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Columnist at Bell of Lost Souls.

HOBBY: Diving Into Freehand Techniques

Magicstorm 3 Minute Read Sep 11

Freehand had always been a mystery to me, but after I got the courage to try it, the fear dissipated. Let me show you my freehand technique.  I will use as an example the Cryx’s symbol on the kraken. You can use my tricks to start doing freehand, or improve your style with ideas from […]

SHOWCASE: Miniatures at Gencon’s Painting Competition

Magicstorm 6 Minute Read Sep 2

Gencon’s painting competition always attracts incredible minis. This year was not an exception. Here is a showcase of some of the wonderful miniatures that were on display.  Every year miniature people from around the world flock to Indianapolis. It is here that Gencon, (The best 4 days of gaming) occurs. This year around 56,000 people […]

40K SHOWCASE: Nurgle Chaos Reaver Titan

Magicstorm 4 Minute Read Aug 19

Painting a Reaver Titan was one of my dreams… even if I did not own it. Here is a little view of the one assembled and painted for a friend of mine. I have friends which have played warhammer with me since 1st edition. Sadly, most of those first opponents live far away from my […]

40K SHOWCASE: Caestus Assault Ram

Magicstorm 3 Minute Read Jul 10

Magicstorm here with a close looks of a Caestus Assault Ram I painted for the Blood Angels. Hi, I am Magicstorm. I want to show a Caestus Assault Ram that I painted for my army. I wanted it to look like it had gone to hell and back. Weathering of the paint and signs of […]

HOBBY: Painting BIG Glowing Effects

    Painting glowing effects on large areas is a little different from small areas like eyes. Here is a video on how to do this. Glowing effects can be achieved in many ways. Most of the tutorials and how-to’s concentrate on small scales, since this is where they are used a lot. When creating […]