Wrath of Kings: Unboxing the Nasier Faction Starter


Today let’s look at another Wrath of Kings starter from Cool Mini or Not.

Just like the Goritsi Starter, this one is filled to bursting (actually only exaggerating a little there) with little bags. Each model has it’s own. There are thirty in all: 24 small infantry, four leaders, and two specialists. With an MSRP of $70, the minis in this set will cost you $2.33 a pop. Not bad for human sized, but an even better deal when you factor in that a few of them are rather larger.

These cool guys are the Ashmen Swordsmen. Their hoods and robes kinda have a Sith feel to them which is very nice. The look and quality of these guys is quite good overall, but I think this guy would appreciate swords with pointy ends.

Here he is from the other side.

Here are the rest – from both sides. There are four different Ashmen sculpts in all.




This guy has the same rules as the rest of the Ashmen. His banner is just for show. Don’t worry, his back spikes aren’t missing. They just all look more or less the same so I didn’t bother putting them in the shot.


Since it this might be the first time any of you have seen one of these guys, here is what one of them looks like painted.



These are the two Ashmen leaders. As with the War Dancers from the last article, the differences are in their faces and weapons.


They both look pretty much the same from the back.

Ah yes the lovely Pelgarth. Showing them around I’ve heard them praised for being different from the standard Barbie body type we usually see on female sculpts, and scorned for the implying that this body type is grotesque. They’re definitely unusual, which means I think they’re pretty cool.







These Bloodmask Howl lead the Pelgarth. The demons in their masks have brought about a monstrous transformation.

It’s the same with the Rothor here. He’s one of the two Nasier Specialists.

He can almost be held together with just the pegs in his arms and legs. His role in the game is to cast spells making him one of the few models in Wrath of Kings that can attack at a distance.

Makes you wonder what he needs all those muscles for.

Our last model is this Longhorn..


And from the back.


Last of all is a size comparison with my ever helpful Renegade Marine.

My thoughts on these minis echo the ones I wrote at the end of the last WoK unboxing. Fwiw, Nasier wasn’t one of the factions I backed in the Kickstarter, although looking at them now kinda makes me want to paint up this box too. Of course if you try to play every faction you just end up with a bookshelf full of unpainted minis.


~Have at it – what’s your take on the mini’s quality?


  • warptide

    Can’t go wrong with nipple-tape.

  • This entire article bears a remarkable resemblance to the last time I was at a Rocky Horror show.

    …I’m not sure whether that’s good or bad.

  • euansmith

    Yummy! Cool minis. I’m glad I backed the project.

  • Kreoss4u

    Seriously? Going into battle with a thong and pasties? Even though the sculpt presents a more realistic body type it is still objectifying. Why not make models of the guys wearing banana hammocks and swinging a sword?

  • Legendary DVDA

    finally them thick titty demons out. can a brother get a woot woot?