BREAKING! Horus Heresy Starter Set Legions!


Come get the latest rumors doing the rounds today on the Horus Heresy starter set everyone is waiting for!



via Warseer’s Apologist 8-20-2015

“Can’t remember where it was in the old thread (or possibly another forum), but I believe it’s been rumoured that the box is themed around Phall, with Imperial Fists versus Iron Warriors.
I’ll see if I can dig out a link to where I saw that.
It is noted that the forces are asymmetrical; themed around a boarding party and defenders.”


Then Apologist links over to …


Via DakkaDakka’s Whisper of Truth

… Also the contents rumours are slightly wrong. The forces aren’t an exact mirror of one another. One force is a Pride of the Legion style force. Some might even call it a boarding party… The other is based off normal Tac. Marines.

As for the ship name, I don’t think the game is based on this particular ship, but I’d go with the “Tribune.” Or one of the other warships in that warzone anyway.

I’mageek writes:

“Imperial Fists, if it is set at Phall.”


WhisperofTruth responds:

“Ding ding, we have a winner.

If I remember rightly the box has around 44 models. Including 3 Mk4 boxes, terminators, cataphracti and the two characters.”



Battle of Phall Horus Heresy Artwork

So to Summarize:

Horus Heresy Starter Box

– Imperial Fists vs Iron Warriors

– Battle of Phall

– Asymetrical sides

– “Boarding style” theme – (Battle of Phall was a major fleet action in deep space)

– 44 models

3 Mk IV “boxes” (sprues already seen)



Two Characters (sprues already seen)

Battle of Phall Details

The Battle at the Phall System was fought between the Iron Warriors and Imperial Fists early in the Horus Heresy.


Horus Heresy Roundup

~ Iron Warriors vs Imperial Fists – that would certainly be a perfect setting for bitter brother-vs-brother battles!
  • Iron First!

    Love the pic

    • Benjamin E

      pffffft, more like Imperial Firsts!

      *rude hand jesture*

      • euansmith

        The only true Firsts are the Crimson Firsts; the original and still the best!

    • euansmith

      Danny Rand would be proud!

  • Sputnikwriter


  • Dennis J. Pechavar

    Will be nice once painted up as Alpha Legion.

    • JJ

      I thought that every painted marine was painted as Alpha Legion? Sneaky Jerks!

      • You’re thinking of deathleaper, every painted marine is deathleaper

        • Spacefrisian

          Nah its an Ork holding up a paper cardboard with a Spezzmuhrine painted on it, cuz hummies cand tell da diverance

          • Damistar

            Must be dem sneaky Blood Axe Gitz, always tryin’ to be like oomies.

      • Dennis J. Pechavar

        I have to say the first time I heard that it made me a happy man. Years later I still think that’s one of my favorite reasons to play AL. We are legion.

    • kaptinscuzgob

      there is no such legion, report to your nearest commissar

      • Dennis J. Pechavar

        She told me it was okay.

        • euansmith

          I got a note from my Mum that say’s I’m excused execution…

          • Benjamin E

            They know your mom’s a thousand lightyears away, you’ll get executed for forging her signature.

          • Commissar Molotov

            That’s a paddlin’.

  • Robomummy

    As long as they don’t come with the iconography like the current 40k stater set I’ll be fine with this. I need more forces for the VIII Legion, Ave Dominus Nox!

    • BrianDavion

      yeah I really hope they don’t insist on iconography. IMHO GW’s made a mistake doing that with the current boxed set

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        its obviously done deliberately to protect sales of normal Space Marine boxes.

    • benn grimm

      Night Lords aren’t fussy, as long as you paint it dark blue, with cool lightning effects; who cares where the armour came from originally or what iconography had to be defaced? 😉

      • Robomummy

        true but I just hate filing off iconography as I’m sure everyone else does.

        • benn grimm

          Also true, but if for example, if its IW vs IF as has been rumoured, then I (as an IW fan) don’t just want generic legion marines that i can paint silver with chevrons, I want as much IW iconography and symbolism as possible; grated helms, lots of power cabling, ugly gurning half iron heads, heck maybe even a guy I can proxy as Honsou.

          I don’t want guys that could also be Ultramarines or Blood Angels or even Night Lords if you just cut a bit and file a bit. I want them to look like Iron Warriors and Iron Warriors uniquely. The Imp fists i’m not so bothered about, but I’m sure my mate who plays them already in 30k would be.

          • Robomummy

            Fair enough

      • jeff white

        need some helmet wings and maybe some spikes n sith …

        • benn grimm

          Ugh, I really hate those silly wings on so many levels, spikes I have no problem with; who wouldn’t want to attach unfeasibly large spikes to their power armour if they turned to the dark side? 😉

          • Mordrot

            Idk… I think they look pretty cool for their chosen

          • benn grimm

            In that one pic they dont look entirely as stupid as they look on the models, i’ll give you that. But look at that guy, he’s darkness and retribution personified in the form of a great big badass space marine, with lightning crackling across him, why on earth does he need a great big pair of red bat wings sticking out of his head? To give the enemy something to aim at?

          • Mordrot

            You got to realize this is 40k where people hit tanks with swords. Imperial guard look and play more practically but when you field or imagine Night Lords they show up with their heavy specialist carrying a boom box blaring “run for the hills” by Iron Maiden. There is no justification for being ostentatious just the rule of cool.

          • benn grimm

            To an extent I would agree, however, for me, the Night Lords, as written by ADB in particular are not the kind of guys for that (albeit very 40k) ostentation; they are pragmatic, cynical gangsters, who just so happen to also be space marines. Let the Dark Angels or Word Bearers run around with Cenotaphs stuck to their heads and Sepulchres on their tanks, Night Lords are seen only when the sight of them is scarier than not seeing them(ie just before you die). At this point big red bat wings are somewhat surplus to requirements (kind of like the big yellow bat wings they’re ripped off of, but that’s a debate for another day ;)).

            There’s fluff of them using screaming to un-man their foes before getting into it, so I reckon iron Maiden would fit that role well, though its probably more likely the enemy would be un-manned by the uncontrollable giggles rather than the fear.)

  • Cataphractii ARE Terminators…

    • Haighus

      They meant have meant the distinction to refer to normal Legion Terminators (Indomitus or Tartaros pattern), which have slightly different rules to Cataphractii equipped Terminators.

  • Commissar Molotov

    Thanks for the Battle of Phall background link, Larry. Saved me a Google!

    • euansmith

      Phall? I guess that was one hot drop zone!

      • Nick Davidson

        …aaaaand now I’m hungry. :/

      • Commissar Molotov

        lol…like most battles, the next day was full of regret. And pain. Lots and lots of fiery pain.

  • I’ve been wanting to do an Imperial Fists boarding army for 30K for…awhile now. Please, for once in your life rumors, let this be true.

  • PrimoFederalist

    “Asymmetrical sides” – ’cause who needs points, anyway?

    Sounds like the AoS-treatment is headed towards a grimdark universe near you!

    • yorknecromancer

      You know, there’s already a bunch of Heresy-era rules out there already.

      a.) we already have 40K and it’s not going anywhere.
      we already have EXTENSIVE rules for Heresy-era gaming, including: full
      Legion vs. Legion rules optimised for 3000 point battles; skirmish level
      games for small-scale Kill Team; evolving games where squads and
      characters level up; two full campaign types, including standard
      campaign style as well as ‘survivors vs. exterminators’ play; and a wide
      variety of other extremely detailed scenarios.
      c.) we already have
      what is essentially the Legion Codex available at the same price as a
      regular Codex for those who don’t want the Campaign rules/fluff.
      we already have army lists for three non-Astartes armies that are not
      replicated in 40K, including AdMech, Solar Auxilia, and Knights

      So IF this new Heresy-era boxed set also includes a
      seriously cut-down version of 40K that’s kind of in-line with AoS, you
      know what? That doesn’t mean it’s replacing 40K or even 30K, because it
      doesn’t replace the existing Forge World Heresy-era ruleset, which is
      huge, extensive, and very, very detailed.

      Just because Mortal
      Kombat comes out, it doesn’t mean you have to stop playing Street
      Fighter. There are no credible rumours at all that state the current
      version of 40K is going anywhere.

      • PrimoFederalist

        You’re missing the forest for the trees, brother, yet I hope you’re right.

        GW insists they’re not a “rules” company, they’re a miniatures company that makes the finest toy soldiers in all the world.

        • plaguefather

          When has one of these sets ever been symetrical? Its always in favour of the imperium

          • PrimoFederalist

            Yet I’ve never seen the rumor mongers describe them as such, have you? And this is to the backdrop of “warscrolls” which are specifically designed to create narrative games that aren’t concerned with balance.

            I’m not saying this is happening tomorrow, I’m pointing out that, to me, this is more evidence that people who matter in decision making positions at GW want to take the “game” in this direction. Again, I hope I’m wrong.

          • Spacefrisian

            Nah totally equal, heck its even mentioned in 3rd ed starterset, forces are equal cause there are more Dark Eldar models and they hit faster in combat….Huh they have nothing to deal with that Landspeeder?

          • josh dunn

            they had the splinter cannon….

        • NagaBaboon

          If only they made the finest toy soldiers in all the world.

          • Spacefrisian

            They once had finecast? does that count?

        • Can you point me to the GW statement that “they are no rules company”?

          Also, what was once published is published. I don’t care if there is a AoS40K, I can continue playing what I want. Damn, we still have copies of Illiade and Odyssée by Homer. Horus Heresy is not going anywhere. 😀

      • Zethnar

        Wait, what? Where can I find the rules for skirmish with characters and squads leveling up?

        • Oliver Grimwood

          HH 2 Extermination. They’re really rather good. They only cover Space Marines but it doesn’t take much to adapt them for other factions.

          • Zethnar

            Now that is interesting, shame the books are all crazy expensive.

          • I remember squad leveling up (through personal, amo and armour resources) but not individual character.

            Basically you have 150pts to take three infantry(character). These are your leader and two other heroes.
            Then depending on your personal resource level you can buy other individual miniatures (no character allowed).

            Leader and Heroes gain the independant character rule and other miniatures can form ad-hoc squad.

          • yorknecromancer


            The players all agree a length of real-world time for the campaign to run. The players split into two teams Exterminators (traitors) and Survivors (Loyalists). Players set a number of Victory Points between themselves, and the side to hit that first within the time limit wins. If the real-world timer runs out without either side having done so, the Exterminators automatically win.

            You have the already-mentioned models, who represent your army’s Special Characters. They level up, gain new abilities, battlefield traumas, etc…

            You also have a variety of logistical needs that you can level up as well (men, supplies, ammunition, etc..). If they get high enough, you get some good army-wide bonuses (like re-rolls to hit as you’re profligate with your bullets). If they fall too low, your army suffers fairly crippling debuffs (like your Power Armour batteries running flat, meaning your men become significantly slower). Given that they start low for the Exterminators (who have been abandoned while the Heretics wage the main campaign elsewhere) and lower for the Survivors (whose Legions
            have been literally broken by the Istvaan Massacre), the early stages are a fairly terrifying rush to survive.

            I think one of my favourite ideas is that you can also have marines from any Legion on either side: Traitor Iron Hands, Raven Guard and World Eaters vs. Loyalist World Eaters and Emperor’s Children would be completely legal, because the previous military actions have left both sides so hideously crippled, and their lines of communication so decimated that barely anyone left knows exactly what’s going on, and they’re all trying their hardest to carry out orders that may be completely insane; they simply have no way to check.

            You also don’t need to field complete squads; you could run a squad of a single Terminator if you liked, because the armies, at this stage, aren’t armies any more: they’re just whoever’s left.

            Basically, the final stage of the Istvaan Massacre was a nightmare of literally unprecedented proportions, and there’s nothing else like it in all of 40K. It’s literally the best thought-out set of campaign rules I’ve seen since ‘Necromunda’. As people have said, it’s in Book 3, and I think it’s well worth playing.

    • Brian Griffith

      Uh… every starter set has had asymmetrical forces.

      Every last one.

      • PrimoFederalist

        And have you ever heard them called “asymmetrical sides” and pointed out like that by the rumor mongers with other releases?

        “Raven Guard vs Tau in the Fall! Asymmetrical sides.” Nope.

        • Brian Griffith

          Because when it’s different armies, there’s generally no way for it to be all that symmetrical.

          When it’s legion versus legion, it could conceivably be symmetrical. Under the Forge World rules, all legions start from the same list aside from 2-3 unique units, and a couple of named characters.

          This is a really weird move to fixate on the word.

    • izmerul

      don’t jump the gun there … asymetrical doesn’t mean unbalanced. Besides a starter set is usually a scenario too … not meant for pitched battles.

    • NagaBaboon

      Asymmetrical doesn’t necessarily mean points, I read it as meaning asymmetrical models, they might equate to an equal point value.

      Though now I’ve said that I don’t think many, if any, of the WFB and 40k starters were ever points balanced anyway.

    • Andy Meechan

      I suggest that asymmetrical is being used here to denote that the sides are set up differently, rather than necesarily being imbalanced. The early rumours were running with improbable identical forces.

    • BrianDavion

      the 40k boxed set is pretty asymmetrical too

    • Haighus

      I believe it refers to the fact the sides don’t contain EXACTLY the same models (the original rumour was for the two sides to be completely identical) as opposed to asymmetric in terms of points.

  • Krizzab

    Plastic Within, Acrylic Without!

  • Alhazred TheMad

    Kinda hoping we do see some scenery in there. I wasent expecting a plastic hull of a ship, but if their doing boarding actions a board would’ve been nice.

  • Matthew

    Give me more space marines to kill! The imperial Army all the way.

    Space marines don’t deserve to defend humanity if they are afraid of being human…

  • Defenestratus

    They’re Marines. How Asymmetrical can they possibly be?

    • USS Daedalus

      As in one side will be terminators boarding a ship, while another is tacticals defending. Originally the rumors said 20x tac per side, 5x termies per side. Now it may be 10 termies vs. 30 tacs or something.

      • Spacefrisian

        So there wont be an awesome Dreadnought in the box?…pass

    • yorknecromancer

      Quite a bit in the Heresy era. Iron Warriors can field a squad of Tyrant Cataphractoi who all have Cyclone Missile launchers; if they use the Heresy-era equivalent of Chapter Tactics as well, they become very, very different to the World Eaters who field Rampagers with flails and chainaxes.

      There’s a lot less symmetry amongst the various Legion lists than people give them credit for.

  • Alistair Collins

    Battle of Phall. Us?

    • No.

      Battle of Hot/spicy Indian curry dish.


      • euansmith

        “I was there for the whole campaign, kid; from the police action on Korma, the Pasanda Escalation, the Fall of Bhuna, the Battle for Biryani Reach, the Scouring of Madras, the Retreat from Vindaloo… but all of that paled in to insignificance after the Phall Drop Zone Massacre… it was hot going in… and hotter still on the extraction…”

        • You forgot the Tandoori Scouring and Naan Offensive…

    • Unferth

      The attack boat of the Imperial Fisters on penetration course:

      • Alistair Collins

        Ahh, someone got it 😉

        • Well, that wasn’t very difficult, was it?

  • Meh, I’ll take the varied 40K universe over the bland Space Marines vs Space Marines universe any day.

    • sleeplessknight

      Funny thing is, if you go into a GW store on a Saturday morning, the 40k universe is usually represented by a bunch of 10 year olds playing Ultramarines vs. Ultramarines

      • There hasn’t been a GW store in New England for like… 5+ years now.

        • sleeplessknight

          Well, if there was, that’s what you would see.

        • Desmond Burke

          There is one in West Hartford now as of December 2014. Rumored to be one opening in Springfield Ma, they were advertising looking for Managers.

          • Neal Laxman

            *manager – no S

            Corrected that for you!

          • About time. Shame they’re 2-4 hours away from where I am.

    • An_Enemy

      I play in a modest club. The meta is: 2x Dark Angels with Librarius Conclave, White Scars/Clan Raukan/with Librarius Conclave, Blood Angels/Codex Marines with Librarius Conclave, 2x Space Wolves both with Librarius Conclave allies, Khorne Daemonkin, Imperial Guard behind walls and an allied Knight, Tyranids, and me with Dark Eldar(VIth Legion/ 30k Mechanicus which is always met with eye rolls and groans but they’re good guys and they let me do it occasionally).

      This is just an anecdotal microcosm, but look at all that variety!

      Even the Xenos players have Space Marine armies.

      I see little difference here. With the exception of Tyranids all of those armies exist in 30k. The majority of which are Astartes. Please tell me again how 30k is bland. Especially when each Legion have exclusive units and rules that are arguably more indicative of each Legion’s war doctrines.

      I’ve yet to fight another 30k army tbh. Although, the Chaos player runs Sons of Horus which I have not played.

      If you’ve gone over the books and didn’t like it(and aren’t one of those complete hypocrites that run 30k relics in their 40k armies) then…cool. You do you.

      If the only thing you have against 30k is percieved blandness then you must not play 40k much. It’s a well documented fact that Space Marines sell more than every other race in the game and sold more than WFB’s entire line. Chances are that the majority of your games have been against Marines. Most of which all come out of one Codex. What’s the difference here…exactly?

      All this is completely ignoring the excellent HH scenarios that only serve to make games more interesting.

      Don’t judge 30k against 40k despite them both using 7th edition. 30k is so much deeper. With far fewer Deathstar units and the D weapons are usually reserved for Lords of War. Which you can’t even use below 2500 pts iirc.

      TL;DR…don’t knock it until you’ve tried it and if you have then it’s all good. Enjoy the horrendous imbalance of pure 40k. Personally I’d love to take on any HH army with my DE.(Fear actually works!?! What a lovely day!) At least I’d have a chance as opposed to cheap DWeapn units, reroll 2+ invuln, 3++ 2+FNP, undercosted grav spam, and cheap Librarians casting endurance and Invisibility on 2+. None of that is fun. In fact, imo its made the game pretty stupid.

      I had a Corpseclaw formation of five Talos. My teammate had two bloodthirsters. We were slaughtered by a single unit of Deathwing Knights with Conclave back up. Oh Invisibility every turn? Cool. 50 attacks leading to 2 wounds. That was before the Bloodthirsters that lasted one round of combat. One unit took on about 1200 pts, won, and walked away with two casualties.

      There’s no skill there. It’s broken. Hail 40k.

    • ieyke

      I want a Chaos-free version of 40k. Get rid of all the boring stuff.
      The “Space Marines but evil” and the generic demons.
      Make it all about the the interesting aliens.

      • crusader284

        Which would just turn it into another generic sci-fi setting, in my opinion the daemons and Chaos adds a layer of fantasy which helps make the universe stand out from others.

        • yorknecromancer

          That’s as may be. But do the daemons have to be so Eighties about it? A lot of the daemonic stuff is…

          Well, it’s pretty fruity.

        • ieyke

          No. The fantasy is already intrinsic to 40k, with the space orks, and space elves, and people running at each other with swords and magic, and superstitious religions, and space gods, and undead robot mummies, and medieval society in space.

          Chaos Marines and daemons are just the absolute laziest part of 40k.

          • crusader284

            I kinda like the daemons, but I guess to each their own. It would be nice if GW focused on something other than Khorne however, as it’s making Chaos look like your average typical “grr smash kill blood gore” type of evil faction, whereas the other gods seem to have a little more character to them.

    • DaveTycho

      You know there is no reason why you can’t use 30k armies against 40k armies.

      • euansmith

        “Shoot these Heretics from the past! SHOOT THEM!”

        “But.. but… sir… we don’t want to damage them… their gear is worth a fortune…”

      • I’m talking about the universes, not just game mechanics.

        Warhammer 30,000 is about the same as BattleTech – humans only fighting other humans. It’s… boring.

        • euansmith

          Come on, we’ve been doing it for over ten thousand years on Earth and it still has entertainment value.

        • 30K is far more interesting fluff wise because it is heavily centered around a campaign for galaxy domination.
          Generic 40K is bland, although 40K expansion by forgeworld are also interesting (see raid over kastorel novem for instance).

          Yeah .. all I like is Forgeworld 😀

  • moonshadow101

    Disappointed in the armor types. I’m not a huge fan of either MKIV (The x-shaped cabling on the front is awful, imo) or Cataphractii (those leather dangly things.)

    MKIII + Tartaros and I’d be all over this set.

  • Daniil Osudin

    For me it will be Iron Warriors and more Iron Warriors!
    Iron within! Iron without!

    • euansmith

      Don’t forget to read the label before ironing…

  • JayBiga

    So, if this game is indeed based around a boarding action, it could very well be the stand alone game some of the rumours made it out to be. The battle of Phall did not involve ground action, it was ship to ship.
    This could even be a board game, with Space Hulk like tiles. That would please me, to be honest.

    • BrianDavion

      watch this turn out to actually be a Heresy set BFG 🙂

      • Retconned Legion

        If only, if only. If GW had sense they’d license the Flightpath system or Armada and bring BFG back.

        • BrianDavion

          barring that let FFG do something. I bet they’d love to adapt their SW Armada rules to 40k

  • Kisdra

    This might be very interesting. Just remains to know how much it’ll cost. Maximum 100 bucks would be a good price to ensure its success. I know I won’t be interested if it’s more as from my perspective it would be a cheaper than FW addition to my actual HH armies.

    • Spacefrisian

      I guess 80 euros, cause Execution force also is 80 euros…but its GW, so most likely more.

      • Kisdra

        I just have news from a retail source, it’s almost certain (until official) it’ll be 100€.

      • euansmith

        This sounds like it has more minis in it than Execution Farce, so might be more expensive.

  • ieyke

    Too bad they didn’t come out with this like 7 years ago when I still cared.

    • euansmith

      Tom-tom, “You are seven years past caring… perform a u-turn when possible…”

  • BrianDavion

    ohhh iron warriors

  • Jimi Steele

    WhisperOfTruth’s accuracy tracker rating is sitting at 18 true to 16 false, although most of the false rumors have been of recent.

    I got my hopes up over the Deathwatch rumors, so I’m just gonna pop down a big grain of salt on this one.

    • Retconned Legion

      Afaik know Deathwatch is still coming, just not yet.

  • Benderisgreat

    Perfect time to start a Death Guard army to go with my Mortarion.

  • Talos2

    Just looking at the sets, doesn’t it suggest a 30k era setting to a space hulk style game? Boarding set for one side, defenders the other

  • jeff white

    Dear Santa,