40k Unboxing – The Night Haunter


Lets take a close look at Konrad Kurze’s new mini. Black sheep of the Primarchs, and the owner of the creepiest hair of them all…

Perhaps the strangest, most macabre figure from the Horus Heresy, Konrad Curze may just be the the posterchild for being “misunderstood”.

I mean how would you deal with knowing exactly how and why you life will end, only to exist trying to fill in the blanks for every minute in between? “Konrad Curze, be at peace, for I have arrived and intend to take you home.” and “That is not my name, Father. I am Night Haunter, and I know full well what you intend for me.” Background aside, this model seems to be one of the most detailed and energetic of the Character series of Primarchs Forge World has put out yet.
Konrad-Curze-6 Perched atop a shattered ruin, caped in flayed flesh and framed by the eviscerated remains of Guardsmen this model may just be the perfect snapshot of the Heresy. If you’re a 30k player, or even just a 40k aficionado – this model should be on your “must haves” list. Check out an extreme close up of Konrad below in my video unboxing and review!

  • amaximus167

    Would have loved to have seen some still shots of the bits.

  • Robomummy

    Recently got this model for my 30k night lords and while it is a fairly easy model to put together and looks amazing just be warned the claws are murder to put together without them getting crooked. Also the shoulder pads are quite a bit larger than terminator shoulder pads.

  • LordKrungharr

    See, it’s models like this that make me want a whole Night Lords army….assuming they had special rules to match and stuff and junk.

    • Barty

      They do. Like most of the Legions, they get rules that fit the flavour. So Night Lords is about playing dirty/ using fear more so that a straight up fight.

    • Robomummy


      they have plenty of rules for different legions. I personally love the night lords because pretty much the whole army has Fear. Also in 30k space marines are not fearless. Take Curze and give the opposing unit a -3 to fear tests in CC.

  • Boondox

    Alice Cooper in 40K. Who would have thunk it?