WFB 9th – New Age of Sigmar Starter Secrets




Just when you think you know whats happening (before it’s happening) another rumor comes along and changes your outlook.

Via Steve the Warboss


Age of Sigmar is not the Starter Set of the 9th Edition. It will be a Board Game like Space Hulk or Execution Force and with this Set, the Releases of the 9th Edition will begin.


Looks like Fanatasy 9th is still coming, except this will just be the precursor to it all.

Remember back earlier in the year there were two ‘expansions’ being talked about that would release around this time. We all thought it would be the rumored Horus Heresy Game, but the first turned out to be the Assassin Execution force.

40k Expansion Part 1

Dark Angels vs. CSM Boxed Set

40k Expansion Part 2

Is the Age of Sigmar the second now?

All may be revealed in just a few weeks. Say tuned true believers Fantasy is about to rebound.

Fantasy 9th Rumor Roundup

  • TweetleBeetle

    It’s from Steve the Warboss, which means one of two things:

    1. It isn’t true.
    2. It’s designed to make people angry at GW.

    • Or both.

    • Jake Nolan

      Doesn’t have to be from “Steve the Warboss” to make me angry at GW… ­čśŤ

      Also, it’s kinda funny that the ACTUAL rumors on this board are so obscure, like they ARE intentionally controversial.

      • templar46_2

        it’s called “marketing” actually. anything to get more and more eyes on those advertisements on the side of the page! anything to get enough numbers to show a potential advertiser how many pageviews BoLS has… up to and including pissing all of us off and getting us bickering with each other over manufactured controversy.

        isn’t it amazing to live in the clickbait-future!?!

        • Jake Nolan

          Well, we’re all contributors to said future. It would be cool for BoLS to burn down and have to start with nothing again, the true golden age when effort is part of the equation. (Like Halo: Combat Evolved vs Halo 3…) lol

          • Spiritof69

            I would totally click on a link to Halo: Combat Evolved

        • Gridloc

          I just want to know if they are targeting me (with all my meta data) or just paid space. Sorry but as a lazy gamer, sport supplements and genetic counseling is not going to get me to click.

        • Marky

          It’s just like the past only more convenient that taking out your quill and penning a letter to the news paper

        • WestFargo Dave

          All that’s needed to get eyes on anything is hot, sexy chicks.

  • Dan Di Cicco

    I’m pretty sure GW are responsible for some of the rumours that get put out.

    • Razer Free

      I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case. I don’t understand the point of a niche market company like GW wanting to have the same level of product secrecy as Apple.

      • Dan Di Cicco

        I have a feeling it’s to do with the way that they release stuff. We have all heard the rumours of stuff sat around in warehouses awaiting a release window.

        • Razer Free

          Still it doesn’t make sense. They could just tell us in advance (for example in white dwarf weekly) what they have in development and people would get excited about it. The way they do it now people don’t get any precise information and don’t get as hyped as they could.

    • Aezeal

      I’ve often had the feeling nearly everything comes from GW.. only useful stuff arrives exactly 2 weeks in advance.

    • Matt

      With their inept rule writing I have not the faith that they have the competence to pull off such shenanigans. Great models? Yes! Anything else reminds me of a smokin hot ditz: you give her a pass on lack of conversational ability, high maintenace requirements, and boorish behavior b/c, well… she’s smoking hot! GW, I’m only into you for your figures.

  • Spiritof69

    Feels like they are flushing out all the 40k stuff that has been lying around for awhile in the warehouse. Hope the WFB releases are more planned and thought out.

  • ronin_cse

    So when was the last time a Steve the Warboss rumor turned out to be true? I’m legitimately asking

    • Chris. K Cook

      When he repeats someone else reliable?

  • Ira Clements

    “We just made up the Heresy crap and got totally blindsided by the Execution Force game but we will try to somehow link the two together to further give all of this non stop repetitive nonsense some validity.”

  • Hmmmmm.. i was SUPPOSED to be going pew pew with my plastic heresy minis by now….because it was so believable… Rumors are incorrect, who knew?

  • Benderisgreat

    I hope

    40k Expansion Part 2

    Is an expansion to Assassinorum: Awkwardio Title-um. They really should’ve made more missions with rearrangable tiles, a la Space Hulk.

  • Froggars .

    I think Expansion 1 &2 are like Shields of Baal or Sanctus Reach with two Books.

  • WestFargo Dave

    The NFL fixes games. Spread the word.

  • MightyOrang

    You ever get the feeling that the guys at Games Workshop are sitting around throwing out rumors to see which one generates the most buzz and then that will be the game that they actually build and release?

    • spacemonk

      I was wondering if the Heresy rumours were just to gauge the market’s enthusiasm…

      • Chris. K Cook

        Its a sound marketing strategy.

  • cypher623

    “Well I heard an interesting rumor the other day, but I can’t confirm the source and I don’t have any actual details, and I am most likely wrong, but if I am wrong you can’t hold is against me because I said it is a rumor.” Worthless