Outside the Box 03-20-15


Welcome to another issue of Outside the Box, this weeks with news from Mierce Miniatures, Spartan Games, Fantasy Flight Games, Wyrd Miniatures and many more!

Mierce Miniatures
New releases for Darklands!
mrm_dkl_abn_ftu_mbs_801_000_01_large mrm_dkl_ang_mrc_wld_102_000_01_large mrm_dkl_nor_sfg_mbs_501_000_01_large
–> More Mierce Miniatures News

Spartan Games
April will bring new sets for Dystopian Wars, Dystopian Legions and Planetfall:
2 5 12 17–> More Spartan Games News

Dark Age Games
A new preview has been published:
–> More Dark Age Games News

Infamy Miniatures
New previews of the Welcome to the Big Smoke range:
6676f251f890c5a5fde451146a133ed9_original b7327d4f3eed61f487d9be047334c39e_original–> More Infamy Miniatures News

Fantasy Flight Games
More Ally and Villain packs for Imperial Assaults, and its first expansion set!
swi11-13-plastic swi10-boxleftswi10-plasticspread–> More Fantasy Flight Games News

GCT Studios
New miniatures for Bushido:
shimogama_viper_promo takashi_ancestor_spirit_promo
–> More GCT Studios News

Mad Robot Miniatures
New heavy weapons team are available and they announced a new tank:

–> More Mad Robot Miniatures News

The Queen of Barbary and the Queen of Death have been released:
aunnamed–> More Figone News

Warlord Games
The plastic Tiger E is just one of many new Bolt Action releases:
WGB-WM-508-Tiger-IE-b-600x530 WGB-RI-146-KV1E-d-600x511WGB-FI-03-Senegalese-Tiralleurs-b-600x468 –> More Warlord Games News

Wyrd Miniatures
Wyrd Miniatures announced their release schedule for the first half of 2015:
WYR20322-Troubleshooters WYR20420-Nekima WYR20615-ClosingTime–> More Wyrd Miniatures News

Anvil Industry
Anvil Industry presents the Republic Commando Snipers with Rail Rifles:
0eedb16412426bb2b3fec309044cf2fd_original–> More Anvil Industry News

This week we got previews of Future Hab 3 and a WIP of the Wasp gunship:
–> More LaserCutCard News

Scale Games
Here are new pictures of the Riff heroes for Fallen Frontiers:
2cd9026ca2c2a30c78974bb5e61a52be_originalcdb51028fdae147c82259f4b2271d713_original–> More Scale Games News

Ninja Division
New miniatures for Relic Knights are available:
RK-SPM144005-HatriyaWarriors-732x400 RK-SPM144008-Dahon-732x400–> More Ninja Division News

Ramshackle Games
The Minimus Squat’s Bounty Hunter Crew set is now available from Ramshackle Games:
min_squat_full_set_bw–> More Ramshackle Games News

And the Wartart is finally available from Greebo Games:
Rat-Master-2013-copiaWartartSaiWeb–> More Greebo Games News

And as always, new crowdfunding campaigns:
Troublemaker Games – 6mm Scale Armies Wave 4 on Indiegogo
Ares Games – Wings of Glory Giants of the Sky
Anthony Twizz – Summoners Boardgame Re-Launch
Z1 Design Miniatures – Base System
Gate Keeper Gaming – Halfsies Dice
Impact! Miniatures – Chibi Dungeon Monsters
and of course
Mantic Games – Deadzone Infestation

Always remember, if you want to stay up to date, head over to The Tabletop Fix for daily news about the hobby!

The Wyrd Miniatures previews almost got me interested in Malifaux again – but just almost.
  • Majere613

    So, I was mostly “oh that’s nice”, and ‘Meh’.. and then I hit those Squats.
    Do Want. Though I think my Orks might sort of loot them… a bit.

    Oh, and is it me, or does the Barbarian Queen look straight out of Dark Souls? I’m thinking of the pose when you power-stance two great weapons.

    • Snord

      Me too! Although I like the Star Wars minis. Just because.

      Warlord/Italeri’s Tiger I looks good. They’ve just out a StuG III up for pre-release as well.

  • AdeptusAstartes

    Dark Age Games look like they’ve been spending some time on the Kingdom Death web store ….

  • Dustin Dean

    The Dystopian Wars models look fantastic, however, Raphel is wearing the wrong colored mask.

    • Majere613

      He’s possibly trying to avoid wearing a fetching shade of Lawsuit 🙂

      • Dustin Dean

        What color is “Cease and Desist?” 😉

  • Dustin Dean

    The Dystopian Wars models look fantastic, however, Raphel is wearing the wrong colored mask.

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    nice to see Omni-Consumer-Products have gone into manufacturing wargames terrain.

    • euansmith

      Cardboard Concepts.

    • polyquaternium7

      the cardboard future, has a silver lining 😉

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        I’d buy that for a dollar.

  • The flyer from laser cut card would make a great basis for an Arvus lighter, if it is affordable I may pick 2 up to convert, I need em for my chaos guard and holy god is the official model expensive