BREAKING: Warhammer World Releases – Guilliman & WARLORD TITAN!!!



Warhammer World in Nottingham is having a grand reopening and look what they had on display – prepare yourself…

Warhammer World had it’s best foot forward and came out ready to impress:


Ultramarines Primarch Rouboute Guilliman & Sigismund


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Chaos Knight 
Chaos Knight

Lord of Skulls Conversion Kit
LoS Conversion kit

Warlord Titan via Eye of Horus podcast via Facebook

Said to be £1250 including weapons (early report)

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Ordinatus Mars


Full Warhammer World Roundup


~ Oh Lordy, who’s in for the Warlord? How many days of eating ramen noodles will it take to get one?

  • Dave Scammell

    I wasn’t expecting the Warlords to look so adorable.

  • Deathmage

    *tears well up in eyes* So beautiful, goodbye savings…

  • spacemonk

    Alternate Head – Yes!!!

    Chaos Knight – Yessssssss!!!!!

  • Marky

    30 hull points ? Ha ha

    • Aezeal

      Guess that makes WK less of a danger?
      Ofc.. you canget 10 WK for this one :D.
      How many (wraith) Knights can this thing remove from the table per turn?
      I guess ít won’t be worth it vs small stuff (how many shots does a belicosa have?) but it should be a destroyer of anything that is a bit smaller (Knights, super heavy stuff?).
      How does this look in size compared to a tau manta?
      I wonder about pricing.. the manta came with a lot of smaller stuff in it…

      • tiberius183

        I’m wondering if it has any anti-air carapace weapon options…

        • Haighus

          Vulkan Mega-bolters wouldn’t do a terrible job. 30 shots between them.

          • tiberius183

            Str 6 can’t do anything to a Manta.

          • Haighus

            IIRC, the Manta does not benefit from units requiring skyfire to avoid snap shooting at it, due to it’s size, so the Warlord will have no problem dealing with a Manta with all it’s giant lasers. Although yeah, the mega bolters won’t be able to deal with certain, rare flyers with AV13 or above, although that doesn’t seem like a huge disadvantage.

          • tiberius183

            Yes and no. The rules for the Manta state that due to its size, units on the ground shooting at it do not need to snapfire, however, it’s still a flyer, and flyers cannot be targeted by blast or template weapons, which, aside from the Vulcan mega-bolter, is all that titans have…

        • TweetleBeetle

          And there’s all the weapons options coming…

      • If I remember the Manta was around 2500£?

        • Geminustech

          It is £989 for a Manta with 2 Hammerheads, 2 Devilfish, and 8 Battle suites, which now looks cheep

      • Secundum

        *fast forward 5 years* “Hey, remember when Wraithknights DIDN’T die on turn 1?” “Nope.” “Me niether.”

        • Orodruin

          “All I had to do was take out a second mortgage to buy that ridiculously expensive titan! Hey man, whatever it takes. All elves must die.”

          • nurglitch

            Eldar morghulis.

          • Orodruin

            Haha, that is my favorite comment ever on BoLS. Cheers.

        • Erik Setzer

          If the game gets to a point where there’s that many superweapons on the table, I’ll definitely hang it up. I won’t have to, really, because not many people will want to keep playing a game where you play effectively skirmish-level battles but where every model costs $100+.

          • King74

            Erik, my intentions are not to be simply confrontational with you. But, I have been reading your comments for more then a year now. You seem to express quite a bit of hate and contempt for both Games Workshop business practices, rule designs and the recent design directions of the current model range. I know you have invested decades of time and money in this hobby and thus feel a strong connection to 40k. Also, correct me if I am wrong or if this is inappropriate but your father was also heavily invested in the hobby. Why if this hobby and company cause you so much anguish why do you continue to play and purchase Game Workshop products. No disrespect intended just curious.

          • Erik Setzer

            First, I think you’re overestimating how much “anguish” they cause me. The Internet does make it hard to recognize intended tone and all, and I realize that my attempts to write in a certain style pounded into my head from school seems to make people think I’m angry even when simply greeting someone in IM.

            To get more personal than I should (simply because at the moment I’m a bit too far “gone” to consider that doing so might be bad for me)… I play games in order to get over the stress of average life. Which is stressful enough if you have a normally functional psyche, but a bit worse when your brain’s default level is “life is garbage” and you’re working to override that on a constant basis (unaided by family concerns, work shenanigans, etc.). Games are a wonderful escape. I know some great people who play the games, and it’s one way to let off steam with them. Roll some dice, blow some stuff up, have some fun.

            It stops becoming fun when you come to the table to play a game just for fun, and realize you didn’t drop hundreds of dollars on the latest hotness. The people on the Internet seem to be okay with throwing more and more money into the game to be able to keep up, but some of us aren’t made of money, and find it annoying to redo an army every edition just to be able to not be blown off the table. Defeat is fine. The feeling that you had absolutely no chance and that everything you’re doing is just bouncing off the opposing side while you’re scooping models off the table in armfuls is not fun. Dealing with people trying to do shenanigans with the rules just because GW is too cheap to playtest and proofread their books is not fun. Seeing an arms race that equates to “Who can spend the most money” is not fun. Space Marine/Titan Legions in 6mm *was* fun. Epic 28mm… no. Bring back the Epic scale for Titan engagements. Of course, I might be “biased” given that I have a lot of old Epic stuff, but hey, I like Titan battles, and not just having them available to people who can drop thousands of dollars on models.

            I’ve invested a lot in the games, so it’s not easy to pack up and head elsewhere just because GW is speeding things up on breaking their own flagship game in the pursuit of profit. With the stuff released in the first half of this year, and watching more and more games played and reading the stuff I see online, it’s made 40K seem way too much like Magic: The Gathering. Or sort of like rock-paper-scissors… Only Necrons were Rock, Eldar were Paper, and AdMech are Scissors. And the Warlord Titan is… well, a freaking abomination that should just be considered an expensive shelf queen at 28mm, and the cornerstone of an amazing game (pre-Epic 40K, of course) at 6mm.

            I want to use games to let off steam and have fun. GW games were a way to do that. But since people are more interested in beating their opponents into the ground than having fun with another person, GW sees that it’s okay to keep going that route to try to make money quickly to overcome down sales. Congrats on that, but no, I don’t enjoy net list, shenanigan armies, an army of elite stuff when my own is just “meh,” people playing fluff-insulting armies just for game advantage, all that stuff.

            I’m trying to remain optimistic. Not just because I *have* dropped so much money into the game (several shelves and cases full of finished models, several more filled with models to assemble), but because I enjoy playing with various people, and I like modeling the figures (which is what upset me about a lot of the models being mono-pose requiring a lot of effort to convert… looks fine with one model in a magazine, but horrible on the tabletop). Best case scenario, they come to their senses, do a new edition of the game, and completely redo every codex with a filler set of army lists in between. Probably more likely is the investors decide they’re done with it and it gets shipped off to some other company, and then I hope that company treats it as well as FFG is being treated.

            Doubt that all answers your question, since people seem to think that if you aren’t 100% positive and giddy about GW, you’re 100% against them.

          • I too am an old grognard and I agree with almost everything you’re saying, more or less. I try to be as positive as I can, because for me I’m in it for the love of the hobby more than playing the game. I rarely play, so I don’t care much about what the next netlist is doing or how broken the new army is. I have a modest Space Marine army, a Knight, and that’s it. I just fool around with it when I have spare time. For gaming, I tend to play board games since it’ seaside and faster. Relic and Soace Hulk are a great 40k themed alternative.

            The new direction of the company is a bit odd sometimes, but by and large I enjoy looking at all the new stuff because I won’t buy the majority of it. It takes the pressure off.

            Hang in there, man.

          • King74

            fair enough, well said….. thank you for the thoughtful and honest response. Hope the hobby continues to bring you years of fun.

      • Matthew

        If you deep strike 10 WK in a circle around him and half make it into assault (I have no idea what the guns are like) that’s 30-25 STR D attacks on their way.

        Of course the Phantom Titan would probably be a better showdown as those two are roughly in the same category.

        • Kisdra

          Yeah, we were also doing this kind of calculations this afternoon, thinking of how many super-heavies, S10/D weapons we would need, whether or not this thing could be attack in close combat… But each time there’s a major thing to consider : you mustn’t fail anything with any strategies, because if you do, hell is going to fall on your head.

          That’s why we agreed to say that you need a number of attack equal to 2x his HP. Just to be sure. ^^

          • davepak

            No big super heavies are ever “worth” their points. The manta, for example, nowhere near has the fire power of 2000 points of other flyers. You don’t field these things for the points – you field them because you love the big toys.

        • Erik Setzer

          Well, now we’ve found out that Wraithknights have to roll 5+ to hit it in assault.

          • Matthew

            Is its WS really that high or does it have some sort of special rule?

          • Erik Setzer

            Special rule. Infantry, MCs, walkers only hit on 6, super-heavy walkers and gargantuans only hit on 5+. And then tack in the immunity to haywire and non-witchfire psychic powers for more fun.

            At under 3000 points, that thing is starting to look like a steal. The biggest threat might be Wraithknights shooting at it, but you still have to get all those void shields down before you can start stripping hull points. And it’s got enough weapons it might be able to take out most of those Wraithknights in one go (assuming you just throw ten of them at it). The one saving grace is that the carapace weapons can’t shoot at non-flyers/FMCs within 24″.

  • Jønke

    Warlord must be a solid investment. Im pretty sure you’ll be able to use it as collatheral in the bank.

  • Boondox

    I’m actually impressed with the Warlord because it’s pretty close to the original from Adeptus Titanicus. Not that I’ll ever buy one but kudos to Forge World on this one.

    • nurglitch

      This, it’s an incredible update in the design. I only wish it was available as a 1/300 plastic kit.

  • yorknecromancer

    Guilliman is awesome.

    Sigismund’s feet look really wonky; I assume it’s the angle of the photo, but he doesn’t look right.

    Lord of Skulls with legs? Not surprised they’ve done that; the number of conversions out there, it was basically waiting to be done.

    Chaos Knight not a surprise.

    Warlord Titan is a lot shorter than I was expecting, but considerably more resilient. 30 hull points at AV15? Assuming it keeps its 6 Void Shields, if you don’t bring the D weapons, you aren’t going to even touch it. Even if you do, you’re going to have a slog. Which is ABSOLUTELY as it should be.

    Also, very glad they made the Warlord closer to the beetleback than the ugly-ass 3rd edition Epic version which has become the more ‘official’ of the various Warlord designs. I love the beetleback, dated though the models may be.

    • D. B.

      Sigismund – that’s the baggy robe. Take the screenshot, use a non-robed Space Marine for reference, and you’ll find that the proportions match.

      That sword looks like a villain weapon from HeroQuest plastics, though. Needs something with more heft.

      • TweetleBeetle

        No it doesn’t, and…no it doesn’t.

    • hauskrebs

      There is a better picture of a painted sigismun in the forum thread. He looks much better there and you get a better feeling for the pose and dynamics. Here:

      • D. B.

        Here what?

      • Matt Lewis

        Needs a helmet, just looks like every other baldy marine. Want something more reminiscent of the Emperors champion model.

        • Barty

          They did that at first, then disliked the deisgn, and released it as part of a IF command squad. Also as a non-Primarch, he probably will come with a helmet option.

        • TweetleBeetle

          As opposed to every other helmeted Marine? They are all effectively clones.

      • yorknecromancer

        Ah, much better. Thought it had to be the camera angle.

        The way he’s holding his sword looks amazing.

    • FF5271

      30 HP and 9 void shields perhaps? Looks like over 3k in points when you start swapping the weapons out…..

      Not to mention the cost…… man I can totally see third parties chomping at the bit to sell these things….

      • nurglitch

        Should be six void shields.

    • Guv’nor

      Best comment yet i completely agree.

    • Patrick Davis

      All I can say is … thank goodness for gause! Beautifully created and designed. Amazing work FW!

    • nurglitch

      I like both versions, although given that the Lucius-pattern one had its own comic for a while there, and some notable custom models (look up “Blackadder Titans” and weep), I like it slightly more.

  • Seb Riches

    Funny how the holy requisitioner formation will tear the warlord apart. Just take 54 kataphron breachers. Surround it with no scatter squads, then shoot it with 108 haywire shots. You’re pretty immune to its shooting as it can’t place them on itself – so then assault it with the haywire arc claws.

    • TweetleBeetle

      Everything has a kryptonite.

      Wraithknights die to a Deathmarks squad that costs 115 points less than itself. Doesn’t make it imbalanced, or suddenly useless. It’s not like every player is suddenly going to show up with a Requisitioner Formation.

    • Scott Bailey

      Its immune to haywire though…..Also has armoured ceramite to apparently

      • #define_Foo

        few you can gauss it to death

        • Azhrarn

          such a pity they changed the super heavy rules to nerf Entropic Strikes, or you could just rust it to death with scarabs. 😀

      • nurglitch

        Glad to see its stomp attacks use the large blast marker.

  • D. B.

    Ahhh, Sigismund. Finally. Must-have…

    …except that dinky sword. Seriously wants replacing. Proportion-wise, it looks as if you gave a Wraithknight an Aspect Warrior blade.

    • Aezeal

      Ehm.. a blade 3/4 length of his body is to small?? seriously?

      • D. B.

        For one thing – yes, when you compare it to the Emperor’s Champion’s models (the first one was supposed to be Sigismund, BTW).

        Plus, the blade here is nowhere near 3/4 of the bodly length. The sword in total, yes, but the blade no.

        However, it’s not the length of the blade I mind so much rather than the width. That sword looks like it might snap off if he swings it too hard.

        • Aezeal

          Really if you compare it with any normal sword it’s good proportioned.

          • D. B.

            “Normal”. Key word here. The Black Sword is supposed to be king-sized.

          • Renegades

            But he is not yet the Emperors Champion in the HH series, so that is not the Armour of Faith either.

          • D. B.

            Granted… BUT THAT THIN SWORD? Try to decapitate a Traitor Champion, and all you’d achieve would be to bend the blade out of shape.

          • TweetleBeetle

            So you’ve conceded every point to the intelligent posters, yet still stick to your guns even though they are wrong? No opinions here, only fact.


            The angle of the photo is incredibly awkward. Plus, it’s not an efficient way to kill carrying a stupid looking Final Fantasy sized sword. That said, this one would be about 6 feet long and close to a foot wide in real life. The alleged quality of construction and materials used means it isn’t bending or snapping for anything.

          • D. B.

            “The intelligent posters”? Let’s not get personal here.

            True, the different angle gives the weapon a bit more heft – but idk, still seems off to me. Maybe it’s the blade’s shape, maybe the proportions, maybe it’s how the design compares to that if the other Imperial Fists models – I’m just a bigger fan of the swords for the Templar Brethren or the Fists Legion Commander.

            Either way, I think it’s a fantastic model, and I’m gonna get it for myself. All I’m saying is that for me, the model would benefit from a change of blades. And maybe a new head – always liked the Marine with the crew cut from the Devastator sprue. Add a laurel wreath, and we’re cooking…

        • Orodruin

          For some reason they designed all the IF swords to be a bit dinky. At least, I thought the same thing when they put out the kits a few months back.

          • D. B.

            I’ve got the kits and I have to say those swords hold up, proportion-wise. Guess I’ll wait for more pics – but either way, I’m SOOO getting that model.

          • Orodruin

            I think Sigismund’s in particular looks incredible, especially in the painted picture. I do wish he had a helmet, though. Definitely not a fan of the baldies.

          • D. B.

            I don’t know… Ever since Indrick Boreale, I thought that Astartes-pattern Baldness had its own charm. XD

    • Guv’nor

      I have seen the sword in the flesh and can assure you my friend it looks fine and completely in proportion to the model and pose. You can always tack on a NDK sword for added ego.

      • D. B.

        Uh-huh… Still am probably going to replace it, but thanks for the info nonetheless.

        BTW, NDK?

        • crevab

          Nemesis Dread Knight

        • Guv’nor

          Nemesis Dread Knight.

          • D. B.

            LOL… Personally, I’m more thinking Vanguard Relic Blade.

        • TweetleBeetle

          The sword is effectively 7 feet long, so I’m not sure why it has to be any bigger.

          • D. B.

            Because SHPESS MEHREENS.

            No, seriously, because Black Templars were the army I started with, and the Emperor’s Champion’s blade was, by convention, both longer and wider. Kinda feels like this in comparison:

          • AdeptusAstartes

            You don’t mess with Noisy Cricket!

  • Mark Pearce

    I wish there was a better shot of that open topped head in the first Warlord photo to the bottom left. Looks like the princeps is standing next to it.

  • nurglespuss

    The title said ‘primarchs’…. I see ‘Primarch’…

  • Well, at least the Warlord is 2,750 points – meaning it’ll never see a battlefield!

    • TweetleBeetle

      It’ll see the battlefield at my local shop next weekend.

      Unlike the internet, we actually try and allow everything in friendly games. Way more fun.

  • fabiobile

    I can honestly say that I really hate that warlord titan. The scratch build from a few years ago is infinitely better. Was expecting a lot more from Forgeworld. 🙁

    • Throtard

      It’s more like the old miniatures from Adeptus Titanicus and Space Marine games.

      Edit: I also prefer the “new” one from Epic.
      (can’t attach images while editing)

      • AdeptusAstartes

        NO NO NO NO … niet, nein, non, ne, ngaa, nee …

        I despair with you children that did not grow up with Adeptus Titanicus … that abomination above is not a Warlord Titan – it is cubist toss!

        • Throtard

          Eh, I also like Picasso 😛

        • JPMcMillen

          I agree. The original Warlord was the best design.

          • fabiobile

            It really wasn’t

        • fabiobile

          A lot of the retro models look terrible. Way too steampunkish.

          • JPMcMillen

            Better to look steampunk than to look like something even the Battletech universe might reject.

          • fabiobile

            Not at all. I would never have gotten into this game in the first place if that was the aesthetic 15 years ago.

      • Guv’nor

        What you mean it looks like a real warlord? I had almost no interest in this model because i thought it would look like that. But now i may just slave off my children to pay for one. Its just where to store it without having to lie to the missus and say it was just over 200ish quid. Guess thats not lying after all hmmm feel better all ready

        • Dan Di Cicco

          “I got it cheap off a mate/forum” is the standard response. 😛

        • fabiobile

          It just looks like an up-scaled GW knight model, which I’ve never been an enormous fan of. Before enhancing the picture on my phone, I really thought it was a knight and that the label was a typo.

      • TweetleBeetle

        And that looks terrible.

    • Aezeal

      I really LOVE it..

    • Emdee

      Its actually a decent mix between the two. I don’t like either of them entirely. The one they made took the best elements of both, IMO.

    • TweetleBeetle

      Having seen both in person, the FW one is the one I wouldn’t be embarrassed to own. Most scratch built projects we see on forums look hilariously awful and out of Junkyard Wars in person; whereas the FW ones are crisp, proportionately better, and chalk full of detail not simply bitzed from other kits.

      • fabiobile

        I don’t mean “most” scratch builds. I am only referring to one.

    • Erik Wiseman

      I was hoping for it to be modeled after the pic in the first version of Apocalypse, which I think looks extremely cool. This one looks *interesting* but the shoulder weapons mounts seem extremely impractical and don’t match anything from the last 20+ years.

  • Throtard

    Anyone notices the TRIPLE barreled turbo-lasers in the carapace, but DOUBLE barreled in profile? xDD

  • vonevilstein

    Holy crap! Is that new legs for the Lord of Skulls or a one off conversion?!?! I spent days converting mine with defiler legs. If only I waited!

    • shaefer

      I’m hoping it is a proper conversion kit and not a one off by one of the staff. I’m not a fan of the current tracked version but that in the pic has me sold.

    • Azhrarn

      I’m guessing it’s a kit, there’s like half a dozen of those things in the giant Diorama table. 😉

  • Meekaeel Khan

    Sexy Sigismund! 😍

  • Warrior_of_Sound

    HOOOOOOLLYYYYY S**********************************

  • Haemonculus

    The Lord of Skulls conversion kit is incredible. I’m tempted to buy one just to assemble and paint.

  • Matt Lewis

    The rules for the titan are ridiculous, its far better than the phantom…. Sigismund looks awful not really what I had in mind and the proportions are all over the place.

    Shame as he’s such a great non primarch character.

    • Barty

      You can always just use the IF command squad – Given that the sword guy in there was the first design of Sigismund which they disliked.

    • TweetleBeetle

      It looks 100% better at the painted picture angle floating around.

    • Malthrak

      It should be better than the Phantom, the Phantom is somewhat equivalent to a Reaver, a Warlord is a much larger and scarier machine.

  • kevindancey

    Sadly the wife would never let have the warlord. But by the emperor, i so want it!

    • spacemonk

      Don’t be such an economic Guilliman!

      • kevindancey

        not all of us can so bless by the priests of mars!!

    • Dan Di Cicco

      Sell the wife… job done 😛

      • kevindancey

        Mmm, it’s not the worst idea I have heard today

  • LordKrungharr


  • Boondox

    I’ll take Sigismund for my Crimson Fist army. I would only hope that he has a helmet option. Pollux didn’t…

    • TweetleBeetle

      His head comes unattached, and I’m sure there’s an endless supply of helmets in your bitz box.

      • Boondox

        True. But not to scale and there’s zero chance I can modify or sculpt a helmet that looks as good as the rest of the figure. And I’m terrible at painting faces. I thought since they gave Kharn the optional helmet…

  • deuce1984

    I don’t even play chaos anymore and I am most excited to see that conversion kit for the LoSkulls

  • Renegades

    That Sigismund model looks better painted up.

    Pappa smurf looks like a girly man, which is only fitting 😉

    Liking the Titan, Knights and LoSkull.

  • Ry

    The thing sold out at the unveiling

  • Koonitz

    What does the reaper chainblade, one of the most brutally, terrifyingly effective weapons at not only intimidating your enemy, but rending his most powerful war machines into shreds, need to improve itself?

    Clearly, a bayonet.

    Oh, Chaos….

    • Orodruin


  • deris87

    I’m impressed how well the Guilliman model conveys the UM sense of self importance. You practically see his head up his own ***.

  • Joe Cool

    LOL..they’ve completely lost it at GW, if they think this price makes sense for a toy figure. LOL

    • Neal Laxman

      Pretty sure this isn’t marketed at your generic spotty kid dragging his mum in to pay for models….

      If I had the money and the missus wouldn’t blow up, I would so get this. Because I have a job.

      • TweetleBeetle

        Right? It isn’t a “toy figure” either. The internet thinks that by saying it that way over and over, it becomes true.

        So they get angry and serious all the time over their self-proclaimed toy soldiers…

    • JP

      That’s not a toy. It isn’t even a model at this point. It’s a STATUE. There’s probably about 1000 parts to it, and I’d wager it weighs a good 10 -15 pounds. This is something you put in a display case when it isn’t being used, and transport in a heavily padded crate strapped into a baby seat. Soon, you’ll be setting a place at the table for it, because it’ll basically become the son you never knew you wanted. It’ll be the best kid you ever had because it doesn’t cry, doesn’t wake you up 5 times a night, doesn’t cause hundreds or thousands of dollars of damage to your home and giggle about it, AND it looks totally awesome. So you have to give up eating for a few weeks, aren’t the best things in life worth a little self sacrifice to get?

  • JP

    I’m more interested in those RULES. AV15 and StrD is insane. It doesn’t even need a titan weapon. This thing will never die. That page looks Heresy though, I wonder if it’s even for regular 40k?

    • Aaron LeClair

      Most likely the Next IA book with have 40k rules for this bad boy. No way they won’t make it ’40k legal’ Tho Most Apoc games people won’t care if your using 40k rules, they will just aim to kill it turn one on you. lol

    • georgelabour

      A Couple squads of fire wariors can still kill it in close combat. Unless they get stepped on. ^_^

      • JP

        That’s assuming the titan player is dull enough to let ANYTHING get within a country mile of that behemoth without firing turbo lasers up their noses.

        • georgelabour

          True. But it’s still a funny scenario to envision.

      • Malthrak

        Turns out its completely immune to Haywire and infantry only hit it on 6’s in CC apparently…

        not even joking.

        • georgelabour

          Oh that’s actually a good thing.

          Just look at all the folks who go ‘blah blah, can kill it in one turn with blah blah’ whenever they release these big centerpeice models and it’s obvious that stuff like this needs a certain level of immunity from redshirt kamikazes.

          It also means you’ll need to kill a model that can end up costing over 3000 points by using your own big guns and or elite units just as it should be.

  • Jeremiah Griebel

    First Warlord looks a bit small. should stand almost 3 feet tall. Next what happened to the Vortex Missile on carapace and have a Chainsword for an arm option? My Epic scales use both, why not on the 28mm scale?

    • Boondox

      I’m betting they’ll do weapons separately. I just wonder if they’ll do any of the ones that were featured in WD?

  • Brandon Rutter

    Worse case scenario, you paint that guy up, put a little suit on him, and get some family photos taken. Introduce him as your adopted kid from Honduras “Metallico”.

  • benn grimm

    Happy to finally see a chaos knight, the lord of skulls conversion kit looks pretty cool as well. Warlord sure does look big…)

    • Orodruin

      I wonder if they will release separate rules where the f****r can actually stomp, now that he has legs :P.

  • Max Knickerbocker

    All I can say is WOW! Those models are freakin’ awesome!

  • Azhrarn

    I rather like the Carapace design on the Warlord, very interesting indeed. 🙂

    • chip6793

      I couldn’t agree more. There is a comment above that mentions them taking the best of both the more recent epic and the older betleback, and I have to agree with that comment as well.

      Truth be told, the only real issue I have with it is that it’s not as tall as I was expecting, which is actually more an observation than an issue.

      Seeing it in the picture, I would bet it’ll be somewhere in the $2,000 – $2,200 range since they didn’t make it too much bigger than a Reaver Titan. (I’m only guessing at the price range, I don’t actually know)

      For the serious collectors, that’s almost affordable!!!

      • Azhrarn

        It was confirmed as being £1250 a piece I believe (and that includes the guns).

      • David Schrier

        at current exchange rate its about $1950, though it will fluctuate somewhat.

  • Talos2

    Fw have excelled themselves by looks of it. I want one of everything….. As usual

  • Aaron LeClair

    I’m I the only one that feel a Little underwhelmed with the Chaos Knight? Maybe once I see one painted I will feel different but just compared to the fan made ones out there this one(to me) feels boring.

    • georgelabour

      It looks to basically be an add on kit for the basic knight alal the styrix and Magaeras.

      Basically they’re trying to K.I.S.S so that the ‘common man’ can make use of it without lots of fiddling around. Also saves them some time to work on more labor intensive projects.

  • Sean Ireland

    1250 pounds is way less than I thought it would be.

  • georgelabour

    Not sure how I feel about the Warlord. On one hand it’s a nice update to the original beetleback, and i definitely an impressive technical achievment for Forgeworld.

    However those top guns seem just a bit big for me, and considering they’re the same on both models shown I imagine they’ll be the only options for some time. OTOH they do kind of need to be that big to be in proper propotion and the original Warlords had open mountings as well.

    Also the Ordinatus Mars is a bit smaller looking than I thought it’d be. But then a lot of things from EPIC were oversized due to limitations at the time of their casting.

  • David Long

    Did anyone get a price on the ultramarine chap?

  • durendin

    I know the Warlord is a throwback to the original artwork but since the Knights came out it just looks like a bigger version of those. I guess they went with this squat version due to the weight restrictions of resin and doing the more “humanoid” Warlord Titans.

    The Lord of Skulls conversion is welcome to a model that looks like a Fisher Price toy and the Ordinatus Mars looks great and follows the FW Mechanicum aesthetic.

    • fabiobile

      That’s what I thought as well. I really thought it was just another knight model until I enlarged the picture

  • Retconned Legion

    At £1200-ish, the Warlords actually one of the cheaper ways to get a 3000 point army together.

    • JP

      A truly horrifying but likely highly accurate statement.

  • Andrew

    The Chaos Knight is kind of underwhelming, sad to say. Especially by comparison to some of the conversions I’ve seen online. Well, good thing it looks that it will just take the standard armament so I can finally make a House Devine one for my 40k army.

    That Lord of Skulls conversion kit is interesting, seems that somebody at FW was paying attention to kitbashers out there. (But I have to wonder, am I the only person who liked those tank treads on the original?)

    • ieyke

      “The Chaos ____ is kind of underwhelming” is true pretty much true no matter what Imperial unit you put into the blank.
      Chaos is about 50% just the “lazy conversions of Imperial stuff” army.

  • nurglitch

    I’m not going to lie, I rubbed one out to these pictures.

    • Sh4d0wProph3t

      … In future, I’d appreciate it if you just lied.

    • Boondox

      You have more self restraint than I do…

  • ThorOdinson

    Where’s Daboarder? Shouldn’t he be here to tell us how there’ll never be a Chaos Knight?

  • ieyke

    Guilliman and some other silly little stuff.

    That Guilliman is awesome, though I may head swap him…

    But seriously, is anyone else disappointed in that Horus heresy era Warlord Titan?
    It looks so….dumb and pathetic compared to the giant ultra badass 40k version.

    THIS is a Warlord Titan:

  • Alexander Slizewski

    These are probably some of the best warhammer world releases to date; the primarch of the Ultramarines; the massive warlord titan; a chaos knight; and even a Khorne Lord of Skulls conversion kit. There is something for everyone! Can’t wait to see these goegeous models on the table top in the future. I just wish they would put some emphasis on xenos releases, like orks. Anyways, it’s a good time to be a 40k fan.

  • withershadow

    Rowboat and Ziggy seem strange, like their legs are too short. I’m assuming same guy sculpted both. He failed.

  • Alistair Collins

    That Ordinatus has gone through the Shrink-Master 40’000… Another underscaled model…

  • Koszka

    Is that a 40k model on a square base!? Oh no! i’ll have to rebase my entire army!