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Star Wars X-Wing: Imperial Raider Shipping Now!

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Aug 12 2015

Imperial Raider Big Box

It’s about to go down… Imperial Raider less than a week away. Your wallet cannot repel firepower of this MAGNITUDE!

Hey BoLS Readers! AdamHarry with a quick update – The Imperial Raider has been spotted less than a week out! It should be in stores within days. Rebel Players get ready for the pain, Imperial Players get excited for some new toys and all you Scum & Villainy Players stick to the outer rim – Don’t forget to DUCK!


The Imperial Raider isn’t just a plain ol’ ship expansion pack. This bad boy is designed for Epic & Mission based play. So if you’re looking to up your game of X-Wing with some new missions or a new way to play check out this Expansion. Let’s here it direct from FFG:

The Will of the Empire campaign follows the captain of a Raider-class corvette charged with testing the prototype TIE Advanced in the wild, lawless sectors of the Outer Rim. It consists of five different missions, but you won’t play through all of them in a single campaign. As the Raider’s crew seeks to recover from an early Rebel ambush, the results of one mission influence the next, and the situation becomes increasingly desperate for either the Rebels or Imperials.

Additionally, all the expansion’s missions offer a nice change of pace from the game’s standard conflicts. Each introduces its own unique objectives and set of rules. Simultaneously, you need to record all the casualties you suffer in a match, so you can’t afford to recklessly deploy your best pilots or shuttle Emperor Palpatine about the table without a proper escort. The resulting experience is one that moves away from the game’s standard dogfights to approximate the flow of an ongoing war, one in which your forces are deployed to engage the enemy for a few critical skirmishes.

So it’s a branching campaign with variable outcomes based on how you do. I love a good campaign.





If you’d like to see what is in the box, well we do have a video for you:

And if you want to get some ideas of how to use the Raider (specifically the TIE upgrades…which are SOOOO good) we also did a breakdown video as well:



X-Wing: Imperial Raider Expansion Pack




I had a feeling that this ship would hit stores after GenCon – and here it is less than a week away! It’s a good time to play X-Wing.

Don’t fail me again, Admiral. -Darth Vader to Admiral Piett.

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