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The DiRT- GenCon Infinity After Action Review

doremicom 3 Minute Read August 13

With GenCon 2015 behind us, lets look at a quick recap of the Infinity event and show off some new things that you can expect from The DiRT.  Warning, this article is picture heavy.   GenCon 2015, for me it meant three things: Minis, Events, and meeting new people who will have Infinity questions.  A […]

The DiRT – Infinity GenCon 2015 Seminar LIVE Stream

doremicom 2 Minute Read July 31

Not at Gencon?  Wish you could attend the Infinity Seminar?  You Can!   Guys I am sorry that I have not had a chance to write DiRT articles for a while, but all of my time has been spent preparing for this opportunity.  Testing hotspot services, microphones, and video technology, anything I could do to […]

The DiRT – NEW rules for the Tohaa Kaeltar Specialists

doremicom 6 Minute Read May 22

If you are a Tohaa player, you have a new, MUST HAVE unit to bring with you.  Enter the Tohaa Kaeltar.   May 21st, Corvus Belli posted a notice in their Twitter feed to let everyone know that the new Tohaa Kaeltar rules were available for download on the main site.  Also, Corvus Belli added […]

The DiRT – GenCon and Infinity Inspired Games

doremicom 5 Minute Read May 8

  GenCon is 81 days away, so I think it’s time to talk about all the Infinity Inspired (non-tournament) goodness that can occur at GenCon and how those things have continued to inspire.  Photo by  Calabozo Criollo. Welcome back to the DiRT.  I had to take a few weeks off, so for those that are just […]

The DiRT – An Explosion of Infinity Images

doremicom 3 Minute Read April 17

Images galore.   I fully admit it.  I’m copping out for this article.  This week has been a crazy rough one.  I agreed to foster 3 puppies, and the oldest one Garth needs heart surgery.  If you have a dime, please send money to Hope Animal Rescue and put Garth in the notes.  So Instead […]

The Dirt – Top 5 Ways to Deal With Tohaa

doremicom 9 Minute Read March 26
tohaa infinity

  Tohaa can seem a daunting faction to play against for a new player.  In this article, I’m going to show you why you need not fear the artichokes.  Photo by Neill McManus.   I came across a series of articles that relayed a growing concern that the Tohaa are overpowered.  After thoughtful consideration of such […]

Infinity GenCon Demo In A Nut Shell – Part 3

doremicom 5 Minute Read March 19
PanO Father Knight

The GenCon Demo for Infinity 3rd edition continues and concludes.  Photo by Mark Sparky Pearce. Thoughts Before the Article…. I’ve been out for quite a bit and unfortunately right in the middle of a series of articles.  Thank you for your patience…. but also…. have you seen all the other Infinity authors on Bell of Lost […]