End Times: Introducing SKARR BLOODWRATH!


If you’re going to impress Khorne and earn that Daemon Prince retirement plan, a good name helps…

It looks like we get one last miniature as part of the End Times Archaon release.

via El Taller De Yila


Meet Skarr Bloodwrath:

M4 WS8 BS3 S5 T5 W3 I7 A5 Ld8

Bloodstorm Blades: Magic weapons, +2S first round of combat, and grants Impact Hits(d3)

His Bloodborn rule is great, making him a blood-fueled poor-mans version of St. Celestine.


No idea on the model’s appearance, but I imagine he will have big spikes and lots of skulls. I would expect him to pop up in a couple of days.




  • Nom

    Try “Arbaal the Undefeated.” Now that’s a cool name.

    • WestFargo Dave

      Yeah that was a cool name, but he can’t use it anymore ever since that humiliating 34-0 loss to the Baltimore Ravens back in 2011.

  • Count Yayula

    Sounds like a fun character, too bad it will surely come in an ogre base so even if you can fit him with normal warriors it will disrupt my trays.

    Would be nice to see him on one of the new khorne units but for a monstruos infantry footprint? no thanks

    • Secundum Ave

      And your evidence for this is…..where? Oh right, you have none.

      • Count Yayula

        Evidence for what? for the footprint on the unit? sure


        “The Khorne Skullreapers have 97 components and are supplied with five 40mm monster bases.”

        Or you meant for the character on a monster base as well?


        Gutrot-Spume who also comes with a 40mm (so that it keeps the style of the Blight Kings which also come with 40mm bases)

        Do you really need more evidence?

        • Secundum Ave

          Yes. Because all of this is circumstantial evidence. While he could very well be to Khorne what Gutrot Soume is to Nurgle, all we can do right now is speculate.

          • Count Yayula

            There ya go

  • houseofpaine

    Before the powers of Khorne claimed his soul and anointed him “Skarr Bloodwrath”, his name was Milton P. Dunwoody.

    • Blackfel

      He made quite a team with his sidekick, “Edward Murderhands”.

  • Ragnar Black

    No Images? Curse you… When this shown I hope for them, but where is point to re-post several times his stat line with rules….

  • MVBrandt

    Why not just call him Angrywounds Skullblood McMurderscars

    • houseofpaine

      That will be the other variant that you can make with the upcoming kit. GW’s not bringing out a special character model unless they can get you to but three or four of them.

      • deuce1984

        Silly: Murderfang FTW

        Unoriginal: RW Knights, DW knights, Wraith Knight, Imperial Knight, Wraith lord, Wraithguard, wraithblade, necron wraith

        Complete crap conceptually:
        thunderwolf cav, cyberwolves, centurions, librarian dreads…

        now you try!

        • houseofpaine

          Well, they haven’t used “Murder Wraithknight” yet. I don’t have my codex in front of me, but don’t the Dark Eldar have two things in their army list called “Razorwings” (the flyer and the angry, little birds)?

          • josh kendall

            Razorwings flocks and Razor wing Jet fighters. Along side the VoidRaven, that you would use to shoot down Storm Raven.

  • Jake Nolan

    I swear… GW is turning warhammer/40K into a 12 year-old’s game… Skarr Bloodwrath? Are you for real guys? Next you’ll have names like Wart Plagueblight, Wolf Lord Grimfang, and Dilda Rearpoke…

    • AhrimansBolter

      lol @ Dilda Rearpoke

      • Jake Nolan

        Yes, Dilda Rearpoke with her Rod of Command, she spreads ecstasy throughout the enemy ranks, and all fall in line to her will. 😀

        • Marky

          I like silly names “dilda rearpoke” = awesome.

          Skarr bloodwrath isnt a silly name, it’s a boring name.

      • Jake Nolan

        And other gems like Gafilda Poxtwat, Daughter of Nurgle. Skanka Fasthands, Scourge of Girlfriends. Thordra Meatgrinder, Chaos Dwarf Slumqueen.

    • 24thdoor

      Turning? What? 40K’s aesthetic is called “Grim Dark” FFS. Ship has sailed, man.

  • silashand

    Full given name: Skarr Bloodskullslaughterhatedeathwrath

    • Marky

      I heard his working title was;

      Skullskarrskullblood Skullbloodskullskullskullslaughterskullhateskulldeathskullwrathskull

      But they needed to shorten it to save ink and paper to keep the profit margin above 70% 😉

      • euansmith


  • Jared van Kell

    The rules for this guy have been out for ages. Why is this only just showing up now?

    • Jake Nolan

      Building “hype” for the garbage model possibly coming out?

  • Mordrot

    This info has been out for a month, I was expecting to finally see a pic of the model. However I do think I found a sketch of the character.

    • Jake Nolan

      Is it terrible?

      • Mordrot

        It’s just his face. I attached it to my first post. He is the one in the middle.

      • Mordrot

        Probably a khorne “Gutrot Spume”

  • Aliester

    This will be another monster-base infantry guy. The Skullreapers are like the Khorne version of the Blightlords, so think of this guy as the Khorne version of Gutrot Spume. Put him with the unit of 5 to make an infantry block of 6.

  • Secundum Ave

    Loving the sound of this guy! He can be paired with my Valkia in my army. =) Yay for 50% Lords allowance! (And then he gets hit by a cannonball)

  • karloss01

    GW sure are getting lazy with the name giving; they’re not even trying to give them punny names. I guess they’re using that chaos character name table they made like a decade ago where your rolled D66 and combine four results to get a first and surname.

  • Astmeister

    From Warseer:

    From Warseer:

    Ungrim and the dwarfs defend Avenheim thanks to Gelt’s Crucible but,
    in the end, they sacrifice themselves while imperials and bretonnians
    flee. Ungrim’s slayers fight against Zhufbar’s hosts.

    Nagash offers Mannfred to the elves as a sing of good will, snaring him in a prison made of death magic.

    frees Mannfred and tells him the truth about Lileath. He is later found
    by Jerrod (Be’lakor’s plan all the time) and tells him the truth about
    Lileath. Jerrod lets Mannfred live, who then flees and calls her. She
    admits the truth, saying that she is the Lady of the Lake, and also that
    she pushed Bretonnia out of the Stone Age and saved them from the
    greenskins and themselves. She says that she won’t ask for forgiveness,
    because the sacrifice of Bretonnia was needed to create the Haven. Then
    Be’lakor appears when Jerrod is about to kill her. They both fight and
    the demon defeats Jerrod (but does not kill him), and turns to kill
    Lileath, but Malekith and Tyrion pop out and trap Be’lakor.

    returns to his people and tells them about the Lady. They decide not to
    fight alongside the treacherous elves, returning to Bretonnia. No more
    is known of them.

    After the fall of Averheim, the Incarnates face
    the daemonic host. The battle is hopeless, so Lileath sacrifices
    willingly to Teclis in order to give him the needed power to move them
    to Middenheim. A titanic battle takes place there, and the incarnates
    travel to the caverns located beneath the city, where Archaon, the
    Swords of Chaos, and the 4 greater daemons with their respective hosts
    are waiting. Grimgor fights Arachaon and almost defeats him, but Archaon
    manages to kill the orc. Then Archaon faces Sigmar, the Emperor, who
    after a long battle defeats him, throwing him inside a rift created by
    the Old Ones’ artifact that the chaos guys activated to destroy the
    world. The surviving Incarnates, aided by Teclis (who now holds the
    winds of Fire and Beasts), try to close the rift. They could have
    succeeded, but Mannfred betrays his master (Nagash) killing Gelt. Teclis
    tries to absorb the wind of Metal, but fails and dies, so the rift
    feeds on them and sucks out all the Incarnate’s powers. Archaon appears
    again, climbing out of the rift, and faces SIgmar one more time. They
    both are last seen fighting against each other, with Ghal-Maraz being
    held by Archaon as Sigmar tried to smash him. Meanwhile, Malekith saves
    Alarielle from being crushed by debris, and then she and Tyrion turn
    their backs and walk away while the Eternity King dies in pain, with his
    legs crushed. They both look back at the growing rift while the
    darkness swallows them.

    Game Over.

  • Astmeister
    • Bobsyouruncle

      So does this mean Brettonia actually survives the end times and begins some kind of grudge against the elves ? Hmmm… interesting .

      • Astmeister

        Note that they cite Nietzsche. How lame… 😉