WARGAMING: 3rd Strongest Human Drive


Yep, sex is #1. Followed by rationalizing.  #3 you ask?  Well, for us 40K types, that next highest human drive is starting a new army!

#1 is pretty damn self-explanatory.  As is #2.  But honestly, who of you reading this right now have not thought seriously, as least once in your 40K careers, of buying a shiny new codex and starting a sweet new collection of Grimdark goodness?  We can’t help ourselves.  Our “friends” at GW sure haven’t helped in the last year or two.  Putting out a non-stop stream of new plastic crack of all shapes and sizes.  I almost gave in to the urge last year, just a few scant months after my new Nid dex arrived.  I had great plans to add a couple of Flyrants, Hive Crones, more Zoeys and a few more buckets of Gaunts.


What happened?  Knights happened, that’s what!  Curse those scoundrels in Nottingham!  Those Knight models looked really sweet, and they were flying off the shelves faster than squad of jetbikes.  Man, that dex was very cool (yes, I bought the digital version).  I made many passes over that landing zone reading the backstory, looking at painted models, reading on the Interweb about happy customers, rightfully proud of their new toys.  I came about as close as I could, but never quite touched down.  Crisis averted.  Back to expanding my already hefty Nid army.


Seriously?  Not again!  I mean give a guy a break!  Space Wolves?  Why Space Wolves?  It’s like they knew that Wolves were my first army over 10 years ago.  My nickname for years in our local gaming group was “Space Wolves Dan.”  So I took the plunge (sort of…again).  Got the hardcopy dex this time.  Spent hours fantasizing about one crazy list after another.  A wolf army with Thunder and Fenrisian wolves.  How bout a Wolf deep strike army, with shiny new flyers and lots of Pods?  It went on for weeks.  I gave in and actually bought a Dread, a squad of Thunderwolves, the Thunderwolf character and some Fenrisian wolves.  Thank goodness my wallet ran dry in short order due to the fact that i did all that buying at the end of the month.  But now I have models painted and sitting about; never (maybe) to be used because my Bugs ally with NO ONE!



Have I ever actually gone all in?  Yes, twice (which is more than enough).  I sold my Space Marine army in order give it a go with the first iteration of Grey Knights.  Have been a fan since i started reading the Alaric novels, and the dex was awesome.  So I played them for a couple of years.  Then i got an itch for Tyranids.  Don’t know why (do we really ever know…does it even matter?), just thought they looked awesome to play; do you sense a theme here?  I now have over 8000 points of little friends, of all shapes and sizes.  I purchased two Barbed Heriodules, and even converted a Heriophant from 5 or 6 boxes of Carnifex bits.  Still at it with them.


What’s next?  Well, I just finished playing in our annual Milwaukee D-Company (dcompanyproboards) Big Game.  Had a great time.  Was even chosen by my peers as the Best General (out of a group of 15 or so veteran 40K players).  But I suddenly have this urge to start a new Marine army.  My own chapter, own paint scheme.  Buy a Knight too.  Those rumoured AdMech would make great allies, wouldn’t they?  How about a couple of Forge World vehicles to round things out?   I think I am getting a bit tired of painting buckets of bugs.  Or is it something else??!!  Make it stop, please, make it stop!

How many times have you seriously thought of changing over or actually taken the plunge? How do you fight the urge?


  • I actually haven’t bought any Knights or added to
    My Nids, I must be immune…ah wait never mind I’m just broke

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Being broke is GW’s kryptonite.

  • Dustin Dean

    I feel that itch every time I read a Black Library novel.

    • Damistar

      LOL, I blame Dan Abnett for my 4000pts of Imperial Guard.

    • Houghten

      Me too, only I’m usually inspired to start an army of whoever the enemy was in that book.

    • Paul Applebaum

      Faith and Fire is the reason I started a SoB army back in 2007.

  • DoctorBored

    I have the opposite problem. I get attracted to the dex’s that are most out of date. The more crap gets hyped, the less enthused I am about it, so it’s like “Oh, Imperial Knights, and everyone loves them? I’ll hate them and fawn over Sisters of Battle instead.”

    • MarcoT

      I have that too. Eldar have seen play once since their awesome new codex, with me playing with Tyranids, Chaos and Orks instead. WHY? I’ve got the strongest army in the game just collecting dust…

      I do have a knight though. It’s so pretty.

  • No new army for me till sisters drop….so ill be waiting a while.

    • DoctorBored


  • Deathmage

    Going from Necrons to entirely dumping them. Picking up chaos, because heresy. And soon to the opposite end with Militarum Tempesust, and maybe a Forgeworld Knight to go with it? Slippery slope…

  • Orodruin

    CSM and Daemons, no desire to play anything else. However, I desire just about every model in those armies, though it ain’t ever gonna happen!

    • Captyn Bob

      But hey, its so easy to add in Renegades… and then suddenly you have 3 armies.. hahaa

      • Mr.Gold

        when you have easy access to sites such as Ebay, and adding to your army is a few clicks away, it is so easy to add a unit here/there…

      • Orodruin

        Dang, you got me there!

  • Houghten

    You can’t honestly tell me you rank new armies above eating. Sleeping, mebbe, but not both.

  • Marky

    I have a carry case of Alpha legion with fallen angels “loyal” (to the imperium but not 100% loyal to the big bloke). Been waiting for a ruleset that fits my backstory. If I could decide on one (and finally get a display case in my house) I would no longer be able to fight my urge to buy 40k.

    I watch a game of 40k with oversize flyers and knights in it if I feel the need to quell the urge to buy (models that don’t fit the scale always put me off).

  • LordKrungharr

    Oh yeah, I feel the itch, and I’m selling off even more Chaos and getting Necrons, and a few more Daemons to summon with my remaining Daemon Princes. We’ll see where I have to go from there….could even be Eldar, as they summon Daemons better than anyone!

  • terrick

    I still only have 2 armies: the Fallen turned Black Legion I restarted 2003 and my Mantis Warriors Samurai Space Marines (2010)…both still WIP. For my Black Legion I wanted all gods represented. Right now I only have Khorne-followers, painted in World Eater Scheme…60 of ’em…that makes it a third army…damn! I am a slow painter and heavy converter, I think I’ll start the 2nd god when I turn 40. That’s in 9 years… 😀 If I haven’t already started Sons of Horus or have completely switched to X-Wing by that time. But the only money I gave GW in the last 2 years were mostly colours, brushes and 1 CSM tactical squad (I needed one aditional melter and plasma weapon [the rest is spare parts to repair my very spikey CSM). The rest went to other manufactures to get fitting samurai bits for the mantis warriors.

  • CertainlyNOTmccarthy

    The need to start a new army has been replaced with the need to play a different gaming system.

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      thats a very good point, and something that most likely wouldn’t have been true 10 years ago.

      It was SAGA a year ago, now its Bolt Action for me, Finns and Soviets…

      Plastic Mechanicus might just change that, for a bit.

  • benn grimm

    Its a feeling I know well and i applaud you on your self control. Luckily for me and the wallet the last few codexes for armies I’d likely have taken the plunge with (and bought a whole bunch of stuff), have been pretty terrible. On a brighter note, this leaves me with lots more disposable income to waste on comics 🙂

  • Talos2

    Surely if being rational is #2, then #3 can’t be wargaming

    • Elderpy

      Rationalization is different from being rational.

  • InterrogatorChaplain .

    I don’t follow this 100%, since I started playing Dark Angels 10 years ago, and I only JUST picked up a new army, some shiny new Adeptus Mechanicus from FW.

  • Vomkrieg

    Nietzsche argued that the strongest human drive was “the Will to Power”. He thought the idea that the “will to survive”, which was mooted as the most powerful force when he was writing was absurd. Humans would be very different if survival was our top goal, or procreation even. Dominance and power was the only thing that explained human interaction.

    Sex, wealth, success, glory, all tied up in the concept of power. Winning at wargaming, well that’s a form of power, so one could say it’s the the part of the number one human drive.

    2 cent philosophy 🙂

  • Val Goh

    Sex is the #1 drive? I guess I must be strange then. For me it is eating

  • Andrew

    If they had more skirmish level rules/specialist games, you would see quite a few more old players starting new armies and new players entering in the hobby. For example, if Gorkamorka was still a thing; you could buy a mob and a couple of vehicles, and suddenly you’ve got the core of an army happening. From there it wouldn’t be a stretch to jump into a new army. The huge cost of models and books, and the time to assemble and paint everything puts quite a few people off of starting new armies for the main game. Think about it, they could have every faction in Inq28 if they made it official…

    • Bobsyouruncle

      Well said , the specialist games were a great way of taking baby steps into the main games for both young/new gamers and as a way to keep more experienced players hooked and making micro purchases who perhaps don’t have as much spare time/cash due to work , bills and family commitments .

      • Andrew

        The only problem with the oldies is that a good chunk of the minis you would buy could only be used for that ruleset (Gorkamorka and some of Mordheim and Necromunda excepted of course) so once they stopped promoting those games in WD, the “lifespan” decreased exponentially. Now, had they made Inquisitor a 28mm game instead of 54 (which is way too big for the majority of tastes and you would need all new terrain even) we might still be playing that one today. All the factions can have models, and you could have a whole lot of fun without breaking the bank or losing your mind painting hundreds of models. That of course comes later. 🙂 What is very curious to me is whether or not these supposed “skirmish” Fantasy rules come to fruition or not. Could be a portent for it’s younger more popular brother…