RUMORS: WFB 9th Starter Set Latest


The most reliable Rumormonger out there weighs in on the upcoming WFB 9th Edition.  Here’s the latest:

via DVeight 4-22-2015

Warhammer 9th Timing

The source is a GW employee in a senior position. Not design team. Very good friend of mine that has for years been trying to get me to play Warhammer and 40K which I started year ago. He let the cat out of the bag when we discussed teeing up a social game. His words were “Let’s organise a game soon and also some time get together with the other guys for a last game of 8th edition triumph and treachery. 9th Edition is locked in for release on 11th July.

via Harry 4-22-2015 ~Editor’s note, when Harry says something, you can pretty much take it to the bank.
Regarding the initial 9th “Starter Set”

via jtrowell

If it exists at all, for now the only thing that I consider confirmed is that there should be a box with Chaos against “Humans” (thanks Harry ), but it might well be just a normal starter box released in fall like for the previous editions, and not a separate skirmish game at all.


via Harry

You are most welcome.
I have posted about this. It is not a ‘normal’ Fantasy box set. It is more like the recent 40K Box sets. The rules “book” is tiny… barely a booklet even a pamphlet is being over generous … more of a leaflet … well I say leaflet, it’s closer to a ‘post it note’. There is not enough paper in this to wipe your own @rse … never mind space for enough rules to call it a skirmish game. If Fischer Price made wargames this would be Fischer Price my first wargame. It’s good but it’s not quite Carling.

(I may be overstating just how small the rulebook is for comedy effect. )

via Arthurius11

I can agree with Harry’s last post as this is the information I have also.

~and also confirms round bases for the models.

WFB 9th Roundup

Note that there is contradictory information regarding the exact timing of the WFB 9th and how many 40K codices are coming before it.  There are reports of between 2 and 4 codex/campaign 40K products shipping BEFORE WFB 9th arrives.
So we have a LOT of stuff racing down the pipe towards us folks – the GW release conveyer belt isn’t slowing down at all.
  • Tim Whitehead

    “~and also confirms round bases for the models.”
    I am bracing myself for the rage comments now!! lol

    • Nameless

      In fairness do you not remember the rage that having the option of 32mm bases caused for all the space marine players.

      I do feel though they way it was tacked on at the end is more to incite rage filled comments.

      • Tim Whitehead

        That rage was why I made my comment 🙂

        • Spacefrisian

          What rage..huh what page 9…READINK TO HARD FOR BRAAAAIIINSSS

          Need more zombies i think

    • OldHat

      I swear, I won’t believe this until I see it with my own two eyes. I can’t imagine they would bother changing it, even if for the absurd logistics of re-packing EVERYTHING Fantasy, plus killing their production of all things square-base related. Seems silly, but…. GW, so who knows. :/

      • kaptinscuzgob

        plus, how many of their own employees will they annoy? not just the shop workers, but plenty of the writers, designers and modelers have huge, huge fantasy armies. changing the system to round bases is unfeasable

    • ChubToad

      The storm of rage will be epic.

      • euansmith

        Epic Rage Storm is the name of the new boxed set.

        • deris87

          I played bass for Epic Rage Storm.

    • kaptinscuzgob

      there have been round base rumours since 3rd edition, its all bollocks

    • euansmith

      Its all about the Base!

  • Gridloc

    I loved fantasy, and sad its gone now… Worse is GW is going to make it hard for me to sell my models since they are switching to round bases. Well played GW… Wait, nevermind your don’t make models to be played with. Well ‘collected and painted with stories but no reason to play with them’ GW.

    • Aezeal

      whine whine whine. Fantasy isn’t gone it’s evolving.

      • Nameless

        oh cool, and I thought I was going to have to wait another 2 months to find out what was happening; I’ll just head over to Bulbapedia and look up what Warhammer 8th edition evolves into.

        while we are at it, how about we take the everstone from 40k and see what that evolves into. maybe hexagonal bases!

        okay enough with the pokemon referencing; the fact is that a lot of fantasy players are going to be worried that the game they have played for years will be changed beyond recognition. and without word from Games Workshop to reassure players the fears will only grow

        • Aezeal

          Yeah how about you just wait.. or be scared/full of fear without trying to increase the fear/madness/disease in others. Try a sabbatical on a pacific island or something.

          And Gridloc: there is a lot that will be rather similar: the RULES of the game most probably which are a rather important part of a game I’d say. A lot of the models might actually still be the top GW quality we know too.

          • Gridloc

            Agree, GW will have top quality models. Its something i must say GW has never disappointed me at. However, I’m more upset that many of my models will not have rules, that even if i’m allowed to play with square bases it may not mess well with new rules. That changing will mean hours of work and destroying very detailed bases i spent hours on.

            I’m sorry it may sound like whining but honestly… The company sucks balls when it comes to keeping us updated on their products, so if they don’t want to then i have every right to preach to the public my outcry.

        • Tim Whitehead

          I am pretty sure some GW models, back when a lot of them was metal, did come on hexagonal bases! Maybe not for 40k or Fantasy, but they was out there 🙂

        • euansmith

          It digivolves in to Warhordehammer

      • Gridloc

        Evolving? they killed the fluff, they are repackaging into a different game, only thing that seems to be similar is going to be the prices… Think you may want to look up the word evolve.

      • Deathmage

        Fantasy is evolving!
        Congratulation! Your Fantasy evolved into ReTcOn!
        Ah pokemon has taught me so much…

        • Aezeal

          I think the pokemen reference was already made.. pokemon is from just after my generation so I had not expected all this… excitement about the word evolve.

          • Deathmage

            Just taking the piss, not actually being serious

          • kaptinscuzgob

            somebody get this guy a burn heal

          • Adam Murray

            The concept of evolution might be a bit controversial to some ppl I guess…

      • Adam Murray


      • Rhaen

        Evolution is an iterative process. This isn’t evolution this is GW wiping the etch-a-sketch and making a new doodle.

  • frankelee

    So 9th is several months away, and these guys rarely if ever get a rumor correct more than a month out, and what’s more the 9th edition starter won’t be “normal,” it’ll be like the 40K edition starter, and will come with a Post-It-Note to explain how to play. And round bases are CONFIRMED. Alrighty.

  • Joyous_Oblivion

    Not that I play their games but Kings Of War is releasing ‘non-canon’ rules/army lists so fantasy players can still use their collections with the Kings of War ruleset.

    I’ll probably give it a shot of these round base rumours turn out to be true.

    • Aezeal

      GW always says you can play models with the base you bought them on.. so no worries there.

      • Joyous_Oblivion

        Oh I agree 100% but I’m worried not everything I have will have rules anymore or the game won’t really work as well with square bases if they switch the rules to be based off round bases.

        Either way I’ll see what 9th actually is and decide then what I want to play.

        Who knows, my empire might get sacrificed to be machine God and be made into hordes of Skitarii with all the extra Bitz you get in the boxes 😉

        • Aezeal

          I’d just proxy anything and everything I need. My 30 glade guard might become 30 bloodthirsters :D.

          • Jesse

            I’m going to assume you mean bloodletters? I doubt anyone is going to have enough points to play against the 60,000 (at a minimum) points of demons you would need to field in order to play 30 bloodthirsters 😛

      • Ben_S

        When and where do they say that?

    • Talarius

      I’ve only played Kings of War a handful of times, but I was very impressed. As a rules set, I found it much more fun than WFB. They are in the process of editing v.2 of their hardback rulebook and intend to include rules for armies that will be MIA from other systems, including Ratmen, Lizardmen, etc. If you get the chance, try it out; the magic and hero parts of the game aren’t nearly so uber, which is a big plus, imho.

  • Jake Nolan

    So, what’s the point of WFB now? It’s like 4-5 armies now and it’s round bases, so no more regiments. Might as well call it Lord of the Rings – Warhammer edition.

    • Nameless

      oh I wish, Lotr/Hobbit at least has a relatively tight rules set with relatively few op/abusive parts (warmachines in a few situations are the only things I can think of).

      • Joyous_Oblivion

        From what I remember of LOTR its rules were pretty sweet.

        • Nameless

          well the hobbit rules introduced a few good ideas, like monsters getting to push past the one sacrificial man/goblin and where they need to be. Along with new rules for all types of weapons and some new heroic actions.

          It’s not a bad game, but gets so little support it might as well be discontinued.

        • Brandon Rutter

          Yeah super easy to learn, but enough going on to be deep. I wouldn’t mind this either, but that probably WOULD be too radical a departure for some(most lol)? Hmm-has anyone ever made a WFB to LOTR system translation? The system just seems like such a ‘cleaner’ way of playing.

          • Nameless

            for a lot of units it wouldn’t be all that hard to do. there are the basic stat lines for men, elves, dwarves, goblins, orcs Uruk Hai (for chaos warriors maybe). rules for armour/weapons are fairly easy to work across and its not too difficult to work out the costings per stat.

            special rules would have to be toned down as Lotr doesn’t really use them to the same degree as Warhammer/40k. Ogres might be a problem trolls or the dweller would be their closest approximation but they are expensive points wise

  • Spit-Burn

    Ho-hum… Anyone for Kings of War?

    • Michael C Lone

      Right there with you, KoW 2nd ed is shaping up nicely.

  • Subb

    Those round base comments are trololololling.

  • David Leimbach

    Pure lies. “GW employee in a senior position”

    Everyone knows no GW employees play Warhammer or 40k.

  • Bobsyouruncle

    These rumours are driving everybody nuts , perfectly rational people in my gaming group are acting like loonies because of the lack of real knowledge about where the game is going and most of the rumours themselves sound like they’ve been badly translated from second hand gobbledygook . Personally , I’m not making any decisions until I actually get a good look at 9th , the new fluff and minis and how the rules work . Until then I’m just going to keep playing 8th and End Times scenarios with my Tileans while taking every chance to duff up Skaven !.

    • Aezeal

      Well.. be fast then because in book 1 I think Tilea is already completely overrun 😀

      I agree abotu 9th though.. I’ll see what happens then.. and I won’t be buying much till then either (not much being nothing btw).

      • Bobsyouruncle

        Yeah , Tilea being over run was a bit of a sharp kick to the happy sacks but I carried on playing them as I reckon thousands of refugees would spill north into the empire and be there at the last stand at Averheim . Plus , even in the new edition I guess there will still be some kind of human faction using crossbows , spears ( Pikes? ) and light cavalry to ride down those cheese eaters as they skitter away. .

  • Aezeal

    Ehm if there are no new rules.. how can there be a new edition of the game?

  • Brandon Rutter

    Ok so should I translate that as the book is the same as the mini-rulebook in DV or what? Because that would be more than fine-just make a fluffed up version for those who want that also. He is making it sound like it is going to be OPRHammer

    • Brandon Rutter

      And also lets all make a mental note that if the game actually DOES come out on July 11th, this guy has the hookup!

  • Adam Murray

    It’s a skirmish version of the main game not 9th…

    • Aezeal

      Could be.. seems odd to bring out a skirmish version of an edition that will be replaced soon though.

      • Adam Murray

        Would explain why there’s not many rules though.

  • gordon ashacker

    Easy solution!:

    • kaptinscuzgob

      wait so my unit of 20 chaos warriors, with their 25mm bases, will each have a dreadnought-sized circular base. genius.

      • gordon ashacker

        Hmmmm… Good point. And sanding them down would take too long…… Maybe we could add green stuff on the edges of the squares to make circles……….

  • kaptinscuzgob

    these “holy knight” types makes me think of bretonnians. theyre already holy knights, no need for a new faction when you can just update the brets. maybe the on-foot knights will return?

  • Spazztech

    The change to round bases isn’t just a cosmetic change. If it were i don’t think it would incite so much “rage” with players. This is a fundamental change to the game. Round bases means a change to a skirmish game. Like so many others on the market today. I play fantasy because its not skirmish. I love the blocks of troops and the epic scale of the game. I hate to admit it but i believe the rumors are true. With the launch of 8th ed. GW has created a system that required players to buy box after box of core troops, just to play a decent size game. Now that we all have our required 250 core troop models what can GW sell us when 9th ed. comes out. I don’t think they can keep fantasy going just selling large models and characters no matter how high the prices are. They have to create a reason for us all to buy large quantities of new models. I also see this as a move to bring 40k and fantasy closer together in and effort to build a warmahordes type game. GW is no longer the leader in game development and as they them selves have stated they sell collectible models not games. But they are starting to feel the hit from companies like privateer. The move to round bases will sell more models but to who? My guess is that it will get a lot of 40k players interested, but how will GW increase sales when your 40k players are spending their monthly hobby budget on fantasy and ignoring 40k. Combine this with the loss of a at least a good chunk of the old school fantasy players and you end up with little gain. and will these 40k players stick with fantasy skirmish in 3 months or 6? Unlikely IMHO.

  • Mad Jack Deacon

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    And remember that the most important rule is to have fun!

    Just kidding! The real most important rule is to buy more Games Workshop miniatures!


    +actual rule sheet in the new Warhammer 9th Edition+

  • Squighopper

    Not overly concerned .. GW realized that kids can’t buy a game that costs as much as it does now.. So they dumbed it down to skirmish to get feet in doors. No one wants to spend $300-$400 for an army and find out its not for them. So it is “evolving” sobits more accessible. It’ll have two options big/small games. Same rules. And the option to do round bases or square.

  • Locomotive breath

    it seems that GW has made the decision to gamble with the IP a bit. If the rumors are true then fantasy was tanking for GW. so they attracted a bit of interest to the WFB world with “the end times” and were able to sell a bunch of huge models to boot. I’m a 40K exclusive payer and even I was interested and read the “end times” books. Now they are going to roll the dice and nuke the setting and change up the ruleset a bit in the hopes of attracting new business. If you think about it in the skirmish version of the “new” WFB the round base VS square base won’t make that big of a difference, since they two bases occupy roughly the same footprint. Im sure that GW will introduce a bridging element for the two base shapes. About GW losing square base sales it actually benefits the company in that it will simplify their manufacturing requirements not having to make and hold different inventory. I think that WFB players should be excited as GW will make use of the transition to introduce new models and units as well as hopefully revamp some of their aging sculpts. Im sure that the old fluff won’t be completely gone and a blank slate it also in a way appealing as GW is 2 for 2 with coming up with good fluff in gaming systems. Sorry for the wall of text but i think sometimes people catastrophize a bit over this and we pay waaaaaaay to much for this hobby to have it be another source of stress