D&D: Rage of Demons – Drizzt’s Descent into Madness


Welcome to the Underdark: Come take a look as writer R.A. Salvatore and Designers explores Drizzt’s descent into madness.


Drizzt Do’urden, famed drow ranger and creation of R.A Salvatore, heads into the Underdark to hunt down the madness that threatens to bleed up to the surface world. In the process, he goes a little mad himself. R.A. Salvatore, Chris Perkins and Mike Mearls discuss Drizzt’s path so far and hint at what the future might hold in the new Rage of Demons story.


So, it’s been a long time coming – how many Dungeon & Dragons fans do we have?

  • Xodis

    Was an awesome CGI movie to launch the Rage of Demons story. Its neat how much effort WotC is putting into each launch of new product.

    • BrianDavion

      well when they cut back on their product release schedule to “every blue moon” I guess they can afford to do this type of stuff. don’t mind me, just a bitter former FR fan who remembers the glory days before 4th edition

      • Xodis

        Im personally glad for the slow down in release, 3x had so much crap mixed in with the good stuff, that is was bloated. Happy about the Sword Coast release next month?

        • BrianDavion

          not paid much attention to it. for me I’d just like em to release a forgotten realms campaign setting

  • Hopefully they bring out a board game. Hopefully the miniatures are closer in quality to the first 3. Hopefully, I get a pony for Christmas :/

  • Tom Evans

    D&D quickly became my go-to game when I left 40k. It’s nice to see 5th edition doing so well with it’s product lines

  • Them drizzt books hold so many dear memories. Both in the book and in real life. Its nice to see salvatore continue with his son in script.

  • Yahtzeevil

    Mike Mearls’ combover is glorious. Like a ginger Trump.

  • Krizzab

    wow nice demogorgon cgi

  • Ronin

    Didn’t Acquisition’s Incorporated kick his butt?

  • sjap98

    The D&D 5e team (past and present) rock!

  • Rob brown

    I must admit that when 4th ed was released my group migrated wholesale to Pathfinder. Since 5th ed I bought all their books because the storyline, NPCs, artwork and maps are amazing. It lets me play in a supported Forgotten Realms world with Pathfinders rules.

    That said I have ported across a few 5th ed rules to pathfinder, short rests; legendary actions; legendary monsters changing the world around them.

    I like the game system as well but a few of our players find them too simple and prefer Pathfinder.

    • Rob brown

      The Rage of Demons book is by far the best so far, really good value for what you get!

    • pathfinder is for crunch players, D&D is for players that like it a bit simpler in rules and more abstract / open for the DM to run things.

      • Rob brown

        Well I think the game is whatever the players make it. We quite often spend 2/3 of a session roleplaying and only 1/3 hitting each other. At the same time it is nice to have rules for grapples rather than winging it every time. Pathfinder crunch-bloat is really easy to control by restricting which books are in play.

        • Chardun

          This. Just because a book was printed doesn’t mean you have to allow it. As well, it’s nice to have a company that posts their rules in advance and allows you to playtest them with the hopes of garnering feedback. Must be something with game companies in Washington state…

  • polyquaternium7


  • Mark Gutenberg

    This is supose to be a game or a Promo for a new novel?

    • Rob brown

      It’s both, D&D 5th are releasing novels, campaigns, games and minis along key theme every 6 months. We have previously had dragon cultists / elemental evil and now Underdark-Demons

      • Mark Gutenberg

        good to knonw cause normally they do this for games. cauyse i know there is another Novel series after the codex:companions coming out

  • Ve Ly Pè

    I`d rather have a new Baldur`s Gate 😛 …

    • Wraith

      Yes this man!

    • Morten Jørgensen

      Well, there is the upcoming Sword coast legends game.

  • Michael Gerardi

    Do they make any D&D games set in Greyhawk?