Dark Age: Generic Forsaken Models Unboxed Part 2

001 Generic Forsaken Unboxing 2

It’s time to unbox the rest of the Generic Forsaken I brought home from Gencon.

As I discussed in the Saint Mary article, each of the Forsaken saints has access to their own unique stable of troops, but there is also a pool of “generic” models that any Forsaken army can field. Today we look at some more of these.

Our first set of models are pre-releases I picked up at Gencon. We don’t know for sure when they’ll be released, but next month wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

002 Ravages

These Ravages are looking good with their cool new hoods and cloaks.

002 Dark Age Forsaken Ravages OLD

Old Ravages… I don’t mean to be cruel but please leave now.

003 Generic Forsaken Unboxing Ravages

Like all Dark Age blisters with four models, the Ravages will cost you thirty bucks.

003a Generic Forsaken Unboxing Ravages

A very cool bunch of sculpts to be sure.

004 Generic Forsaken Unboxing 2 Ravages

The flowing cloth is very well done. And I’m sure it will be fun to paint.

004a Generic Forsaken Unboxing Ravages

Here’s a close-up of the single piece sculpt.

005 Generic Forsaken Unboxing 2 Ravages

This one was a con exclusive they gave me when I checked out. You’ll have to attend a con where CMON has a store to get this one.

006 Generic Forsaken Unboxing 2 Ravages

And here is the other side just because I have to.

007 Generic Forsaken Unboxing 2 Ravages

And here are the cards for the Ravage and leader. As you can see our new sculpts lost the weird hats. I wonder if they tried putting the hats on the new models and just couldn’t make them look cool, or if they just didn’t bother. I also wonder why they kept the strange conical maces if they didn’t think the hats were worth bothering with. Shrug. I kind of like them anyway.

Dark Age Forsaken Banes

Finally we have the Banes. These guys are probably the quintessential Dark Age model for me so It’s nice to see them get some good updated sculpts. They’re available now if you want to pick up a blister of your own.

008 Generic Forsaken Unboxing 2 Banes OLD

These old ones are a fair sight better than the old ravages, but I’m still not sad to see them go.

008 Generic Forsaken Unboxing 2 Banes

Four Banes costs the same as four Ravages: thirty bucks.

008a Generic Forsaken Unboxing 2 Banes

Like the Ravages these guys have some fantastic flowing cloaks.

009 Generic Forsaken Unboxing 2 Banes

Here’s a shot from the other side.

010 Generic Forsaken Unboxing 2 Banes

I tried for a close up be these guys are super shiny. It makes some of the detail tricky to make out, but you should still be able to tell that there’s a lot of it.

011 Generic Forsaken Unboxing 2 Banes

And here are their cards with the Brom art that inspired them.

If you want to see all the new Forsaken Cards you can find pictures of all of them on the Dark Age Facebook page. The ones on the Dark Age website are currently out of date, but I’m sure they’ll post a PDF of them up there soon.

~Hope you enjoyed the article. Up next its another mounted Saint: John.

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