40K TIDAL WAVE: The Supplemental Codices are Coming!

Be careful what you wish for – Games Workshop has a Supplemental Codex aimed right at you coming soon!

Here’s the latest rundown of what has already shipped and what’s headed down the pipe.  Some glorious lists from ages past are returning to us.  I can already hear the Kroot clucking happily from here…

Iyanden (Shipped June 13)
Biel-Tan (Q1 2014)
-Look for Plastic Aspects with this

Farsight Enclave (Shipped July 13)
Tau Mercenaries (Q1 2014)
via Stickmonkey:

-Look for plastic Vespids and new Kroot HQ. ~Probably Master Shaper

Chaos Space Marines
Black Legion (-August 2013 digital, Physical book later.)

via White Dwarf:

-Definitive Background for the Black Legion
-Detailed Timeline of major historical battles and events
-Additional rules
-Miniatures Gallery
-Reference for special rules and Wargear

Supplemental Codex Rumor Roundup
even more info on later supplemental codices…

BAWK BAWK said the shaper! – What Supplemental codex do you most desire?

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