BOOM! 2nd Adeptus Mechanicus Codex Found!


Here’s the latest find on the second Adeptus Mechanicus Codex headed your way on the heels of Codex Skitarii:

via Atia on Bolter & Chainsword 4-8-2015

“This thread will be for the next Mechanicus release – the Codex: Cult Mechanicus. I think we need a new thread for this, as the Skitarii one is big enough msn-wink.gif

first, early rumours regarding this release:

via Sad Panda on Dakka Dakka:
“As mentioned elsewhere, this summer on the 40K-side of things is mostly about the folks from Mars (but no (global) campaign), as well as a few 1-week-releases (think Necrons). And of course, the new Fantasy kicking off Q3.”

via Lords of Wargaming, facebook:
April/May It’s Admech, but there will be two codices. Also tanks will be walkers.

From LowG facebook
“They are not actually Admech. That codex will release later. The books will be Skatarii and Cult Mechanicus.”
“Supplements, but models as well.”

also, i’ve found this URL re-directs today smile.png”

Codex: Cult Mechanicus…-mechanicus-eng

Codex: Cult Mechanicus (eBook)…echanicus-ebook

Codex: Cult Mechanicus (iPad)…mechanicus-ipad

Datacards: Cult Mechanicus…-mechanicus-eng


Full Ad Mech Roundup


~Only one more book to go…


  • Morten Jørgensen

    Links not working 🙁

  • Paul Davies

    the links got terminated 😛

  • Captyn Bob
  • Porky_Poster

    The ‘eBook’ and ‘iPad’ in the titles here make me think there’s a tie-in sales boost available with the admech – maybe the two versions of an admech-related codex could reflect a compatibility issue in the force, so the list entries in the eBook version might ally with only, say, guard and sisters, and the iPad with agents and chapters. Try anything thing else and your opponent could get a roll to crash, and if that happens you need the hardback to reboot.

  • latro990
    • Dan
    • PrimoFederalist
      • David Dutton

        Best joke in all of Billy Madison, kudos good sir

    • Halandaar

      “I tried to be snarky but just proved I don’t understand how this works and made myself look stupid.”

      • latro990

        no someone just proved how convoluted and crap GW’s redirection system is.

        • Deus Encarmine

          One things… So far, no matter the science (which I don’t get, or I do get, but not enough to justify my point using it). We do have a precedent for these links working… even more so if Eldar does come out when rumoured with the titles described 🙂

  • Interrogator_Chaplain

    Do want, but please, oh please let that Dark Angels codex still be happening!

  • Damistar

    So will this codex contain everything Mechanicus then, kind of like with the Tempestus and the Astra Militarum books?

    • BrianDavion

      doubtful unless we’re getting plastic titans 🙂

      • Damistar

        Given the quality of the Knights, that would be epic!

        • georgelabour

          or would it be more space marine?

          Bonus points if you got the reference. 😛

          • Damistar

            It would be fun to have a Titan Legion on the tabletop.

  • the emperor farts holier than

    I like how rumor watching has gone all cyber security

  • Cult Mechanicus…Will it have an HQ THIS time?

  • Chris

    Perhaps, perhaps not. But all ending from GW side links having all the end!

  • withershadow

    I hope this collector’s edition is better. The Ruststalker editoon was disappointing.

  • Dave Scammell

    Though we all saw this coming, I’m imagining this coming out and then two weeks later Codex: ADEPTUS Mechanicus will be revealed for maximum consumer confusion/milking just after we accept as Cult Mechanicus as the definitive one.

    • Dave Scammell

      Oh wait, that’s what the LowG says isn’t it? Given how big the faction is in the fluff it makes sense to give them a big release, but three eventual codexes down the line really feels a little cheeky.

      • houseofpaine

        If by “a little cheeky” you mean “gouging the consumer”, then I agree.

  • ted1138

    I’d be well disappointed if Codex Skitarii was all we got from the Ad-Mech…

  • ted1138

    How many damn books do we need to field Ad-Mech?

    • Wilma Lang

      As many as GW thinks they can make before the cash grab becomes obvious to everyone?

    • houseofpaine

      Thank you! Seriously: WTF?! Shouldn’t this go: Main Codex and models followed by supplements/mini-dexes, not the other way around? Next, they’re gonna be selling us models one sprue at a time!

      • Houghten
        • houseofpaine

          You’ve just made me feel very, very sad.

      • GulMek

        Because then they can space out the release of the playable codex and the release of the models. Doing a supplement first gets playable product in player hands asap with as few model boxes as possible, allows people’s wallets to recover, then gives them more models and a new codex later. As a rule gw does not sell rules that don’t have models anymore… unless it’s terrain.

        • houseofpaine

          Ah, I get it! So it’s the same concept as charging high interest rates over a long period of time! 😉

          • strasgard Fordring

            In Finance it’s actually better to charge “low” rates over a shorter period of time. Compounding interest and all.

        • georgelabour

          Terrain comes with the rules in the box, or a white dwarf.

      • BrianDavion

        my guess is that they’re doing it this way so that they can release the admech stuff in smaller chunks so as to not have a “6 month window of nothing but admech!”

    • georgelabour

      They provide the imperium with all of its toys, and have their own. This includes mostly everything used the astartes, and a bit of what the Knight worlds use.

      They also have their own empire that’s arguably as vast and as diverse as the imperium itself.

      Now considering how many imperium army books there are including astartes themed ones…..

  • Blink

    BOOM! 2015 release schedule rumoured by BoLS/Natfka/Steve the Warboss is made-up and LoWG have been on the spot all along.

    • Dr Bored

      Actually it was pretty much just made up by Steve the Warboss and BoLS and Natfka posted it. There’s really only one wrong person here, and hopefully as the releases come out over the next month, we’ll learn to ignore him.

  • houseofpaine

    I’m now waiting for them to break these books down even further to where we start getting, “Codex Eldar: Iyanden Ghost Warriors: Elites”. $40, hardcover.

    • dinodoc

      Please don’t give them ideas.

      • georgelabour

        They already had that idea. They’re called dataslates.

    • Lutharr

      Just download en at that point

      • Dr Bored

        This. There’s very much a certain point where downloading the rules pages and printing them out becomes better for players than actually owning the books.

        • Lutharr

          i dont normally advocate but after yet another chaos book thats hardly added anything Im of the thought. Sod em.

  • Robert Góral

    Cheap dude, I bet he omitted the fact that Electropriests have been found to milk another full article update out of it. I need to stop clicking this lame page.

    OH MY! Wait till you see this new “shocking” relevation BOOM!!! Comments – go!

  • Bayne MacGregor

    GW missed a trick on april 1 by not putting a redirect up for Codex Fishmen. Or did they….? Someone quick go check!

  • BlickWinkel

    So what, Skitarii Codex, Cult mechanicus codex, then admech codex? Selling the scraps first and then selling them together again with bits you can’t get elsewhere… great sale strategy I guess. Good thing I stopped buying GW books a long time ago.

    • Michel Beaulieu

      We’ll have to see. based on the rumors, there are 3 books. first 2 are codices and the last somewhat paint book.

  • Justin Pettett

    Links dont work

  • Deus Encarmine

    They could still be :). Think Astra Militarium.