New Age of Sigmar Releases & Prices Leaked


Looks like the terrain is finally coming to Age of Sigmar. Come see the new release lineup and price leaks for this week!

Age of Sigmar is getting more love again, with two terrain features and a new Sigmarine!

Via Scanner

White Dwarf #78 $4

Stormcast Eternals Lord CASTELLANT $40

Baleful Realmgates $58

Ophidian Archway $40


Here’s two different background shots of the Baleful Realmgates.


Still waiting on this massive chaos castle. LOOK AT ALL THE SKULLS!


It looks like we may be getting some sweet multi part terrain kits including the Chaos one shown above. At first look the cost seem a little pricy as the value still remains to be seen up close.

Age of Sigmar Roundup

~Bring on the Chaos!

  • Warrior_of_Sound


  • Target7

    Hard to see from these photo’s. Dosen’t look very fantasy. In truth looks a lot like 40k and I already have lots of that. I suspect I can save a good amount of money.

    • Porky_Poster

      It really is surprising how much it does look like 40K. The armoured superhumans of course, and the blood angel vibe, plus that helbrute-like pose, and the overall chaos crossover, and even the ruins. That last set of terrain looks quite a lot like a 40K defence line, especially in among all the light effects. It’s possible they’re playing up the similarities so that even if AoS as a game doesn’t take off, existing players of 40K will keep sales of the models high, for conversions and counts-as.

      • Target7

        Makes a lot of commercial sense to maximise the sales audience. Don’t blame them.

        • Porky_Poster

          The thing I wonder is whether relying on 40K players helps GW or hurts them. If every 40K player has a budget and is already spending it every month, it may just be that the money spent on AoS product is coming straight off 40K sales. If a lot of WFB players are walking away into the bargain, that’s a contraction.

          • Target7

            True. It’s just a little too 40k /warmachine for me (two games I already play), so I can use the money I save to get that sexy looking Kingdoms of Death set that has just hit the market. I have a budget and it looks like there are better options. Still need paint and GW will be there for that when I need them.

    • Drew

      Having seen them in person at my local GW, the two going up on order this week at least are very fantasy in flavor. My favorite part is the lack of skulls- why everything GW makes has to be simply drowning in skulls has long been beyond me. =)

  • Cannibalbob

    Those flying angelic armored dudes look a lot like someone played way too much Diablo 3.

  • ejvter

    If Slaanesh is going away in AoS, how come there is a Keeper of Secrets Greater Daemon from Forgeworld in the background of pic # 4?

    • Jason McFarland

      I don’t think Slaanesh is going away, I think his/her ‘disappearance’ will be part of the longer storyline. I would think we’ll see a reemergence the way it’s written around Slaanesh.

      • Porky_Poster

        Maybe this is part of the master strategy, that in the same way GW might be hoping to take, or take back, the skirmish space, possibly inspired by aesthetics like those of Warmachine, Mantic’s Basileans, Dark Age, Diablo etc., they’re also drawing attention to Slaanesh as part of a plan to contest Kingdom Death’s turf?

        • euansmith

          GW’s take on something like the “Wet Nurse” would be a good laugh.

          • Porky_Poster

            It wouldn’t look quite the same in power armour though.

          • euansmith

            Some sort of weird powered armour milking machine mash-up… I wish I hadn’t thought of that…

          • Porky_Poster

            Only today Thuloid was actually pondering Lactohammer:


          • euansmith

            We all want scatter terrain!

          • euansmith

            Milking Warhammer for everything it is worth?

      • Heritor

        Have you read Gates of Azyr? For people talking about them making AoS family friendly that book is basically the Road.

      • Woloba

        I expect that. It is the opportunity to bring something original and up to an epic level without leveling the world as in End of Times.

        Erasing it not only would ruin the Chaos Gods vibe but also would be a total loss of create interesting histories in a campaign to regain power.

  • The pieces are great, but I hear limited edition :-/

    • Cannibalbob

      The old rumor mill said that most releases for Age of Sigmar would be limited runs.

      • yes that’s true, but this is supposed to be like the limited runs of the shield generator limited.

        • vlad78

          if the purpose was to attract new players, what’s the point to do a limited run?

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            The goal is to limit shelf space and overhead. Limited runs also create high demand, which means models move faster since the consumer cannot put off buying a particular box since you don’t know if it will be around in a few months.

          • Porky_Poster

            It may also help in planning performance, to keep the annual results steady. If they’re sure to max out, they know what it will be worth.

          • Cannibalbob

            Until you burn out the customer base with continual limited run madness – like the whole nintendo Amiibo thing.

          • From a marketing stand point it is to encourage impulse buying. Because even if you don’t need it right now if you don’t get it right now you won’t be able to get it when you want it.

          • vlad78

            And does it work for GW? Does impulse buying work with that kind of heavy pricing?

            I mean in order to invest in the GW brand I need at least some planning to fund this purchases but nobody knows where GW is heading. We don’t know how AOS will really be once GW releases more books.

            Will it work, or will it tank? Will GW keep making rules absolete a year after initial release?

            GW doesn’t need to increase the profitability of ther products, they need to increase their number of customers. Doesn’t the current frenetic pace of releases of limited run items only hinder the stability needed to earn new customers and create loyalty?

            When GW released the end times series, it first went unnoticed then when people realized those books finally brought changes to the warhammer world AND the hardback books were limited runs, they sold like hot cakes.

            The last End Times book limited edition sold out in about 5 mn. The hardback lasted several hours. Then we discovered GW didn’t just bring changes, they destroyed the old world and end Times rules were broken and not there to stay.

            so does it work?

            I bought the shield of baal campaign books. It was certainly impulse buying but althought those are shiny books, the content is quite a letdown. Pretty pictures, a few inspiration (very few) for painting minis, some lists and formations but zero new fluff. I won’t buy such book again. so what? did it help GW selling me 2 books and making me not buy any other one?

            Does impulse buying GW products work for you?

          • I have no idea I don’t have their financial sheets to tell if it works for them. I know for things like the first End Times books and the shield generator, the limited edition items were gone quick so it must have done some good for them.

          • Hater McScroogle

            It starts out with healthy business ideas about growth and goodwill.

            Then as you near release, maximizing profits gets more and more tempting.

            In the end you have created something internally contradictory, and you just hope it’ll fly anyways.

  • Jason McFarland

    I don’t think Slaanesh is going away, I think his/her ‘disappearance’ will be part of the longer storyline. I would think we’ll see a reemergence the way it’s written around Slaanesh

  • Porky_Poster

    I like they way the reliefs bring a sense of the history onto the tabletop, but for me the overall look, as with the ophidian gate, is a little flat. Maybe that’s the point, and it’s an architectural style they’ve worked out carefully, to avoid overshadowing the single minis for example?

    I also wonder though at what point the moody lighting and smoke etc. are going to obscure the actual models to the point that we can’t see exactly what the thing looks like. It’s maybe the tabletop equivalent of plumping up the burger in the ads, to look appetising.

    • Tmullen

      I think the shadows and smoke were added to hide most of the details of the then unannounced terrain peices.

  • am1t

    “Baleful realmgates”
    “Ophidian Archway”

    All just fancy names for “GW Gloryholes” … where’s Slaneesh when I need him/her?

    • Tmullen

      Hahah the fact that slaaneshs gate is definitely just a chunk of bathroom stall with a hole cut in it is exactly why he had to dissappear for now.

      • AircoolUK

        Now there’s a modelling project…

        • am1t

          A truscale modelling project

  • Deathwing

    How many realmgates do i get for $58?
    three would be a great deal, two meh, if there is only 1 in the box that would be prohibitively expensive

    • Porky_Poster

      Who knows. Maybe one day we’ll get down to half a mini per kit, justified not only for all the extra bits on the sprue, but for being essentially only extra bits – ‘A box of cool components that can be mixed with another kit to make a full miniature!’

    • If its the smaller of the two, then I believe you get two per box. At least – thats what our store got.

    • Tmullen

      Its two. I saw the boxes when i helped my local gw guy paint some stuff. And theyre probably 6ish inches by maybe 4inchs. Sorry if your country makes sense and uses metric. Haha

  • BonesoftheDesert

    Local GW store (Hey Auticus, check it out) has a fully-painted board, both gates and arch on display. They look nice.

    • if you are referring to the one in Louisville – yeah Maria and Richard did a great job on those. I’m slowly working on getting the box models done as well.

  • David

    Holy S%#t that chaos castle looks suh-weettt!!!

    • euansmith

      That is the kind of dialogue they could do with in fantasy movies.

      • David


  • Autumnlotus

    I’m super down for these realmgates. If it comes down to being two gates for a box it will be Nurgle themed and mushroom/cave themed for my Nurgle daemons and night goblins 😀

  • Erik Wiseman

    On the “plus” side, we can probably use Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines and no one will notice. On the “minus” side, the aesthetic is nowhere near fantasy – what I’ve seen so far is essentially sci-fi with swords, hammers, axes, etc.

    • Shawn

      Agreed. Hopefully, once they are done with the Sigmarite Celestial Legion type stuff, will see some ordinary fantasy stuff. However, it is possible GW thinks people can just use their old fantasy armies for that Old World feel.

  • Jordon Arthur Lewis

    $40 for a single guy and it’s not even weird to anyone anymore.