GEEKERY: Endor – Where Dreams Come True!

This is your randomly scheduled Star Wars franchise update… brought to you by the D23 Expo!

The D23 Expo was held in Anaheim over this last weekend – along with a celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Mouseketeers (Annette Funicello, you will always be my favorite) and the announcement of a new park in Shanghai there was a lot Star Wars talk. Shall we dig in?


Darth Vader is taking over Cinderella’s Castle!

28 acres of Star Wars themed attractions are being added to Disneyland park in Anaheim and Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando. Visitors will be given the chance to be part of a battle between the First Order and the Resistance, and get behind the controls of the Millennium Falcon. The concept art looks promising…


Here’s the full presentation with more concept art and a look at some of the planned attractions:

No word on when the parks will open, but the Season of the Force will be open at the beginning of 2016. Take the kids, it’ll be awesome!

Next up… December 16, 2016

rogue one logo

The story takes place before A New Hope and focuses on a group of rebels trying to steal plans for the Death Star. I’m down for a Star Wars heist movie… you? Some ILM vets are in on this one. The overall team on the project looks pretty good. Gareth Edwards will be directing. Cast includes: Felicity JonesBen MendelsohnDonnie YenJiang WenForest WhitakerMads MikkelsenAlan Tudyk, and Riz Ahmed.


We have directors set for the next two main films…

Episode 8 – May 26, 2017 – Rian Johnson (Looper and Brick)

Episode 9 – 2019 – Colin Trevorrow (Jurassic World)

Alright, that’s what I’ve got this go around… tell me what you’re thinking about all of this in the comments. Excited? Terrified?

  • LordKrungharr

    I’m so happy I live near Disney World now! And I’m happy that it seems they’ll have time filler movies of Star Wars genre to keep people from being antsy awaiting the next ones in the new trilogy.

  • Valeli

    I kind of wish they had the same director for all of the (main) new episodes.

    I guess I don’t care that much though… I used to be a huge fan of the series, but the last three movies really killed it for me and my general childhood love kind of simmered down naturally as well.

    I’m glad to see some life breathed into it though. Hopefully the new director(s) and scripts do it justice. Can’t wait to see Harrison Ford again. It’s going to be a very sad day in my life when we no longer have him.

    The whole Disney Land concept would be fun if I lived close to one or had kids. As is, I’m pretty sure I’ll never plan a vacation to it. But it’s probably a good move on their part and will get people coming in there.

  • benn grimm

    I don’t like the Disney association, still feels wrong, but i like how the movie is shaping up so far. Not liking the news that they’ve already decided on the directors for the next two though, before this one is even out, all smacks of Henry Ford a little too much for me.

    • With how they end up filming these, I’m not sure if they have a choice.

      On the up side: it looks like Lawrence Kasadan (he worked with Lucas on Empire and Jedi, and has been working with Abrams on VII) is staying on for Episode VIII. Hopefully he’ll do some writing for IX, as well. That’ll keep the script voice consistent, which could help with the rotating directors.

    • Can’t make any claims about Ep IX… but VIII is going to be just fine in Rian Johnson’s hands. I’ve been a fan of his work since Brick, and I can’t wait to see what his style can do for Star Wars.

      If you’re not familiar with him, look up Brick, The Brothers Bloom, and Looper. All fantastic–and very different–films.

      • benn grimm

        Fair play, cheers for the recommendation, I will have to check his stuff out.

      • Azrell

        oh nice. all good movies, with intelligent plots. Yet dont get lost in them without some action to keep the pace going.

        • I admit some part of me just wants to see how he’s doing to slip JGL and Noah Segan into the movie, but yes, he’s oldschool in the sense that he relies on character and dialogue and dramatic tension to tell a story, not lens flare and pyrotechnics and render farms, and I think that’ll be good for the series… arguably better than Abrams, though I don’t disagree with the choice to have him helm the first entry (well, really, I’d rather it was Dave Filoni, but that’s neither here nor there…).

          And Johnson has demonstrated his range. Who goes from a noir-with-a-twist murder mystery to a jetsetting cons-within-cons heist flick, to a darkly cerebral time traveling revenge plot? I, for one, can’t wait to see what he’ll do with an epic space opera fantasy.

  • Admiral Adama


  • Emprah

    I just wish they would make movies in a chronological order.