain to be seen weather they will be accepted for play at tournaments, like their main rulebook counterparts.

The new kits themselves once again stand out from the pack from a design perspective. Both the Lord of Skulls and Tesseract Vault come with a tons of bits that can be used in other “smaller” projects, and the C’tan model even has a datasheet in the new Apocalypse rulebook.

Interestingly enough it seems like the Lord of Skulls is a lot smaller than most people imagined he would be as you can see here a Wraithknight towering over him.

There are also some interesting conversion opportunities for this model as well, because of how the top torso assembly interfaces with the bottom tracked chassis.

As you can see from the picture above, it would be entirely possible to convert up some sort of “turret” in the space where the torso would be normally placed.

This could free up the top torso for all sorts of fun projects like the additional of legs or some other sort of organic or supernatural source of locomotion.

Be sure to checkout my conversion article on that HERE.

I especially like the new Wall of Martyrs kits, as the first release of them seemed just too static. It’s pretty cool how they added on to that base release with these new kits that have their own rules for play.

Plus if your looking for terrain for Apocalypse the new Aquila Strongpoint is a great choice both in both theme and size, as well as the Fortress of Redemption and the defense lines!

Overall, I think it’s a great release model-wise to supplement the new Apocalypse rules set. I did notice the new fortification kits were marked “Made in China”, which as far as I know is a first for a whole kit itself. So I guess we’re not in Kansas anymore are we?

Please enjoy my video unboxings of the new models below, and be sure to checkout my review of the new Apocalypse Rulebook, as well! -MBG

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