10 Shocking Spoilers – Daemonkin Codex


The Blood God demands tribute, behold 10 amazing rewards for your bloody-handed obedience!

I don’t think anyone expected the codex to be like this. Chaos players prayer’s may have been answered with the release of Codex Daemonkin.

Via Captain Citadel

  • Similar to the Necron Decurion, the Daemonkin Blood Host Detachment that consists of unique formations from this book.
  • Every turn players can spend ‘Blood Tithe’ points to get free Daemon Princes, +1 attacks, Feel No Pain, a Bloodthirster, etc.
  • Codex Daemonkin are Battle Brothers with Chaos Daemons, and Chaos Space Marines, and Allies of Convenience with Necrons and Orks!
  • Rules for all three new bloodthirsters are in this book.
  • The Lord of Skulls is available as a Lord of War choice, and it’s profile appears unchanged.
  • Juggernauts are back as equipment.
  • Some Daemons saw a drop in points, and various squads are fielded in “eights”.
  • Daemons included in this book are not subject to instability, and instead are fearless.
  • There is a axe of that when it’s user dies in battle, a Bloodthirster appears for free.
  • Another piece of wargear makes psykers take perils on doubles within 24″ of the bearer.

Wow those are some amazing tidbits. I can’t want to get my hands on the new book.

 Chaos Daemonkin Rumor Roundup

What are you thinking of building for your Chaos army now?

  • Sotiris Papaconstantinou

    Sounds awesome.!!!!!!!! I have been playing Daemons since……..ever (Daemonic Assault oh my Khorne God) and the Daemons finally get a Great fluff boost.

  • Shiwan8

    Might not suck.

    • Brandon Rutter

      I can hear their warcry now-“We might not suck! Blood for the Blood God!”

      • Shiwan8

        This all sounds pretty awesome. It’s just that the idea is usually better than the actual thing.

        • Cary Gould

          I feel your skepticism as GW for the last couple of years has made anything Khorne based very lack luster in comparison to the other three chaos Gods.

          • Shiwan8

            Compared to anything, really.

          • Spacefrisian

            Wait wut, Tzeentch has gotten a good update somewhere and i didnt notice?

          • Shiwan8

            Well, the thing is, these khorne dudes would not survive against thousand sons within the present rule set. They are usable against marines, unlike their khorne brethren. The regular mark is bad though, that is true. Then again, it’s true with them all.

      • Commissar Molotov

        Khorne cares not from where the suck flows.

  • MightyOrang

    Free demons for killing units? For having special axes?

    They really want folks to buy those Bloodthirsters!

    In other news, Star Wars ARMADA Is finally out!

    • Shiwan8

      Don’t worry. The axe is likely something like 600p. No one will use it.

      • TerrorCraft Official

        60 points.

        • Shiwan8

          Well now, is it s1 ap- or something?

          • Craig Biddulph

            Free bloodthirster…

          • Shiwan8

            It’s not free if you pay 250p for a lord to get it and it loses d3 wounds at the end of the turn it arrives on.

          • ClownBabyROK

            It’$ not free

          • TerrorCraft Official

            AP2 at normal initiative (like an axe of khorne, which i 30 pts), so it is really like 30 pts for the BT.

          • Shiwan8

            Ok. Time to model an axe!

          • TerrorCraft Official

            I should mention, the BT takes D3 wounds at the end of reach remaining turn, with invuls allowed. So might only have him for a little while, esp if he is being shot at. Good fire magnet though.

          • Secundum

            So…30 pts for a Bloodthirster for 1-2 turns…I’d take that.

          • Orodruin

            60 points, rumors say.

          • miteyheroes

            But an Axe of Khorne is 30pts, and this is an Axe of Khorne PLUS a Bloodthirster. So the Bloodthirster costs 60pts, basically.

          • Orodruin

            Fair enough, but it’s a Bloodthirster that can kill itself before getting to do anything. Can’t charge the turn it was created, can’t charge the turn after when it has to change flight modes.

            Just a way of keeping the Warlord alive a bit longer, if anything. That isn’t worthless, by any means.

          • nurglitch

            It’s an awesome shout-out to the Axe of Khorne of yore, when each Axe of Khorne was a Bloodthirster armed with an Axe of Khorne.

          • Secundum

            Yes, but 30pts gets you the normal Axe, so the extra 30 points is for the Bloodthirster.

  • Erick


    Can’t say I don’t like the concept honestly.

    • D. B.

      Win or lose, this’ll be good for some EPIC battles. 🙂

    • ClownBabyROK

      Great marketing strategy to sell Bloodthirsters. Sometimes I’m impressed by their business acumen.

      • LordRao

        The rules actually sound like a lot of fun (aggressive, melee-centric, and not OP). If they are, then that’s all the marketing we should need.

  • Yeah, finally I can land lot of Bloodthirsters in to battle. Dont know if Bloodthirsters may take Artifacts from this codex. A couple of hours till I get it on my bloody hands

    • TerrorCraft Official

      BTs can’t. Most are limited to chaos lord or DP only, with only 1 weapon being for heralds (the one that generates blood points).

      • Sounds fine and fair to me. Thanks for the answer. We have a local tournament, in our store, this Sunday. I hope I can get a quick 1000pts army list to try the new codex

  • Bayne MacGregor

    “There is a axe of that when it’s user dies in battle, a Bloodthirster appears for free”

    The original Bloodthirster Axe Of Khorne is back!!!!

    Wow another thing from 1st ed returns!
    Istill have my 1st ed Bloodthirster i allied in to my Genestealer Cult

    • Damistar

      The little guy or the recent style?

      • Bayne MacGregor

        The Realm of Chaos original random-components one. I ordered 1 bloodthirster 1 blister of fleshounds and 1 of bloodletters and was overjoyed when random chance gave me a skull-head in each. The skull-headed Bloodthirster just looked great 🙂 It still sits proudly in my cabinet.

      • Bayne MacGregor
        • Damistar

          Oh yeah, I remember them. At least you could fit htem in a case

          • ZeeLobby

            The new ones fit in the new GW cases. I’d still magnetize things to avoid… accidents.

        • amaximus167

          I still have head 4 floating around somewhere. That was my favorite sculpt of the lot.

        • LordRao

          Is it strange if this pic from the past turns me on?

        • LordKrungharr

          Ooh neat, I have body 2, Head 6, Axe 1, and whip 3, and wings 0 (old gargoyle wings).

  • JP

    Shooting armies be warned- The Equalizer has arrived.

  • Count Yayula

    Points didn’t drop for any unit. It may appear so on the daemons because they are know 8 minimum instead of 10, so the point cost of the unit is less but you get less models.

    Also a big drawback for daemon players is that there are no rewards as in the CD codex so you need to buy them wargear which turns out to be more expensive

    • Matt Halkos

      how are there no rewards? the unit entry for the 3 blood thirsters stated that they could take 50 points of rewards! im assuming then that there will be some form of lesser,greater, and exalted rewards. or are you talking about a specific unit?

      • Hopefully you can choose what you want instead of rolling randomly on a table.

      • Count Yayula

        Those entries were for the codex chaos daemons. The ones printed on this one are the same except that they don’t have such options.

        And so Bloodthisters can’t take any wargear.

  • ImAlpharius

    Ally with Necrons? That is some weird stuff.

    • Orodruin

      Same as CSM in the BRB.

      • ImAlpharius

        I guess so.. it still doesn’t make sense from a fluff perspective

        • Orodruin

          Anything can make sense from a fluff perspective. The options are limited, not our imaginations.

  • Retconned Legion

    Was going to use this Codex for my World Eaters, right up until i found out Kharn wasnt in it, and Predators can’t be used – right after i bought both.

    • Mr.Gold

      Ally with CSM for Pred/Kharn…

      • ZeeLobby

        I actually find it more fitting that he’s NOT in it. He is the betrayer after all.

      • Yep – allies will make that work just fine.

    • miteyheroes

      Skarbrand also isn’t in it. This is Codex: Khorne Units That Make Alliances. Skarbrand doesn’t do alliances, Kharn doesn’t do alliances. The only Khorne special character who does is Skulltaker, so he’s in it.

      • amaximus167

        Holy crap, didn’t even think how much fun it would be to have Skarrbrand running around close to your Demonkin encouraging more bloodshed! Even though He cannot gain Bloodtithe points, he can assist!

  • Sweet. The unholy numbers are making an appearance again!

  • jasonsation

  • Damistar

    Lots of nods to the old Rogue Trader days, especially with the Daemon spawning axe of Khorne. That was so annoying in 2nd ed. You’d spend an entire armies firepower just dropping the Bloodthirster only to have another one pop up instantly.

  • Grand_Master_Raziel

    I’ve got issues with a couple of the things. The Axe-of-free-Bloodthirster is likely to be way too powerful, unless it’s expensive and not very good for the user. I don’t like a mechanic where the Daemonkin player’s opponent killing his stuff makes the Daemonkin player’s army stronger. Yes, I acknowledge it’s thematic, but sometimes theme has to give way to game balance.
    Also, I call shenanigans on Daemonkin being allies of convenience with Necrons. Aren’t Necrons supposed to hate and fear manifestations of the Warp above all else?

    • generalchaos34

      simple, don’t kill the guy with the free axe. Throw some garbage units like cultists or conscripts at him and let him not become a bloodthirster ever

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Necrons and CSM are the same kind of ally as Daemonkin.

    • TerrorCraft Official

      The axe is 60 pts so not cheap, and the bloodthirster also takes D3 wounds per turn with only invuls allowed, so it fizzles out pretty quick (not to mention it comes in flying, so it can easily be shot before assaulting by nearly anything when combined with the wounds he is taking anyways).

  • Secundum

    Perils on ANY double? Ouch. Also that Bloodthirster Axe is awesome!

    • nurglitch

      Yeah, like Karanak.

  • Andrew Thomas

    D-Thirster is a waste of points, because every other MC in the game is faster and has a better chance of killing it first. The mid-grade one is better.

    • Orodruin


      • Andrew Thomas

        He goes last in assault if he uses that Axe, i.e. always, even though he’s an MC. A Tervigon with Crushing Claws will go before him, even if they charged through terrain.

        • Orodruin

          And that Tervigon’s gonna deal 5 wounds to a T6 WS10 opponent? No, it won’t, is the answer.

          • generalchaos34

            and that Str D axe will probably kill the tervigon in one round.

          • Orodruin

            One would hope!

          • Andrew Thomas

            But it will lock him up, potentially.

          • Orodruin

            6 SD attacks, 8 on the charge. How many wounds does a Tervigon have? Odds are, he’s getting erased.

          • nurglitch

            I prefer the term “violently exsanguinated.”

          • Orodruin

            Haha, that works too.

          • He’s not going to lock him up. The odds of him killing the Bloodthirster are small and then he gets to have several WS 10 D attacks to the face.

            My money goes on the Blood Thirster.

    • Andrew Thomas

      In my opinion.

      • Orodruin

        They’re all pretty good, no doubt about it. Woulda been cool if they didn’t lose rewards, though.

    • TerrorCraft Official

      D-thirster is the best anti-knight available to khorne (or anti LR or any heavy armor really). I wouldn’t use it for too much else though.

      • Pascalnz

        Best anti supr tank killer, not so much vs knights, knights get to swing first, not the most likely , but, I’d prefer a couple of melta pods:)

  • nurglitch

    Also, Daemon Princes summoned via the Blood Tithe retain their mortal wargear.

  • chris2155

    Plastic Fleshhounds please, bigger ones that eat tanks

    • Captyn Bob

      have a jugger lord with a pfist join them. Kill tanks like a boss.

      • Orodruin

        Punch them in the exhaust hole.

  • Jeremy Schellpeper

    Sounds like some of he old “Realms of Chaos” rules.

  • Red_Five_Standing_By


    I am so excited for this book. I literally cannot wait for tomorrow!

  • Fulcrum

    This looks terrible. It’s becoming acceptable now to just give free models during a game. Why even have points levels any more. More & more games are going to be at imbalanced point levels & if you aren’t playing an army like that or buying$$$ a bunch of daemons to summon you will be at a disadvantage.

    • TerrorCraft Official

      To be fair, if someone doesn’t wanna spend money to summon, they can just not play daemons or khorne.

  • Mephiston

    Honestly I don’t see how to be so happy for that codex. Yes POTENTIALLY you can summon some BT and DP… but they are far to be sure … First, you have to gather 8 BP. Then you have to sacrifice a champion with BftBG rule, that must pass a LD test, so it probably can’t be a cultist champion … so to have more chance to successfully summon a BT/DP you have to sacrifice someone with 9/10 at least … and a non Daemon if I get right the rumors … IMO the only one candidate from that codex is a Chaos Champion … not a cheap choice …
    Did I lost anything?

  • GreaterChickenofTzeentch

    Anybody notice whether Blood Thrones in this book retain their rule about expanding the user’s Loci out to Daemons of Khorne in a 6 in. radius?

    If so….or even with Chaos Daemon allies with 4 Heralds with Blood Thrones in an HQ slot, this could get gnarly.

    For example, the Blood Host is a Decurion-style detachment. In addition to the Slaughtercult and a possible 1 Bloodthirster, you can get 8 picks from among a set of entries that consists of the 5 formations in any combination, plus an entry called “War Engine” (Defiler, Mauler/Forgefiend, Soul Grinder, Helbrute, etc.). This seems to lead to something like a potential 8 Maulerfiends or 8 Soul Grinders.

    Maulerfiends in this book are Daemons of Khorne. Keep a Blood Throne within 6 in and they get either Adamantium Will, Rage, or Furious Charge, depending on the locus. Get a network of Thrones set up right and all of your Maulerfiends could have Rage and Furious Charge.

    Ouch. Probably won’t work at max scale in a typical game, but a subset of this could be nasty (2 Thrones and 4 Fiends or something)

    Now I’m seeing a picture in my head of 4 Blood Thrones and 8 Maulerfiends set up like each pair of Fiends is pulling one of the chariots. 🙂

  • IronWolf

    Sigh…just when I said, “Okay, I’m going to get all my armies painted before I start another.” Okay GW…here’s my money.