FFG: Teases Star Wars Episode VII Products!


We’ve all been dreaming Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  Look what came out of GENCON:



ICv2.com got a chance to talk with FFG Senior VP of Communications and got this exchange:

via ICv2

We also asked Steve Horvath, Senior VP of Communications at Fantasy Flight Games, about incorporating content from Star Wars: The Force Awakens into its line of Star Wars games.  “We’re excited about the new movie,” he said.  “Yes, we’re doing stuff with it.  I can’t talk about what or when yet.”

When asked if Fantasy Flight had announced all its major Star Wars releases through the end of the year, Horvath replied “No.”

FFG had a fantastic show and announced all kinds of Star Wars items from X-Wing Wave 8 to the Imperial Assault Carrier, and even more.

Here’s the FFG GENCON video to show you all their stuff:


Of course, let’s not forget these from Disney:


Star Wars: The Force Awakens releases on December 18th.  With only 4 months left to go I would assume that whatever FFG has planned to tie into the movie is well underway.


  • euansmith

    Having seen the comparison, I now can’t see the new stormtrooper helmets as anything other than Donald Duck masks. Cool design.

    • Orodruin

      Hey what’s the big idea!?

      • V10_Rob

        Think you mistyped the URL, I followed it and all I heard was a review of Age of Sigmar.

  • Patrick Boyle

    Case in point; There are 3 missing SKU numbers between X-wing Wave 7 & Raider and X-wing Wave 8 and the Gozanti. Given Wave 8 isn’t scheduled until early 2016, and Wave 7 and the Raider are in the next couple weeks here, and that FFG has said they’re announcing Episode VII stuff on Star Wars Toy Day(yes, that’s a thing apparently, September 4th), it seems a reasonable guess there are going to be Episode VII ships for X-wing coming in some sort of release between Waves 7 and 8.

    • Samuel Sanchez

      My guess a new xwing variant, a new tie varied and a new smuggler ship maybe tied to rogue one prequel. This makes xwing timeline like 75years from the oldest ships headhunter to whatever is the recent type ships

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        I would not be surprised if we get two new Aces packs, one with the X-Wing and Y-Wing, the other with the TIE Fighter and another Imperial ship that is featured in the movie.

        As for Scum… Maybe a Scum version of the Falcon? There will probably be scummy ships in the film they could use.

  • Firefly

    As much as I disliked EotE, I do like the look of those Imperial Assault minis… may pick some up for SWSE, and hopefully use my SWSE minis as proxies! Woopwoop

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Edge of the Empire is a solid system.

      What don’t you like about it?

      • Firefly

        Well, I’ve got nothing against the system. It’s good enough. I’d say it’s even with Saga’s, although I did give the ‘edge’ to Saga for its incredible flexibility. The two seem to accomplish the same things.

        The buy-in, however, was pretty high for my group. Dice aside (I’ll get to those later), $40+ for one of three core rulebooks on Miniatures Market would net me two Saga books (while they were still in print, of course), or a Saga book and a crapton of minis.

        That’s the other thing: I like minis. My players have always been attached to their minis, and I’d usually let them keep their model after our setting had expired. The minis, cheap as they were, even helped me get people totally uninterested into pen & paper into gaming: “I’ve never played D20… but that Boba Fett on the jetpack is awesome. Can you play a Bounty Hunter?” “Here’s a character sheet for one. You’ll have to level up first, but, yeah, you can be on Boba’s level.”

        Plus, coming up with custom maps and such was fun for all. Typical stuff: while I do the DM bookkeeping, I give vague pointers and let them go nuts setting up the board’s terrain and occupants – they always enjoyed that, plus having a grid to work off of made keeping track of combat simple. EotE doesn’t really integrate any of that. Useable, sure, but not integrated.

        What they did integrate was a truly bizarre dice set. I’m not saying it’s bad, but why even bother with something like that for no reason except added buy-in? For us: we could buy the dice, yeah. However, that’s another $10 *per person* for a single pack, and most players tend to want two packs for a whopping $20 per person. For dice?!!? Ouch. Chessex pound o dice: $20. That’s enough for at least 4 people. Sold. The other option: don’t get the dice, but now I have to throw their system to the wind and come up with a fudge system. Extra work for a DM? No thanks. Meh. Just not so attractive to me.

        I guess, ultimately, Edge did everything that Saga did… but it was just way more expensive, and the dice rules were too much for some of my casuals. Playing once a week, most of them would forget practically everything with the dice rules by the next session, which is just embarrassing for them. The alternative? Add a set number to a die roll. Easy. So the question became, “Well, there wasn’t really anything painstakingly wrong with Saga… and EotE doesn’t offer much that we don’t have already/couldn’t easily mimic or incorporate… so why not just stick with Saga?”

        • AircoolUK

          Never use mini’s in RPG’s myself. All this nonsense with mini’s and maps and tiles and whatever makes RPG’s more of a board game than a role playing game.

          However, IA mini’s are good enough if that’s what you want, and the tiles would be useful if you like to play your combat with the mini’s.

          The dice system can be a pain as all the difference symbols can get confusing with advantages or whatever they’re called mixing things up.

          Personally, I’ve got the android FFG Star Wars Dice App… works for all FFG Star Wars games (I have all except Armada), plus it has regular RPG dice as well. It’s most useful for cancelling out the symbols and giving you the final result summary at the bottom of the screen.

          • Firefly

            If we meddle with the FFG system again, I’ll be sure to give the app a try. Right now, however, Saga is just better for us.

        • Vomkrieg

          Ah, from what it sounds like Saga would be better for you. It’s much better as a “RPG wargame”, where the focus is on combats and tactical encounters. If you want a star wars game that focuses on Mini’s and fighting, it’s pretty good.

          EotE kicks it’s butt comprehensively out of combat though. My current campaign is on session 5 and no one has made a combat roll yet.

          • Firefly


            I hate to break it to you, but we don’t do much combat either.. not unless it’s a prevalent theme on a story arc, of course.

            That said, I’ve heard sooo much about the ‘roleplaying distinction’ between EotE and Saga… far more than I’ve actually seen this distinction in practice.

            But, yes.. in any case, Saga blows EotE out of the water for combat, when it does happen.

          • Vomkrieg

            Interesting, I found with the “class” and “level” system has it’s usual drawbacks of shoehorning characters into roles. Whereas the profession system in EotE allows characters to pick up random skills a lot easier than multiclassing.

            I guess i have a slight bias against the randomness of a d20 based system as well. The spread, especially at low levels, is too high.

            Saga is really good for controlled combat, but you can’t really “buckle your swash” and do narrative combat with it as well. The inherent abstraction of combat in EotE and the complications system work better for that style.

            They are both good games for sure and i’ve run campaigns in both/ That said, I also like the old West End star wars game. All 3 have their pros and cons and all 3 have a place on my game shelf 🙂

    • Retconned Legion

      The IA minis are great, but they aren’t cheap. That said, the game itself is pretty good and worth taking a look at.

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    We all knew this was coming.

    Probably released a bit before the movie.

    • Aaron LeClair

      I have a feeling we will see Ep7 stuff before wave 8

  • ThorOdinson

    “ICv2.com got a chance to talk with FFG Senior VP of Communications…”

    GW: “What’s a VP of Communications?”