GEEKERY: Chest bursters are REAL!


I agree with that sentiment, Ripley. I totally and fully agree and I’m just gonna run away now….

This Idiacanthus atlanticus. It’s a bioluminescent, predatory deep sea fish with needle-like fangs. In its larval stage its eyes dangle out of its head. They retract as they mature… but creepy. It’s really creepy… did I mention it’s really creepy? Because it’s creepy…


BoLS SAFETY TIP: So remember, when you are in your bathysphere 10,000 feet feet underwater – DONT GET OUT!  Because this!

Are you creeped out, yet?

  • philosophile

    Where the chest bursting is at

  • Emprah

    It is just undersea fish?

    • crevab

      Your one stop shop for most of the worlds “ohgodwhat”

  • Jagged_Scar

    Another bogus headline. Why do I even check this sight on occasion?

    • Haakon Slash

      It seems your sarcasm detector is broken… it’s ok, it happens to a lot of people. They do tend to wear out over time, especially in heavy internet users. Maybe it’s time to call your doctor or local IT department to get a replacement.

      While you’re waiting for your appointment, please enjoy this budgie running in slow motion!