Infinity: The Classified Deck

000 Infinity Classified Deck

With the help of Customeeple, Corvus Belli has released a very cool game aid for Infinity players.

001 Infinity Classified Deck

If you’re as tired as I am of having to constantly turn back to the Classified Objectives page every time you play Infinity, you will want one of these decks. There are a 4 each of the ten different possible classified objectives for a total of 40 cards. You get to roll twice for each Classified Objective in your scenario. Each card is numbered. You pick the Oblective you want and discard the other. Since some scenarios have two classified objectives you get two decks numbered one to twenty. This means its pretty easy for you and a friend to share one deck.

002 Infinity Classified Deck

Ah, Experimental Drug… my first Classified Objective. It was an Orc Troop I revived to achieve this one. As you can see the cards all have cool art on them. And the parameters are pretty well spelled out. Didn’t bring a Doctor? This is probably the Objective you should discretely discard.

003 Infinity Classified Deck

Oh but you did bring a hacker and a bunch of forward observers? Well better take this one.

004 Infinity Classified Deck

I think the first time we’ve seen some of this art is on these cards. Of course I’m not an expert on Infinity art.

005 Infinity Classified Deck

One last thing… The quality of the cards could probably use a little improvement. I’m not one to fret over these things personally, but I know that if there’s one thing people like to complain about, it’s sub-optimal cardstoc, andI have seen nicer cards. Since these aren’t playing cards per say, I don’t think it matters all that much. I mean I don’t really know why you’d be exposing them to that much wear and tear. But they’re not the teflon coated indestructible plastic you might see elsewhere.

~I always love my gaming aids and these are super helpful. And they’d better be since their use in ITS is not optional. What do you think about this new deck?

  • they apologized already for the poor quality of the deck and are making them better

  • Gavin Bateman

    Pretty sure they are redoing the cards because of quality and replacing anyones whobisnt happy with the quality

  • Certs

    CB expressed that the entire 40-card deck altogether is intended for just 1 player when drawing his classified(s). The 2 times 1 thru 20 numbering thing is supposedly a mistake that may get corrected in future printing.

    I think the main gameplay intent of the cards is to cut down on possibility of cheating what objectives you roll/draw. But, in a game involving lots of secrecy and player trust to start with, this seems more a minor issue to me.

    I don’t mind the rolling on the chart myself, just one additional page in an already 50+ page scenario PDF. I feel the likely main draw for getting these cards rather than printing a free fan-made one or sticking to the chart is the artwork, which comprises most of the card layout anyways.