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Shots from the new Codex were posted up today showcasing yet more of the Harlequin Rainbow, and a map we’ve been waiting decades for!

Checkout the latest in awesome layout and design from the Games Workshop Design Studio!

Oooooh fresh new art…

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Wanna go for a ride…. ?


 Look at that – Our first ever map of the Eldar Webway!

A New Player?



Diamonds for days!

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Wow that was like a double rainbow of awesome across the webway. Count me in.

Find out MORE,


Someone should probably tell the White Dwarf Daily team that we’re not getting out paper books until March though…

  • Shiwan8

    I hope the final product is worth it to others too, not just fanboys.

    • D.a. Pizzey

      Even if its just for fan boys, that’s no bad thing. As gw haven’t exactly catered to the veteran players for a long long time now.

      • Shiwan8

        Yeah, but I think they’d make benefit more if they do not do something like maleceptor out of it.

  • Andrew

    I like that alternate Solitaire paint job much more than the one they’ve used so far.

  • mac40k

    That map also shows the locations of the Exodite worlds. Could they finally be getting models maybe?

    • georgelabour

      I got a dino riders MP3 ready just in case!

  • Dexter Kingsford

    I like where the map shows the location of Commoragh – finally getting a feel for the nature of a vast city that encompasses several web way pockets interconnected by different portals.

    I didn’t know that the Troupe of the Garden Salad was a thing (referring to the 3rd last image).

  • mikethefish

    Somewhat underwhelming, sadly.

  • withershadow

    “A new player”? Maybe if you’ve just discovered 40K.

  • Tynskel
  • Martin Jørgensen

    So those primitive unit drawings seems to be a thing. They look fugly.

    • Someone´s always gonna be dissatisfied…like the little kiddo who dont have an IP6 but “only” the IP4…or a car…

  • Orangecoke

    Could this army be effective on its own, or would a person pretty much need to ally with Eldar (or another army) to get some solid heavy support etc?

    • chris2155

      yes, it can be if you buy a big enough army. you will need a lot of void/star weavers and bikes though