NEWS: New Tyranid Pics Sighted!

Look sharp in that new Escalation book everyone, there are new bugs in there

So first off crack open your Escalation book and take a look at this picture.  Hmm, anyone ever seen Tyranid Warriors that look like that?

And someone on the internet somewhere spent a lot of time building this “old – new warriors” comparison based on that picture.

And folks are obviously getting looks at product and price lists behind the scenes.
from warseer’s endobai:

Some prices are sick (almost dropped from a chair seeing one), but mostly worth the price increase saving money spent for bits – much like with the Space Marine release.

I’d start gathering money (not so easy in December, I know) because there are many ‘must buys’ in the release.

Look for the Tyranid floodgates to burst open next week.  Have at it!

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