Hobby Tutorial: Paint the old Rhino – with a NEW Trick!


You can teach an old dog new tricks! Come see how to paint the classic Rhino chassis, but with an AWESOME new twist.

The newest painting tutorial from Kenny is here, and it’s a good one!  In this video he shows you how knockout the classic Rhino, but the trick is to start with blues?

2015-07-16_0035 2015-07-16_0027



Kenny from Next Level Painting has your back when it comes to airbrushing. Plus he can get those tight conversions like a Chaos Knight Titan done for you too!


Checkout the newest tutorial below.

  • KRQuinn

    I know Kenny and like a lot of his stuff, but his wolf stuff?..No. I’m a wolf painter/player and just think it looks bad. Airbrushing is great as a technique, but some colors just look like a cartoon when you use it to do too much. Maybe if you knocked these down with some serious Battle Damage and weathering, but as stands I would never paint like this.

    • Orodruin

      Fair enough, can’t like everything. Got any shots of your stuff?

      • KRQuinn

        Yeah, got a few but he paints for money and I paint for myself so it’s different. I just don’t like this airbrush extreme highlighting stuff.

        • SYSTem050

          I would agree yours look (to me) more space wolfy. The temptation to go overboard with the airbrush though is strong as it is just so much quicker

        • KRQuinn

          Those are just some vehicles and any real extreme highlights are simply the lighting. Wolves are a pain to paint, lots of little details and stuff. If you are painting for money you have to blow that stuff off. Probably why I don’t like his Wolves much.

          • KRQuinn

            He has a whole thing on painting TWs, but these are mine..a bit different. They don’t pop as much. I do use an airbrush quite a bit by the way. He takes way better pics though…lol. Kenny is a great painter, known him a long time and he does great work. Just different styles as I said.

        • Orodruin

          Awesome work. I prefer your aesthetic, by far.

          • KRQuinn

            Thanks, like I said Kenny is a great painter and this stuff he puts up is designed for speed painting. If I was following it I would use it as a start and then tone it down a bit.

  • nurglespuss

    Article, can’t/won’t watch darned video. Sigh.

  • Master Sheol

    Classic rhino? Where is the old model from RT to 3rd edition?
    Always the usual garbage articles here in BOLS

    • lobsteroverlord

      I was hoping to see the old rhino too, but you know when the model is older than the kids doing the painting, they may not even know it exists.

      • Eric Buchanan

        Here is my takes on the old rhino. You can get these things so cheap off of ebay. I have about a dozen of them. (in various configurations)

    • Craig Biddulph

      Being as there is a newer Rhino model, I guess this one can be classed as a classic model. Besides, “Robby B” likes to throw in the “cool” words to make it sound less geeky.

    • Orodruin

      Garbage commenters, too. Thanks for your hard work.

  • carlisimo

    Gradations on armor look better the smaller the scale is. At 28mm, a subtle touch is a good idea.

  • Macharius

    10 ads for a 16 minute video

    • petrow84

      “And that’s not even my final form!”

  • kaptinscuzgob

    professional painters hate this one weird trick!