Age of Sigmar Battle Report – Skaven vs High Elves


Come and join us for the Battleplan: War of Storms from ‘The Quest for Ghal Maraz’. Skreech Verminking takes on Prince Imrik and his Aelf entourage!

The skies above the battlefield heave in conflict as godly powers vie for supremacy, their unearthly might bolstering the strength and resolve of the warriors fighting below. Who will emerge victorious, the noble Prince Imrik or Verminus Lord Skreech?, Join us and find out!

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What do you think of the new battleplans?

  • Kenneth Portner

    It’s sad to say , but I think the guys who do these video battle reports are the only people playing AoS. I have had a hard time finding a game.

    • we’re recording the first of a series of five campaign reports this weekend.

    • Distracted Satrap

      Check out Miniwargaming on Youtube, they do a bunch

    • Aaron

      I dont actually know anyone playing it anymore, people tried it for the first two weeks and even the fanboys got bored and went back to something else

  • Brad

    Guerilla Miniatures Games are doing some pretty good battle reports on AoS.

  • dinodoc

    “Skaven vs High Elves”

    I take it that no one likes the name Aelf.

    • Aezeal

      Well the compendia of these armies still have the old names, the racial name of the high, dark and wood elfs is Aelf though. And I don’t mind Aelf.. I mean it’s not like I’m painting the word on my models.

  • Theik

    I nearly fell asleep watching this.

    “I move forward.”
    “I move forward”
    “I move forward”
    “Moshpit in the middle”

    Every age of sigmar game summed up in 4 lines.

  • Mike mad cow

    Yeah I am not sure anyone over 13 is playing AoS