Dark Age: Generic Forsaken Models Unboxed Part 1

001 Generic Forsaken Unboxing

Now that we’ve looked at all the new forces of Saint Mary, lets look at some of the generic options that can fight for any Saint.

As I discussed in the Saint Mary article, each of the Forsaken saints has access to their own unique stable of troops, but there is also a pool of “generic” models that any Forsaken army can field. Today we look at some of those.

All of these pictures come from Gen Con pre-releases. When will you be able to get your hands on them? It hasn’t been announced yet, but we’ll let you know whenever we do.

001 Generic Forsaken Unboxing Weaponsmith

The Weaponsmith is pretty much a necessity if you want to play Forsaken and take ranged weapons. Guns are very likely to malfunction, and this guy will help make sure they don’t blow up in a model’s face when they do. Of course that gun he carries is a fine ranged weapon, so even if you never have a weapon malunction on you, this guy will likely get some shots off himself.

001 Generic Forsaken Unboxing Weaponsmith OLD

The new Weaponsmith is such an obvious improvement over this old one I won’t even bother listing all the reasons why.


002 Generic Forsaken Unboxing Weaponsmith

Like most single model blisters in Dark Age he will set you back $13.

003 Generic Forsaken Unboxing Weaponsmith

Only 3 simple pieces in the kit.

004 Generic Forsaken Unboxing Weaponsmith

This is another one of those models where a little bit of character, nice realistic proportions, and a good pose win out over ornate weapons and armor.

005 Generic Forsaken Unboxing Weaponsmith

Here’s his card with the Brom art that inspired the model.

005 Strikes

These guys are some of my favorites. Wasteland ninjas is I how I’d have to describe their look.

005 Strikes OLD

I can’t imagine anyone will miss these old Strikes.

005 Generic Forsaken Unboxing Strikes

The blister of these guys ran twenty bucks, like most three model blisters in Dark Age.

006 Generic Forsaken Unboxing Strikes

The models are quite nice, although you will need to be careful with those thin blades and hilts. All the crazy face spikes were cast pretty well.

007 Generic Forsaken Unboxing Strikes

Here’s a look from the other side.

007a Strikes

Once again, the card with the art that inspired the minis.

Dark Age Forsaken Coils


Did you always want to shoot saw blades at people? Ok cool, that’s what these guys are for. And now you can shoot saw blades with great new resculpted models.


008a Generic Forsaken Unboxing Coils OLD

These old versions have a fairly impressive amount of detail, but their proportions are all off and their poses are very flat so they could be cast in the minimum number of pieces.

008 Generic Forsaken Unboxing Coils

Four Coils will set you back thirty bucks. Not bad for metal models. And at 50 points a pop the four of them are nearly half your army in a 500 point game.

009 Generic Forsaken Unboxing Coils

These new models will require some assembly but the realistic poses make it more than worth it.

010 Generic Forsaken Unboxing Coils

And here’s a look at the other side.

011 Generic Forsaken Unboxing Coils

I went ahead and took some close-ups so you can really get a good look at the detail.

012 Generic Forsaken Unboxing Coils

This is what Brom’s original Coil art looked like. I’ve always thought it was funny that there’s no sign of the Disk Launcher on it at all.

If you want to see all the new Forsaken Cards you can find pictures of all of them on the Dark Age Facebook page. The ones on the Dark Age website are currently out of date, but I’m sure they’ll post a PDF of them up there soon.

~Hope you enjoyed the article. I’ve only just begun with these Dark Age unboxings so keep an eye out for more soon.

  • Timothy Kennedy

    Are these models actually available? I looked for some of the new clergy ann from the last post and the only thing I found was a pre-order for them with a countdown that they were available in 4 months…

    • McNs

      Clergy Ann were a Gencon prelease, so we don’t know their official release date yet (maybe in months?).

      As for these though, the Coils and the Strikes are part of the September general release. I don’t believe the new Weaponsmith is though 🙁

  • Hinshelworld

    What is the scale like on Dark Age, compared to 40K?

    There are a few Dark Age minis I would love to use for conversions, but I’m worried they would be too big, so I’ve held off on ordering…