WFB End Times III – Malekith Rides!

The latest shot of the upcoming End Times III is out in all it’s retro glory!  Get on in here!

pic via warseer’s ofthethorn

So some cool points…

Yes that does look like Malekith fighting alongside High Elf Phoenix guard! That’s an eye-opener…
Also after months of awesome new GW models it’s strange to see such an ancient miniature getting the limelight on a White Dwarf cover.  I mean come on – Malekith’s the 6000 year old king of the Dark Elves and GW is letting him go up against Nagash’s awesome hat, and the Glottkin riding the dragon equivalent of this:
It was the coolest chariot in Naggaroth in the 70s
Maybe there is more to the “no new minis with End Times III” rumors after all…

Finally, here’s today’s GW “secret End Times message:

“The cast of players will assume their roles. Only through their sacrifice will Isha’s children be saved.”

~Have at it!

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