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DC’s Booster Gold: The Greatest Hero You’ve Never Heard Of

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Aug 15 2023

Time-traveling glory-hound turned superhero who can’t get any respect, Booster Gold is the greatest hero you’ve never heard of.

James Gunn announced that one of DC Studios’ next projects is a live-action Booster Gold TV series on HBO Max. And his BFF, Blue Beetle, is about to get his own big-screen debut. But who is Booster Gold?

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Who is Booster Gold?

Created by: Dan Jurgens

First appearance:  Booster Gold #1 (1986)

Also known as Michael Jon Carter, he was born in the 25th century. Growing up, he was a gifted athlete and eventually came to work as a night watchman at the Metropolis Space Museum. Here he spent his time studying the heroes and villains of the 20th century. Carter also used one of these items to travel back to the 20th century where he could use his futuristic knowledge to become a superhero himself.

He was originally created as a glory hound of a character who used his knowledge from the 25th century to obtain fame and fortune. And he does. Unfortunately, these goals often make him greedy, arrogant, and egotistical. And more, his need for fame makes him overlook important aspects of superheroes in many versions.

But this obnoxious showboater eventually grows into a real hero. He becomes a respectable character who’s fun to continue reading about issue after issue with a long character arc. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that his super coworkers respect him or take him seriously in the slightest.

Over the years he has been portrayed in live-action by Eric Martsolf in Smallville and Donald Faison in Legends of Tomorrow as well as in animation in Batman: The Brave and the Bold and The Justice League. But Booster Gold will be getting his own, self-titled series on HBO Max in the near future.


In Other Media

In his appearance in Smallville, Booster Gold attempts to claim the credit for a young Clark Kent’s local heroics. This episode also introduces a young Blue Beetle as well as Booster attempting to pass off some of Kent’s wisdom to Blue Beetle as his own. All of this acts as small nods to the character since he is originally from Superman’s future hometown of Metropolis and in many versions becomes close friends with Blue Beetle.

In Legends of Tomorrow, the character Rip Hunter has many of Booster’s traits, due to the latter being off-limits for much of the series run. Rip, however, has a history in the comics as his own, unique, character and as Booster Gold’s son. Later, Donald Faison would play a variation of Booster known as “Mike” who protected a fixed point in time in 1916.

At this time we know next to nothing about the upcoming Booster Gold TV series. But James Gunn announced last month that it is in development for HBO Max.

Powers and Abilities


Booster Gold has some of the normal superpowers that many of the most well-known heroes have. Unfortunately, many of Booster’s powers, like his knowledge of the 20th century, are taken from the Metropolis Space Museum. His Legion Flight Ring (stolen from the museum) gives him the power of flight, and his suit (also stolen) can project a powerful beam of energy from his hands. It also provides him with enhanced durability, super strength, and the ability to generate force fields.

He also has Skeets, a former security robot with artificial intelligence from the 25th century who acts as Booster Gold’s sidekick. Any knowledge that Booster doesn’t have himself, Skeets is programmed with and always able to give him information and counsel.

And of course, Booster Gold is decent at hand-to-hand combat in his own right.

Have you read any of the Booster Gold comics or seen him appear in any TV shows? Are you looking forward to his upcoming self-titled TV series? What is your favorite Booster Gold moment or quote? Let us know in the comments!

Happy adventuring!

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