REVEALED – Deathjester & Shawdowseer Rules

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The mysteries have been revealed finally in English. The last two characters are here, let’s take a look!

EXPLODING onto the scene is the new Death Jester and Shadowseer.

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  • Kyle Preisinger

    Depending on their points value thety could be absolutely spectacular, or never see a tabletop anywhere.

  • Jimhy

    60pts for a DJ?! Rounding up of what I have seen of the Harlequin rules and point values some things occurs to me. Someone on GW dont have a clue how bad T3 and +5 save is no matter how many S:3 attacks you can pull of. A Solitaire with 3 wounds and +3 inv save, deamon slayer? I wouldnt count on it.. I have really looking forward to new harlequin rules since the fun compendium rules back in the rogue trader days. But the problem I see it with the new rules is as always GW’s overestimated pts for Eldar units. Maybe GW want to sell more tomb blades than skyweavers, what do I now.. But I can put my preordered weavers, DJ and troupes among my wraithguards/blades to gather dust..

    • Tim Currey

      Geez I dunno how you play your Eldar units, but you must be doing something wrong. There’s a reason the army is regarded as one of the most powerful. Just because something has S/T 3 doesn’t mean it’s no good. All it takes is some fleshbane or ap 2 stuff combined with their always fairly high Inititive and the enemy could be dead before he takes advantage of your low toughness.

      • deris87

        Eldar are competitive despite T3/S3 because they actually have other things going for them, like actually having decent saves and high S firepower. Even if you just take the neuro disruptor you’re talking about a 25pt model with t3 and a 5++ , that is a combat unit that’s only mediocre in combat. If I wanted a good short ranged shooting high powered shooting unit I could take fire

        • Tim Currey

          I think these guys will work well in combination with Eldar/dark eldar

          • deris87

            They can be made to work, sure, but it’s not like they fill a real need for either army. Incubi already kill more and are more survivable (even charging into cover) for cheaper.

    • Chris Maile

      I thought 60 was high at first for the death jester, but then I compared him too a an autarch and feel that point for point I he gives more killing power and potentially more synergy with other units (albeit without playing with him its hard to know yet)
      Although how many points in dead harlequins can you save by pulling out a tactical squad from cover, shooting them with a couple of fusion pistols or neuro and then assaulting them with full initiative?

      • Matt

        harlies always go at intiative now.

        • Chris Maile

          Yes they do! Forgot about that still its always nice if you can avoid giving away cover saves

      • deris87

        My assessment is he’s too pricey for too situational of an ability. When it works, it’s very handy, but against over half of all armies (marine variants) he’ll need two rounds of shooting on average to kill one, and then they still have only a ~50/50 of failing. That means against Marines you’ll need an average of 4 rounds of shooting to get even one unit out of position, and frankly with only a 24″ range and being as Harlie troupes are ostensibly combat units, I really doubt he’ll get 4 rounds of shooting to make that happen. Not worth 60pts.

    • ElectricVoodooMagic

      I think GW has more of a problem figuring out points for new units or re-introduced units (Harlequins didn’t have HQ in the last book). I’m sure they want to sell more of everything, but it seems to take them 1 army book to figure out their points. Necron units that were new in the last book, Tomb Blades for example, has the most cost adjustment, but mainstays like Warriors, Immortals, Spiders, and Monolith stayed the same cost. It does look like they overestimate the cost of the Harlequins, considering they’re assault units, an kept their abilities conservative. I’m still surprised holosuits don’t give a better save to units that run or move flat out for the vehicles. At least Dark Eldar have access to poison to make up for their S3.

  • Spacefrisian

    So with some posted stuff on this site, and the 3 or 4 White Dwarves with all the unit rules i get the idea you can easily put the codex together and save half the money for the actuall thing (dont care about lore). How correct am i?

    • Master Sheol

      If you want to just play yes… but if you want to know the fluff and lore of the army the codex is still the best choice…
      40K is not the best wargame on the market (Infinity is way better for example) but has a amazing lore… If you take away the lore you are left with a mediocre wargame and at this point i like better warmachine or infinity better…

      • Spacefrog

        Infinity is a Skirmish game.
        A completely different genre than 40k.

        • Master Sheol

          Basically 40k is an inflated skirmish with some simplified rules… It was born as a full skirmish and then simplified to manage better a larger number of miniatures and it was done bad cause the game became slow and too focused on the dice…
          And with Kill Team you have a skirmish variant that is basically “each miniature goes by its own”…
          40k is not WHFB that has the whole rank and file thing…
          So saying it is a different thing from a skirmish game is just silly…

          • Nameless

            40K is a
            squad based wargame, each unit acts independently but all in the same manner.
            this allows the game to run fluidly with larger numbers of models as well as
            powerful singular units.

            a Skirmish based game should encourage diversity, as each model acts independently,
            along with rough balance between separate models.

            A regiment based game such as Warhammer, allows for the scaling up best as each
            regiment can be increased in size without the number of regiments increasing. It
            is focused more towards comparative points sizes being balanced and counters.

          • John Bower

            But you’re missing the point; 40k is a ‘jack of all trades’, sure it’s not got the clearest and best rules but how many games can lay claim to be capable of games ranging from 5 or 10 minis all the way up to thousands with the same set of rules. How many of the other games can be so customised to suit your group’s style of play.
            Warhammer 40k is a toolbox (that holds more true of 7th than ever) which allows you to set up the type of game you and your opponent want to play. The other wargames I’ve tried seem rather limited in that you have to play them just the one way.
            Again I reiterate; I’m far from saying 40k is perfect, I can find plenty of holes in the rules. But it does what it says on the tin. Gives you the tools to make of it what you want; be that tournament, canon narrative or campaign. If I had to pick the best rules set of any wargame I’ve played I’d take you back to 1986 and TSR’s Battlesystem (designed for DnD) the rules were simple and like 40k could do pretty well any size except skirmish (but then you had basic DnD rules to cover that).

        • Chris. K Cook

          Shush stop using logic.

    • Chris. K Cook

      You will lack the Relics