40K SHOWCASE: Imperial Knight Titan

Here are some pictures of a Hawkshroud Imperial Knight Titan, Oathsworn to the Blood Angels.

Magicstorm here to show off my brand new Imperial Knight!

I have a large Blood Angels army, which at my last count was over 15,000 points. I wanted my new titans to fit in with their comrades, and decided on House Hawkshroud. You can see the house colors on the titan, as well as a red knee with the Blood Angels symbol. Hawkshroud pilots have a very tight association with their brother of the Imperium and many carry heraldries of the armies that they accompany to battle. This Knights, that follow a path so close to the free blades are called the Oathsworn.

 You can see old posts on how I painted the knight, and what I did to its brother, at my blog: thepaintforge.com

Have you decided to add an Imperial Knight detachment to your army? If so, what made you determine which house and colors you would paint them? 

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