The DiRT – Happy New Year! New Year – New Infinity

Welcome back to the DiRT.  Time to talk Infinity in 2015!

Welcome one and all to the first DiRT article of 2015.  For those of you who are long time consumers of these articles, let me welcome you back and thank you for giving me a chance to recharge my batteries.  Moving into a new home, especially during the holidays, takes its toll.  For those of you who are new, please let me thank you for either trying out a new thing on Bell of Lost Souls or thank whatever mechanism (friend, social media, public service you’re required to pay for littering) brought you to this page.

The NEWS – A Quick Guide for the New Reader.

For the uninitiated, let me take a quick moment to explain what the DiRT is all about.  DiRT is an anagram acronym (thank you Ted, see comment below) that stands for Doremicom’s Infinity Related Thoughts.  Who is Doremicom?  That would be me.  I have an associated YouTube Channel that began back in 2008 where I’ve covered a series of different table top strategy games.  I began covering Infinity about four years ago.  The YouTube Channel has videos on terrain, rules guides, batreps, news, etc.  My involvement with Infinity on YouTube has led to opportunities like presenting user demos at GenCon on behalf of Corvus Belli.

Why I mention my YouTube Channel now?  Because the channel is about to come to life with new videos soon.  Specifically January 22nd.  Feel free to subscribe as channel subscriber counts can sometimes influence just how grand the videos will be on the channel.  The content on the YouTube channel is not solely Infinity related. I will from time to time include that content that makes sense in these articles.

Last year, I began writing the DiRT.  Something that is honed in and focused nearly exclusively to Infinity and where you are finding me now.  The rest of the DiRT anagram Infinity Related Thoughts is fairly self explanatory.  I really could have added an extra T, calling it the DIRTT, because more often than not, articles get published on Thursday.  NOTE: Yes, it is odd that the very first article of the year is getting pushed out on Friday…. but the DiRT just is weird.

A typical article of the DiRT is broken into three parts:  The NEWS, The SKINNY, and The DIRT.  Sometimes it will feature one pit of news, in which the skinny provides greater insight, and the dirt often provides some editorial pieces.  Sometimes it just allows me to break up the content into three distinct parts, for no rhyme or reason.  Or because I just want to jump topics which have no segue AT ALL.

The Skinny – Infinity has an RPG coming out.

The Infinity Role Playing Game is being developed by Modiphius.  While I was waiting for my Infinity 3rd edition rule book, I started to read through the rule system for Modiphius’ earlier game, Mutant Chronicles.  It was explained to me that they were going to be using a similar (albeit not exact) methodology for character development, and how to work out the success and failure of actions during the course of a game.  That system is called 2d20.  Recently, Modiphius has released an alpha of their Infinity RPG Rule System.  If you’re interested in participating, make sure you sign up for the play testing.  Their Infinity RPG Alpha rules only focuses on some of the core mechanics, character sheet, and a sample encounter, but according to their website, they have a lot more coming in the next few months.

In the coming weeks I will be playing that encounter on my YouTube channel.  If you’d like to be considered for participation in that, drop me a message here or send me one on my facebook page.

The DiRT – No 3rd edition Table Top Rules, Yet

And by this, I mean that the DiRT is not tackling rules explanation yet.  It will come, and it will be coming soon, but more digestion of the rules is needed.  I also want to plan out a timeline of how to present the rules so that the content can be appreciated by new and veteran players alike.

Beginning of Corvus Belli’s standard marker set

Until then, I wanted to make people aware of a tool that was developed by Jonathan Polley to help out everyone in need of Infinity tokens (to include those tokens that are new to 3rd edition).  I present to you the Infinity Marker sheet creator.  While Corvus Belli does provide you with a printable version that you can download off their website, Jonathan has gone that extra mile to provide you with the ability to pick and choose just how many you want to create and of what kind.  Ideally this will save you time and money to print.

How the output might look from Jonathan Polley’s web form generator, I know I need way more regular orders.

So I’m sorry that we’re having to cut this article short, but I’m already preparing for future content and was hoping to have some feedback…..

So that’s The News, The Skinny, the DiRT regarding The DiRT in 2015.  I opened up the discussion in the WGC Infinity Facebook page (and I am asking to continue it here)…. for those of you who have downloaded the Infinity 3rd edition PDF (or bought the book), is there a rule that you want to make sure gets covered in a future DiRT article?  Drop me a message here to let me know.  Thank you Eric G for providing the article’s opening photo.

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