BREAKING: Farsight Enclaves Arrive!

Fasten Your seatbelts boys and girls, because Commander Farsight is here and be brought along one heck of a posse…

First the basics:

Supplemental codex Farsight Enclaves is out right now.  It shipped with the following note:

Available first as Digital Edition for Android, Kindle, and iBooks. Not in print for three months. DOWNLOAD NOW

Now onto the rules:


Battlesuit Spearhead – All Crisis Suits are Troops, but you must take at least one unit of three Battlesuits, not including drones. Finally, suit armies are a real thing.

Ork Hunters – All units have Preferred Enemy (Orks) in Close Combat only. The nice fluff addition.

Ta’lissera Bond – You must take, and pay for, the Bonding Knife upgrade for every unit in the army.

Divergent Destiny – No taking Shadowsun or Aun’Va.

Allies – You may ally with another Tau army as Battle Brothers! And there’s a way to take five Riptides…


Earth Caste Pilot Array – Your battle suits reroll 1s for shooting, and failed Nova reactor checks, but are WS:1
Talisman of Arthas Molach – 5+ Invul, and roll 4d6 and take the highest for Deny the Witch rolls
Warscaper Drone – Move through cover, Outflank, Acute senses for the squad, enemies within 12 suffer the effects of difficult terrain.
Seismic Fibrilator Node – on a 2+ all terrian within 36 is difficult ground. On a 5+, the effect continues into the next turn, roll each turn.  One time use. 
Mirrorcodex: +1 to Seize the Initiative, on a 4+ units within 6″ gain Preferred enemy Space Marines, and various Imperial factions.
Fusion Blades – Commanders only
18″ S:8 AP:1 Assault1 Melta Twin-Linked 
S:8 AP:1 Melee, Armorbane, Blind
There are 8 Characters who can be included in Farsight’s bodyguard, each in a suit with unique combos of wargear, including 3 Commanders, a Broadside, and a Riptide.  The ultimate Deathstar if you take them all.

~So, what do you think of the game’s latest army?

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