NEW Lizardmen, Tau, & Eldar Pictures SPOTTED!

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Come see all the juicy new Lizardmen Seraphon models, plus new Tau and Eldar release pictures as well from the upcoming White Dwarf #92.

We got a huge leak from the German Connection – more at the links below! Check it out:

via GAMESTRUST.DE 10-27-2015

pic-29531 pic-29533 pic-29541

It’s nice to see the Lizardmen Seraphon finally getting some Age of Sigmar love, and the new Tau terrain formations were a pleasant surprise as well. Looks like we may be seeing the Eldar that were unveiled at the 40k Open a few weekends ago, available soon as well.

All in all a great way to build up to the Horus Hersey release next week! Checkout the rest of the issue below.

WD #92 40K Roundup Here

WD #92 Seraphon Roundup Here

~ Get ready for HERESY!

  • Brandon Rutter

    Amazing. So many awesome new pics of Seraphon. I am such a sucker….

    • I am shocked that I got to see new Eldar. Of all the three, I assumed this one was the joke.

  • GLaDOS

    For all the HH rumoured for next week. We haven’t had much in the way of leaked pics etc. Like we have had for the past releases

    • Spiderpope

      Expect more next week, retailers get briefed starting Monday. Its coming though.

      • GLaDOS

        Yea few hours after posting this boom leaked pics, I call alpha Legion shenanigans!

  • asdf

    Oh boy, round bases? That’s it? Not what I would consider new.

    • Jared Swenson

      Yeah they’re just reboxing, but reboxing is a big deal for this. Not new kit big deal, but big nonetheless. They rebox kits to cement their future in the line, and in the fluff. The battletome I am most excited about because we can only conjecture the nature of the seraphon and their motivations and relations, especially to the old world. We are going to be seeing 99% reboxes and 1% new kits from now on I would assume. GW already has a long line of minis to continue the story from, and I look forward to it.

    • DeadlyYellow

      Look forward to the minor price bump as well.

  • ChubToad

    At last Lizards!!

  • TheSlann

    “New Models”

    Where exactly do you see them?

  • nurglespuss

    Why the misleading first sentence? Just be honest, there’s no need for flim flam.

    • Because BoLS. Larry is starting to rub off on the rest of them, unfortunately.

  • Camoron

    I wish they would resculpt Saurus and Cold Ones for “Seraphon”. They’re the reason I won’t collect them.

  • mclargehuge

    Why cant they re-release the slann?!? Imagine that as a Nagash size beast.

    • Well, we got a Greater Daemon of Sigmar. Give it time.

  • Talos2

    I must have a different definition of the word new to some people

  • JP

    I see LINKS to pictures….

  • JP

    I see LINKS to pictures….
    …of models that already existed.