Plastic Horus Heresy Tidalwave Continues


The rumormill is going overtime.  Here’s the latest on what may be GW’s BIG HIT this year. How can you NOT want this boxed set?


via Steve the Warboss 4-9-2015

Horus Heresy Starter Set

-2 Generic Legio Astartes Armies
-20x Tactical Marines (2 Sprues)
-5x Cataphractii Terminators (1 Spure)
-1x Contemptor Dreadnought (1 Sprue)
-2x Legio Centurions (both with options for Consul options, 2 identical Sprues)
-Transfer Sheet with Symbols of 3 Loyal and 3 Traitor Legions
-Suppliment includes a summary of the great crusade with important events and timeline
-Description of the Legions from the Decal Sheet with small history of them

OK, that’s yet another source saying something very close regarding the HH Starter set.  Putting together everything from the last couple weeks from all reliable sources we come up with this:

Horus Heresy Starter Set

2 Identical “Generic Legion” Sides.

EACH SIDE consists of:
-20x Tactical Marines (2 Sprues, There are a handful of Tactical bits on the sprue for Sergeants & other specialists, but not entirely different specialist models.)
-5x Cataphractii Terminators (1 Spure)
-1x Contemptor Dreadnought (1 Sprue)
-1x Legio Centurion/Praetor (with bits for various Consul options, 1 Sprue)
Other Items in the Box:
-Transfer Sheet with Symbols of 3 Loyal and 3 Traitor Legions
-Suppliment includes a summary of the great crusade with important events and timeline
-Description of the Legions from the Decal Sheet with small history of them
-Gaming Set Includes a Suppliment for the Age of Darkness
-Rules and a Dettachment for Playing Legio Astartes and Xenos in the Past of 40k
-A new Allied Matrix including Xenos of the 31st Millenium
-Very generic Dataslates for the models, only the featured Characters will have specific Background, but can used for any Legion
-Models are designed to fully compatible with Forgeworld’s Legion add-on kits.
Said to be north of £130.00
So that’s 54 Heresy models, including 2 Contemptors, 10 Cataphractii, and 40 dudes, plus command figures.  Even if this cost £200.00 it would still be a big savings from the standard Forgeworld prices, and is in totally reliable and easy to assemble plastic.  It will be very interesting to see just how high GW sets that price.  This has all the hallmarks of a grand experiment!
 ~NOW are you starting to get excited about Horus Heresy gaming & hobby?
  • PTFO Inspector

    North of £130…

    Still worth it and I won’t believe this is happening until I have them in my grotty stained hands.

    • Syratogo

      Yes yes yes.

      But this paucity of sprues implies snap fit.

  • Dan Di Cicco

    I want this to be true so all the naysayers feel like idiots 😛 and all the sisters players will still moan… on a side note two of those boxsets for me plz 😛

  • Commissar Molotov

    Meh…still not sure if I’ll jump. I already have SO MANY MARINES.

    • euansmith

      You have got to collect them ALL!

  • DoctorBored

    I’ll get it. I’m just starting a Space Sharks army, and having older marks of armor and weapons would be hella tight

  • kobalt60

    I want this to be true. The cynic in me won’t let me get too excited, but still….already trying to decide between War Hounds, Imperial Heralds or Dusk Raiders. I know thats not exactly HH, but i don’t care.

    • InterrogatorChaplain .

      War Hounds! Dobermarines!

      • khegrow

        wasn’t warhounds the name of the world eaters before they adopted their current name after being re-united with angron?

        • Cerri Love

          Thats the point. The dusk raiders are the death guard pre-Mortarian, and the Imperial Heralds are the Word bearers pre Lorgar

        • InterrogatorChaplain .


  • Erik Setzer

    FW costs more because it’s resin (and good resin, not the Finecast junk). It’s not a good starting point to compare to FW prices, because I can’t see them putting an HH Tactical Squad for $80 beside a 40K Tactical Squad for $40, especially with fewer options. So it’s better to compare to similar models in the 40K range. If they try to sell plastic kits for the same price as FW stuff, expect it to fail horrendously. And then I’ll go soundly beat the pricing team at GW (or whoever’s responsible for that task) with a book about sales tactics or something (or maybe just a crowbar).

    • Actually Finecast models cost more in a lot of cases than FW models (special weapon packs, apothecaries, etc), and FE is much much cheaper than the horribly overpriced plastic clamshell models they’ve been coming out with later

      • Mechhead13

        But then again FW price points are higher than some other companies high end products. For a Solar Auxilia Flamer Section’s price. I can pick up a 120 mm mounted figure by Verlinden or two crew boxes for Malifaux or a land raider on ebay. In my experience the 120mm figures fascinate almost everyone, Malifaux appeals to the females and the land raider and solar auxilia only appeal to 40k players.
        Don’t get me wrong wargaming is a passion with me, as my 43 factions and armies will attest. Of them 17 are from the good folks at GW. I want every one of my friends to have eye candy when they walk in my house.
        your points on failcast are spot on overpriced and poor quality. A friend wanted a Théoden miniature as a display piece, it took three kits before she had her figure.

  • Mechhead13

    this will be a very frustrating thing for people starting 30k. your basic troops coming into your local shop and when you want something more dealing with forge world.

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      hmmm, introducing thousands of new gamers to Forgeworld’s already overstretched dodgy customer service and poor quality control. What could possibly go wrong?

      • Ben VVebb

        Did you just say “dodgy” customer service? Are you on crack?

        FW’s customer service is faultless…

      • Badgerboy1977

        I’m sorry but their customer service has always been second to none when I’ve needed to use them on the RARE occasion I’ve had a problem with one of their kits (and I’ve worked with well over a hundred so far) which wasn’t just simply straightening parts which takes seconds to do.

        They are for the more advanced hobbyist that’s true as there’s more involved in the prep and building but I’d say it’s unlikely that little Jimmy will be getting them as his first set anyway if the starter sets going to be £130 upwards.

      • templar46_2

        HOW has FW ever… in the history of ever, had “dodgy customer service”? Do you have any experience dealing with their CS yourself? or are you just basing that on “some guy said something one time on some forum… somewhere”

        you absolutely sound like someone who has NEVER ordered anything from FW and has never spoken to them yourself. i question your legitimacy as an actual person at this point… clearly you are some form of badger who has learned to type in a fit of impotent unfocused rage.

        • Mechhead13

          Yes, I have dealt with them, and found them almost adequate compared to other companies who produce resin miniatures. Three out of seven miniatures that I have purchased from FW have needed replacement parts and not just because of simple things like warping.
          FW charges more than high end price for their miniatures but they can be very slow because or production problems, and demand outstripping production.
          Mierce miniatures again a high end producer is nine out of nine for perfect minis, Verlinden in my collection has a track record of over one hundred minis and only one air bubble, and that one was in the middle of a join between the upper and lower torsos. Scibor twenty perfect out of twenty one. The list goes on.
          My point was that slowness. What new player wants to keep his brand new shiny army on the sidelines for a month to six weeks just so he can get the things he needs to make it awesome? I know I some times have trouble waiting the two weeks it takes for an order from a domestic supplier to arrive.
          My problems with FW may not be the norm but they do occur and that is why I believe 3ok will be a bust unless GW makes most of the models available quickly in plastic. Even then it will be problematic because of the sheer cost.

          • templar46_2

            did you mean to reply to me? because your post doesn’t seem to have anything to do with their Customer Service, and you’re referencing some “point” that you’ve made, and i have no idea what you’re talking about, as i clearly haven’t read what ever other post this is referring to.

          • Mechhead13

            Sorry You responded to some one that was responding to one of my posts. And yes my post has a lot to do with Customer Service because the best customer service is one you never have to contact.

          • templar46_2

            well… okay that’s fair. but when i HAVE needed to deal with their CS, they’ve been fantastic to me and i’ve really appreciated the extra mile they put in.

          • templar46_2

            oh i see, you thought i was replying to your initial comment. nope!

            i mean, i think you’re wrong, as 30k seems to be doing great already… but i don’t have a strong opinion on what you said. But that Knight of whatever guy dissing FW’s customer service? that’s just crazy talk.

            Sure their models have problems sometimes… but they bend over backwards *every time* to make that right and to help out the customer. they’re amazing and deserve mad respect.

          • Mechhead13

            In my humble opinion customer service begins with quality control. In my experience it’s not how well the customer service people you call deal with the problem but how often you have to call them.

          • CMAngelos

            I don’t know, maybe I’ve gotten lucky but this past year alone I’ve dumped more than most wold spend as a down payment on a home on forge world, if you like I’ll be happy to post up my order receipts for proof if need be, I’ve received everything from a Reaver Titan, and several legion super heavies to about 100+ Legion Marines and various other vehicles and flyers. Out of nearly 10 grand worth of products, I received one unusable miscast and 3 kits missing part a single part or part sprue. And when it came time to replace those parts Forge World was on top of it like nobody’s business.

            So to say they have dodgy customer service and support is ridiculous, and I dare say that quality control from my standing has been excellent as well.

          • Mechhead13

            You sir have my respect, yes from my experience you have had very good luck. Almost half of the kits I have purchased have had serious problems then again maybe I have just had some very bad luck.

            Anyone who goes all out in a game like you have deserves respect. My orders tend to be much smaller, as I have a set rule that I order no more than I can paint a month. Since I have a back log of over 2400 figures for my 43 armies or factions. So I will never make the massive orders that you do. Lastly may I say, I hope the dice gods continue to smile on you.

        • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

          they refused to replace several items that I and others found unacceptably warped (not just my opinion), even after sending them photos. I am not alone in this experience, I’ve heard of others getting the same ‘use hot water’ answer to terribly warped bits with visible mould misalignment.

          I like badgers very much, but only one of us here is venting in an inappropriate way at a stranger on the internet who means them no harm. And it isn’t me.

          • templar46_2

            oh i’m not really “venting”… that was the whole point of the badger comment, to make sure you understood i was using hyperbole to be comedic and not-serious.

            that seems completely at odds with the CS experience i’ve had myself, but… well… okay. that is a shame.

  • Once I see a blurry pic ill be convinced.

    • wibbling

      Do get well soon.

  • Nemo Blank

    hopefully each faction will be distinct enough to double your army size with a simple trade between friends.

    • Me

      Aren’t they identical?

  • Sparti67

    Since its a game played 10,000 years in the past maybe I can pay with 10,000 year old currency?

    • life of adept brian

      You would arrange for GW to marry your offspring?

      • Sparti67

        I was thinking more of a few goats and shiny rocks.

        • Ruadhan

          That might work, the current going rate on Goats is about $80…
          Pretty sure the going currency 8000BC was Mammoth hide though. That’s a bit harder to come by and doesn’t come in smaller denominations than half-tons.

          • Spacefrisian

            No worries, they are well advanced in the process of re-introducing Mammoths to the world.

          • I have a collection of sharp rocks and I am willing to subdivide your mammoth hides, for a price of course.

  • David Dutton

    I would so get this… depending on the price point, but so long as its under $200 I would get it, maybe even two since those contemptors are way more amazing than normal dreds.

  • Spiritof69

    $200? For a “starter” set? To whom exactly is this marketed? Wow, all I can say is, wow.

    • Craven Moorehead

      40k players wanting to get into 30k like me, but that hate dealing with FW resin. For every one you don’t buy, I’ll buy two.

      • spacemonk

        How many is he not buying?

        • Craven Moorehead

          Three, I just called him.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            he told me he wasn’t buying 87.

          • Craven Moorehead


    • To people who might well pay more for it from FW?
      That is to say, a lot of people.

    • BrianDavion

      in fairness though 200 bucks for 40 marines, 10 terminators, 2 dreadnoughts and 2 ICs, is actually a reasonably decent price.

      • Craven Moorehead

        Agreed. And in plastic, no less!

        • Syratogo

          And in Mk2 and 3 if the emprah is kind

    • kobalt60

      based on GW current prices, for 40 marines, 2 dreds, 10 terminators and 2 characters, you’d pay $500 canadian dollars, or about $400 and change US. So this ‘starter’ box is marketed to idiots. Like me. Who will spend $500 for the models otherwise. I will buy 2 boxes, at least, because….idiot

    • Master Avoghai

      It’s a starter set for veterans, not for newbies.

      With HH range, GW has discovered that veterans that used to play rogue trader, or just have the knowledge of it, may spend lots of money.
      They eventually discovered that the noob is not the only source of cash existing…

      In a way it’s a good news as it could mean they’ll release more veteran oriented kits in the future…

      • Ben VVebb

        Maybe we should just call it a “box set” instead of “starter set”…

        • Craven Moorehead

          Larry Vela called it that, and his command and understanding of English is elementary, at best.

      • Ruadhan

        serious question, what exactly constitutes a Veteran oriented kit? because things like Nagash and the bigger End-Times models probably qualify quite well.
        As do the fine-detail scenery pieces they’re apparently putting out for the fantasy line.

        • Master Avoghai

          It’s the target you aim.
          HH stuff is not bought by newbies. It’s something that is bought by veterans because :
          The fluff is described either in old codex or in HH novels that are not known by someone who discovers the hobby
          The range is done by FW : not known by someone who starts.

          Of course, the new light brought by the availability in GW stores will allow newbies to enter, but I really doubt that someone entering the store for the 1st time will be proposed to buy a HH boxset.

          • Talarius

            Except that when I walk into any Barnes & Noble bookstore in America, there’s half a bookcase section of Horus Heresy novels available for sale. There’s a whole audience of readers who could be introduced to the tabletop side of the hobby via a boxed set of 30K minis.

      • Craven Moorehead

        This, exactly this.

    • Badgerboy1977

      Except of course that little lot (if the 2 identical sides rumour holds true) would cost you over £470/$700 from FW which are currently the only place to buy those designs, so I’d say there will be a huge number of people interested in it.

    • Spiritof69

      Got it. This is not intended to bring new people into the hobby. I guess I got hung up on the term “Starter Set” which might not even be GW’s. Upfront, I should have admitted I am really angry with them for what they did to my favorite 40K army (IG) and what they seem to be doing to my favorite game (WFB.)

  • Craven Moorehead

    Rumor Mill and Tidal Wave are separate words (Caps for emphasis).

    Get a proofreader, please! I’ll even do it for you!

    • withershadow

      Proofreader? That would interfere with Larry’s schedule of posting the same crap 6 times a day.

      • Craven Moorehead

        I don’t even mind that — I just feel jolted from concentration when post after post are riddled with errors.

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      easier to just make the word g r a m m a r flag up a post as inappropriate…

  • silashand

    Will likely pass. I don’t need yet another expensive hobby from GW. I already have too many already… 🙂

    • Craven Moorehead

      I’ll buy one for you.

      • silashand

        Buy as many on my behalf as you like… 🙂

  • Alan Eskew

    im going to buy the hell out of this

  • TweetleBeetle

    This thing is going to make record sales for GW. Even if it were $300.

    • Craven Moorehead

      Totally agree. I can’t even wait.

  • Master Sheol

    If the box will ne really 2 HQ + 20 PA + 5 TDA + 1 Contemptor i guess this would ne the perfect start for just ONE player, not two…
    I Know that usually tactical squads in 30k were 20 men but you can start with 2 10 men Squads as troops, 2 élite choices, 2 HQ and on top of it you can add a couple of LR with FW mkII kit…
    Even if the idea is a 2 player starter box i think that each one of us Will but one and keep all content For himself…

    • Darkjedi

      The rumors seem to indicate that you’d get TWICE that, which would be enough to split between two players. I think it’s reasonable to expect many players to keep both forces, though. I bet GW is counting on it.

      “2 Identical “Generic Legion” Sides.

      EACH SIDE consists of:

      -20x Tactical Marines, 5x Cataphractii Terminators, 1x Contemptor Dreadnought, 1x Legio Centurion/Praetor…”

      • That makes no sense for a starter set compared to previous one. As I said earlier:

        In stormclaw there is 10 marines, 5 terminators, 3 killakan, 5 Nobs and 10 grots.

        So if you convert to 30K
        10 marines (same), 5 termi (same), 10 marines (=5 nobs + grot), 1 contemptor (3 KillaKan)

        I guess that this rumor is wrong on the “two identical armies” part.

        • GaryT

          What you say makes more sense to me. Maybe if it is 20 marines, it could be 10 marines and praetor on each side with one side having the terminators and the other side having the dreadnought.

          • Thalandor

            That’s what I’ve been thinking since yesterday’s rumor’s. Makes more sense too now that they have 2 variants for the HQ. Use the box for 2 sides like GaryT said, or use all the models for a single army and you have 2 diff HQs.

        • 3 Kans is more than double a dreadnought in price though, is it not? So not really the same

          • 3 KillaKan base is 150pts. A basic contemptor dreadnought is 175pts. So again the same.
            But I was more talking about the plastic quantity anyway.

  • Dennis J. Pechavar

    Even more Alpha Legion…so amazing if it’s true.

  • Tim Currey

    This all sounds great and all, but it feels like everyday we are getting 30k starter set “news” that’s all basically the same and this is apparently may? We’re is April news at all?

    • Craven Moorehead

      What, in April, could possibly top this?

      inb4 sisters

      • David Leimbach

        Sister have a copyright issue – cant trademark the fleur de lis.

        • Houghten

          Can’t trademark the omega, either, but Ultramarines don’t seem to care.

        • That makes no sense, they can’t own the space marine pauldron either but they still keep releasing marine kits. They can’t own Orks. They can’t own elves. It is a low demand issue, they aren’t going to prioritize a niche army, it will get done eventually

        • Red_Five_Standing_By

          Pretty much all of the heraldry in 40k and Fantasy are just copied from real life heraldry. You can’t claim exclusive use over such items since you did not create them originally and have been apart of our shared culture for a thousand (or some times vastly more) years.

          The reason Sisters have not been updated is because they require a massive model overhaul, the likes of which we have not seen since The Necrons and Dark Eldar. That requires time and money, money which is currently being piled into Fantasy and other 40k armies that require less money and time to update.

    • Void Dragon

      I believe Lords of Wargaming keeps debunking the may-date, which BoLS apparently insists on…

      • Tim Currey

        Even if it’s a later date, I just wanna know how they “know” so much about something from later in the year but not what comes after end times archaon

    • Ben VVebb

      Warhammer World is having a grand reopening in May. I have heard from a couple of sources that BIG things are planned for this, so the possibility of a quiet April ahead of an insane May is high.

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        The New Edition of Fantasy and Horus Heresy in plastic? Be still my beating heart!

  • Amazarak

    But…but…Robomummy assures us his friends say this isn’t coming.

  • Houghten

    No, I’m not starting to get excited. I won’t start to get excited until we have pictures of the White Dwarf page with the prices and release date on.

  • mighty_pirate

    I agree that £130 or £200 is still a bargain compared to FW prices… But surely the whole point of this boxed set is to mainstream HH? To capture a wide market of new players?
    Most of the excitement I’m seeing is from either existing 30k players, people who were planning on getting into it anyway or 40k players who just want to bash the set for their existing armies.

    I’d have thought if plastic, store stocked HH is to be successful it needs to pick up plenty of new fans.
    That high financial barrier to entry doesn’t seem sensible. It would seem far better to me to stick with the current £75 boxed set standard, or as least as close to it as they can. Even if that means a slightly smaller set.

    • Badgerboy1977

      You can’t really market HH at kids though due to the models being mainly FW and therefore needing more advanced skills often along with more money and older gamers looking to get into it are more likely to have the disposable cash.
      Also the game is all about scale so a smaller force just wouldn’t work really.
      They couldn’t go with the push fit designs either to reduce the costs as the models need to be compatible with FW’s kits to be really successful.

      If these rumours do prove to be true I’d say they’re pretty much onto a winner here myself.

      • The later HH books have been focused on smaller armies, zone mortalis etc, so it isn’t really true the game is solely focused on scale

        • Badgerboy1977

          There is that admittedly but I’d say the main thrust of it is scale, the large squad sizes and number of large scale minis would bear that out I would have thought.

          It is the Horus Heresy after all, yes there were small battles and skirmishes and they’ve given you the tools to play those but the majority of it is vast battles on a massive scale.

          • mighty_pirate

            But you can say that about 40k too. Most battles described in the fluff would be 5k-100k point battles. You don’t see that on tables. The boards are a microcosm of the greater theatre.

          • Badgerboy1977

            True but a starting force of marines is already a smaller proposition in 40k due to the fact that the Tactical squads start at 5 man (up to 10) rather than 10 man (up to 20) in HH and if you want heavy or special weapons that means an extra 5 – 10 man squad for each weapon type you want to take.
            It’s to represent the much greater size of the Space Marine legions as opposed to the 40k chapters and all in all HH just seems to lend itself more to larger scale engagements in my view.

  • Imrahil

    I don’t care about this… it is Space Marines fighting against Space Marines. All look the same, all have the same Weapons … and 40k already is focused so much on the marines…hmpf!

    • mighty_pirate

      30k rules do make marines more interesting. Each squad is more specialised & there are less “take all comers” options.
      Also there are far more legion specific rules. So 2 “identical” sets of models can play quite differently.
      Also, if this takes off, we could end up seeing some of that flavour transfer over to the 40k marines. Which might alleviate some of the boredom a lot of players have with them.

    • On the other hand I don’t care about your point, it is just a rehash of other similar sentiments people have been expressing since FW started doing Horus Heresy to begin with. Meanwhile HH has blown up and is poised to replace LotR, not anything in 40K

      • Chris. K Cook

        But, but, I’m not being pandered to, how dare GW cater to other people with different tastes. Rarrg entitled rage.

  • Compare to stormclaw before calling this “Tidal Wave of awesomeness”. The content is not x2 for the box.

    Also, how someone repeating another rumor can be treated as a new source? It’s like hysteria …

  • GaryT

    This does sound really awesome. Get this box, have all the contents as the one force, add a sexy FW primarch and a couple of tanks – HH army done!

    • Badgerboy1977

      Then some specialist squads, a superheavy or two, some Mechanicus allies and maybe even a titan.
      We all know how this ends 😉

      • D. B.

        MAYBE a Titan?!! My good sir, surely you jest.

        But first, just a few Knights. Nothing fancy, just a dozen or so.

      • Chuck Rankine

        It never ends…

  • Deathmage

    North or £130? North Circle more like…

  • ted1138

    £75 yes, £130+ no. While I might be tempted to get back into 40k gaming by news of this set, at that price GW can go whistle.

    • Badgerboy1977

      Except that the equivalent FW price (the only place you can currently get them) for all those models would be over £470 (if it’s the 40 marines, 2 contemptors etc box) so even if it’s £150 it’s still a great deal for those who are interested.

      • Chris. K Cook

        But, but entitled rage.

      • ted1138

        A great deal for those willing(and able) to pay FW prices. But way too much for the rest of us…

        • Badgerboy1977

          Anybody who has the disposable income to take part in any hobby is “able” to pay FW prices it just means saving up more, if you feel they charge too much that’s fine you don’t have to buy them but with things like this it’s only worth what people are willing to pay and given the apparent popularity of the HH series I’d say there are far more people willing to pay those prices than you seem to think.

  • around 130£ ? a bit costly for a starter set, but the content is so damn worth it.

  • Craig Biddulph

    I would buy a lot of these boxes, assuming they are not snap fit. I don’t believe this is coming in this manner, however.

  • davepak

    130 pounds for a “Starter”.
    You keep using that word, I don’t think it means what you think it means.

    (yes, it will be a good deal for established players who know what HH is, and want to buy them….but starter? That is a set designed to entice new players into the line – 40k already has a large barrier to entry regarding startup costs – they need a $40 starter and a game to go with it).

    • Chris. K Cook

      They could stock them in chain stores next to those $10 entry level XBoxes.

      $40 for a starter? What planet are you on? Oh right Planet Entitled.

      • davepak

        Mr Chris Cook, your lack of knowledge is only surpassed by your rudeness. Perhaps you are on planet immature, in the ignorance system.
        What a pleasure you must be in person.

        Now, perhaps you are just not aware of the options for someone wanting a “new” game has in a gaming store;

        Warmachine has SIX starters at $50

        Xwing starter is $30+ in many stores.
        D&D Attackwing starter: $35
        Drop zone cmder: $60+
        Dystopian Wars starters: $37-$60
        Firestorm Armada starters: $40-60$+
        Battletech starter: $47 on amazon
        Infinity Starter $40+
        Heroclix starters: MANY $20-$60
        Dust Tactics Starter: $47
        and finally, the ultimate game that “appears” to be affordable, Magic the Gathering starter: $20-$50

        And this does not even count the endless boardgames (many of which are amazing) in theses price brackets.

        40k would do much better if there was a lower price point game (i.e. kill team, etc.) that was sold more widely and could stand on its own.
        It of course, (similar to magic, and xwing) would be a “gateway” product, leading to bigger games (full 40k) and more sales.

        Now, rumors say that fantasy might be redone as a skirmish game, (at least as first as an intro) if so, this would be a good step – but the HH was a good opportunity for GW to have a competitive starter, lets see how it works out.

  • pokemastercube .

    all i need beyond that to atually get round to doing my legion is my primarch (sanguinius)

    • Necky

      in my neck of the woods they let me use sanguinary guard in 30k, but they are the only blood angels “specific” unit i get.

      • pokemastercube .

        i will wait for sangus prime to be done (have spoken with FW team at events and sang guard are on the list of things to be in the book when they get to it), but for now have legio cybernetica

  • I’d buy that for $200.00. Maybe.

  • Kveldulf

    Well…. that is so ridiculously cheap, I feel pretty dumb for spending as much as I have the past few months on FW HH. I don’t expect the market to stop on my behalf, but it still is a hard thing to swallow… 🙁

  • Aerospike

    as far as I remember, there has never been a symmetrical Warhammer(40K) box set by GW ever. So I still doubt that this set will have all the models x2.

  • Deathwing

    Or it very well could be centurion 10 marines 1 contempter side One and centurion 10 marines 5 terminators side Two

  • zillar

    The laughter will blott out the sun when these prove to be MORE EXPENSIVE than forgeworld in many countries…