The Emperor’s Champion, Revealed


He’s Here! Ont of the most deadly one on one fighters in the grim dark now has a miniature. Feast your eyes on the first Emperor’s Champion.

Via Battle Bunnies

The highlight for me and defiantly the biggest surprise here today was defiantly seeing Sigismund, First captain for the Imperial Fists.
Here are some pictures of him in all his glory and I must say he looks stunning and I can not wait to get my hands on him.
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Unfortunately even though  the program said he was available today, I was advised that they did not receive any to sell. So alas I must wait 🙁 but he is worth it

You win some you lose some,but he’s def worth the wait! !hanks to Battle Bunnies and Recalcitrant Daze for being on the floor of the event posting up great coverage!

The Hobby Salutes you!

Warhammer World Opening / Horus Heresy 5 Round Up

  • Barty

    I am the only one who found the choice of three Ultramarines as the first photo for this hilarious? Because it threw me off when I opened it, and I knew what was inside.

    • hauskrebs

      When in doubt…use Ultramarines 😀 😀 😀

      To be honest: I hated the Ultrasmurfs for nearly two decades, regarding how GW represented them. But the way the Black Library and Forge World handles them? No, I won’t become a fan (too much Chaos and Word Bearers in me), but let’s call it “mutual respect”, and much thereof 😉

      I really like how they handle and present them!!!

      • Barty

        Oh, I have nothing against Ultramarines. I just literally found it hilarious that they couldn’t be bothered to say use some artwork of Sigismund on the thread showing his model, and instead used 3 Ultramarines. Arguably a bit of an in your face given some of the events that occured post Heresy but whatever.

    • luckyb0y

      Am I the only one surprised that BOLS seems alright with using copyrighted picture as their own? Surely it doesn’t qualify as fair use.

  • TweetleBeetle

    “The highlight for me and defiantly the biggest surprise here today was defiantly seeing Sigismund, First captain for the Imperial Fists.”

    So you saw it defiantly? Twice in the same sentence?

  • D. B.

    The posture deserves special attention IMO. I don’t think they’ve ever done a SM character in that pose before. Very dynamic.

  • Ian Tanas

    mustn’t Sigismund armour be black and white as, if my memory doesn’t fail me, the Black Templars’ colors where chosen at their creation to mimic his armour?

    • Barty

      At this point in the Heresy, he’s not been made the Emperor’s Champion irrc. He’s just a IF Captain, and one of the most deadly fighters in existance. Thus, no black armour.

      • Syratogo

        He was the first captain and leader of the Templars of the imperial fists – he gets the armour of faith later!

        • Daniel Sundblad

          Mmm… If they stick to the original short fluffpiece from, I think, 2000, in White Dwarf, it will not be until the Siege of Terra begins.

          • Syratogo


    • Jonathan B.

      I see a space marine and I want to paint him black.
      No colors anymore, I want them to turn black.

  • Dark_Ghoul

    Too bad the author forgot the first two sculpts of the Emperor’s Champion, or the bits from the SM Command Squad box. However this is a nice model.

    • steelmage99

      I don’t think he meant the first model of an Emperors Champion.
      I rather think he meant the very first Emperors Champion in the fluff.

  • Chris. K Cook

    I love that the Sword echoes the ones carried by the 40K incarnations of the Emperor’s Champion.

  • jasonsation

    “Defiantly seeing”
    Look at this model!

  • I’m not digging the pose, he looks like he should be on a surfboard.

    • Chris Fitzsimmons

      Sigi don’t surf.

  • Skimask Mohawk

    I hope he comes with an alternate helmeted head like hes been portrayed to

  • Executive Underdog

    I’am a little bit disappointed. I hoped for a look more closer to these artworks, specially the head and the sword. But I think I will just convert the Pollux model

    • Scott W

      Yeah I am getting a bit bored with the standard shaven/bald head on every space marine character it seems.

    • TrollSlaya

      I know what you mean. If I get him, I’m going to give him a knightly helm from one of the upgrade kits.

  • JamesR

    I will get him and paint him as he should be. In his armor of faith and forefather to the Black Templars

  • ieyke

    As The Emperor’s Champion, I must say, I’m not impressed.
    He doesn’t live up to my standard.