BREAKING – New Harlequin Starweaver & Character Pics

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Ready, Steady, Go! The new Harlequin transport is here, along with TWO new character models as well as this week’s prices!

Problem is that this leak may raise more questions than it answers, because now it seems like were looking at a four week release window for the Harlequins IF we are indeed getting a codex out of this.

Revealed today are the new Starweaver transport, and the Shadowseer and Death Jester models!


The new characters appear to be plastic ‘multi-part’ models of the previous Finecast versions, as they appear more dynamic at first glance.

This new Starweaver looks to be a upgrade for the Dark Eldar Venom model, which along with the Harlequin crew could just be a sprue swap for the existing kit.



Plus I didn’t know better I’d say that the design of the new Starweaver transport was inspired by one of my favorite sports cars of all time, the Toyota Supra.


Get ready for what looks to be two more weeks of Harlequins folks.  If you look at this peek at this week’s White Dwarf, there isn’t any DeathJester or Shadowseer in there.

via one of Gary’s birds 2-9-2015

A 96 page full colour hardback Codex that contains new background, artwork, colour schemes and rules for the harlequins. RRP £30HARLEQUIN STARWEAVER
A Multipart plastic kit making either a fast moving troop carrier or a heavy weapons platform called a Voidweaver for Harlequins.
RRP £25

A 168 page full colour paperback step-by-step painting guide for Harlequins.
RRP £20

All released next Saturday (Feb 21), pre-orders on this Saturday (Feb 14).



  • This article should have been tagged “Massive Spoiler Ahead”

    • gwensdad

      If I got a spoiler on my car it would be “Snape kills Dumbledore”

      • Dave

        Ha! You win the internets today. I just started reading that series with my kids and you had to go and ruin it. We just started the second book.

        • deris87

          Like, seriously reading it for the first time? Do you want me to spoil his spoiler?

          • Orodruin

            Yes, do go on…


        • Luke Roberts

          He left out the part where Dobby who was possessed by a death eater was possessing Snape so as he could kill Dumbledore, but whatever, details and all that jazz. 😉

          • Dave


        • Hahboo

          Harry’s a wizard, Harry

      • David Leimbach

        You bastard!

      • Jon Ow

        I thought the spoiler was on the Toyota Supra…

        • Andrew Marshall

          That was the joke 8 comments ago..

  • SZMatheson

    I can’t wait to see the Starweaver TT, and what the aftermarket can do with it. I’ve heard rumors that it can handle 2 BAR of boost.

    • TweetleBeetle

      Fast and Furious 8 has to feature something, right?

  • Guest

    Well that doesn’t bode well for the hopes of fitting a full unit in it..

    • Drayke

      Sure you won’t be able to fit a full squad in but you will probably at least be able to fit a squad at half strength, and with the min squad size being 5 (if I remember correctly) that will leave 1 spot for a IC.

      Which should be workable when list building.

      • deris87

        The Venom is only a 5 man capacity; we can only speculate about whether this would have more or not.

        • Drew_Da_Destroya

          Clowns can fit lots of people in surprisingly small vehicles… and anyway, they’ll be Battle Bros with Dark Eldar, so they can get Raiders anyway.

      • francis maybury

        its a transport at least

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Are you forgetting about how clowns can surf on the wings of jets?

      • TweetleBeetle

        And as a clown car, it can probably hold a lot more than one would think.

  • chris harrison

    But it still won’t beat farmtruck!

  • Definitely has the same basic DNA as the venom, very cool in a Throwback to the old codex kind of way. Only question now is whether there is a 4th week to wrap up or if this is it for the army.

    • D.a. Pizzey

      So far the rumours and releases have shared commonality with the old Citadel Journal Harlequins list, so if that Is true to the end, I’m expecting the list to include a High Avatar, Mimes and Harlequin Wraithlords.

      • TweetleBeetle

        This is a nice release, as both Eldar and Dark Eldar players can splash into them. Gives them more options.

        These mini-faction releases are a welcomed addition to the best version of 40k we’ve had yet.

      • Avensis Astari

        Not sure if we’ll get Harly Wraiths, given that IIRC, Wraiths are powered by the Spirit Stones of the dead, and Harlequins don’t wear these because Cegorach saves them himself.

        • euansmith

          Cegorach saves, but Jesus scores off the rebound!

          • nurglitch

            Isn’t that the other way around?

        • Mr_Pickles

          The Laughing God could always use those souls for “Puppets” and introduce a special Wraith unit that way.

          • Avensis Astari

            That could be sweet if done right. Perhaps a less tough but more nimble archetype.

  • Kentucky

    I am a huge Eldar fan and look forward to every release. I was anxiously awaiting new sculpts for the Harlies and have honestly been let down with rehashed fine cast and recycled Dark Eldar. Don’t get me wrong, I love plastic over fine cast, but I think they could have used a design queue from the Harlequin novel covers. The flat left hand of the new Solitaire
    Kills me! It’s a missed opportunity for a very expressive hand.
    Now here comes the Weaver. Where is my assault vehicle?
    Maybe something with new Scorpions, something desperately needing a plastic upgrade along with Banshees.
    NowI hear the Cidex is getting Nerfed?!? After waiting so long you take it away?!? If balance is an issue than adjust the other codices. Don’t take away the fun. Enough folks are leaving the game as it is.
    I’m still waiting for better Shadow Spectre rules from Forgeworld. With models that nice they need more spice.

    • David Dutton

      Agreed, while I do like the solitaire model overall, especial the holographic cape, the left hand looks unnatural. If anything it could be holding a dagger or something more sinister. I mean it is the eldar’s living embodiment of Slaanesh for crying out loud!

      • 6Cobra

        ..and nothing says “Slaanesh” like holding a dagger. Maybe he should be ‘flipping the bird,’ like so many RT-era sculpts? Or maybe a big crab claw – it’s Slaanesh, eh?
        Personally, I’ll keep the open-hand/martial arts hand he’s got now.

        • TweetleBeetle

          No kidding. It’s like he’s measuring the kill, while also maintaining balance in mid-air.

          I like the sculpt. But gamers on the internet don’t understand martial arts – only anime and MMA. Neither of which are even close.

      • anscarii

        left hand isnt empty. hes wielding an harlequin caress that turns out its something like a gaunlet.

    • Jabba

      Complain complain complain, the models are awesome if you don’t like the hand get your sculpting tool out.

      They could have not released anything and just come out with a codex like they did the the damned but instead we get how many kits now

      • TweetleBeetle

        Right? People are complaining about everything; as if GW owes them something they didn’t even know was coming just a few months ago.

        • Hahboo

          Now I’m going to complain to the responder to the complainer to the complainer

    • Avensis Astari

      The Weaver is Open-Topped, and thus is an Assault vehicle.

    • Erik Setzer

      “The flat left hand of the new Solitaire
      Kills me! It’s a missed opportunity for a very expressive hand.”

      It’s a Harlequin’s caress, which he’s armed with. The “caress” is a few bits added to their gloves, and he’s likely getting ready to pounce on someone and rip into them with it.

      Granted, that might not be obvious without looking at the parts identification for the Harlequin troupe kit, but if you do that, you’ll know he does have a weapon on that hand.

      The Weaver *is* an “assault vehicle.” These aren’t Orks. Orks like big, heavy vehicles that carry lots of Orks, because they need lots of Orks. Harlequins are meant to hit fast and hard, and need light vehicles for that. Don’t like it? Don’t use Harlequins.

      But seriously, you’re complaining like Eldar need more love? They *do* need some nerfs whenever they get a codex. You might find it “fun” to have a codex that can curbstomp other armies, but the rest of us don’t find it that fun.

  • generalchaos34

    It looks like Guy Fawkes is piloting that Starweaver

  • darthken

    wow a full 96 page , $90 codex for how many units????

    • Mordrot

      If I’m not mistaken, I heard all their rules have been released with the models or white dwarf. So maybe it’s not necessary unless you want formations and fluff.

    • francis maybury

      were do you live that 30 brit is 90$

    • TweetleBeetle

      It’s not $90; not even close.

      • euansmith

        Its not even Ozzy Dollars.

    • Avensis Astari

      Wow, the US Dollar is really plummeting if that’s the exchange rate you’re getting buddy.

    • anscarii

      its 45 $ USA more or less not 90.

  • Mordrot

    Two more weeks, excellent. Happy for all the eldar players and happy for me as this gives me more time to save up for the next round of End Times goods…

  • Manwiththedogs

    I’m disappointed it’s basically a Venom in appearance. Was hoping for something more interesting.

    • TweetleBeetle

      It is exactly that – a more interesting Venom.

      • Manwiththedogs

        Not sure I’d call it more interesting. Different sure. I think the DE version looks cooler. But whatever.

  • GiftoftheMagi

    Looking at both the photo here and the actual Venom model, I would have to say that while the style is the same as the Dark Eldar transport, it is much bigger. The cowling in front is longer, it covers more of the sides and the air intake are different. My guess is that it is bigger than a Vyper but smaller than a Raider. It looks like it has at least two big guns (you can see a barrel underneath it as well) along with those holo-launcher things from the bikes.

  • Koszka
  • euansmith

    168 pages explaining how to paint tiny diamonds on to you minis…

  • Me

    I know some people are disappointed with the figs/vehicles, but I love this stuff. I will be giddy as I skip to the plastic crack store with my left arm and leg in hand to pay for it all.

  • Andrew Marshall

    If the “author” did like Supras he would note the spoiler looks way closer to the OEM kit then the chosen pic… And back to dollies… The new Venom looks like the old one, so much for the “heavily armoured” transport this site teased of…

  • Elliott Gaal

    This is all good and all but why don’t don’t they make plastic sisters. If they’re going to to all the effort to create a faction from a small but vital element of 40k, couldn’t be that hard to get plastic sister sprues.

  • I’m quite happy for longer release schedules–the rapid codex release schedule of the last year is really hard to keep up with, especially when they’re splitting books into two or three parts with the “supplements” (seriously, tell me Space Wolves actually needed to be two volumes long).

  • I’m quite happy for longer release schedules–the rapid codex release schedule of the last year is really hard to keep up with, especially when they’re splitting books into two or three parts with the “supplements” (seriously, tell me Space Wolves actually needed to be two volumes long).

  • Drew Bolton

    To Be honest I like the new models but really the weaver is kind of a let down. it will most likely only carry 5 models like the venom and its almost the same model with clowns stuck on it. GW really just needs to hire more creative designers. I mean the computers do all the work now, back when things were hand sculpted and costed more to make i would understand. but this to me is a waste, you could make this model by buying 1 box of the new harlequins and 2 dark eldar venom’s, this would yield 2 star