FFG: Princess Leia Coming to Imperial Assault


“Aren’t you a little short for a Stormtrooper?” One of the best shots in the Rebel Alliance comes to a tabletop near you.

FFG says:


“The Leia Organa Ally Pack is an upcoming figure pack expansion for Imperial Assault, offering a sculpted plastic figure of Leia Organa that you can use to replace the token found in the Return to Hoth expansion. With this figure pack, you can make Leia a force to be reckoned with in your campaigns and skirmishes with new Command cards, a new skirmish upgrade, a new campaign side mission, and two new skirmish missions.

…In combat, Leia Organa receives a constant evade to negate one your opponent’s surges, while she can spend her own surges to deal extra damage, recover damage, or improve her accuracy. Your opponent may not expect to take significant amounts of damage from Leia, but she’ll rarely be attacking alone. As an action, Leia Organa can use Battlefield Leadership to perform an attack and choose a friendly figure within three spaces. The chosen figure can then perform its own attack against the same target, and in this way, you can ensure that your strongest hero makes multiple attacks each round, potentially taking down entire squads of enemies under the direction of Leia Organa. 

…Leia can also use her Aggressive Negotiations to tip the balance of combat, spending a surge to exhaust any Imperial Class card. As the campaign goes on, the Imperial player will gain more and more powerful Class cards, including some of the new cards we looked at in our last preview of the Return to Hoth expansion. Since many of these Class cards must be exhausted to be used, the ability to exhaust one simply by spending a surge can certainly prevent the Imperial player from carrying out his nefarious plans to destroy the Rebels. 


Leia Organa Ally Pack $9.95

As a member of the Galactic Senate and part of Alderaan’s ruling family, Leia Organa has been a powerful political force in the galaxy. Now, the Leia Organa Ally Pack invites you to bring this Rebel diplomat to the front lines of combat.

This figure pack lets you experience Leia Organa’s political clout on any battlefield. A sculpted plastic figure brings the character to life and replaces the token found in the Return to Hoth expansion. With a new campaign side mission, two new skirmish missions, and new Command cards and Deployment cards, the Leia Organa Ally Pack can turn the tide of any Imperial Assault battle in your favor. 

According to FFG, Princess Leia is “On the Boat”, so she should be hitting shelves by the end of the year.

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~ May the Force be With You!

  • zeno666

    Too bad we won’t see a Slave Leia model 😉

  • Timothy Kennedy

    What are the Imp Assault models like quality wise? SDE or Zombicide level?

    • DeathBy SnuSnu

      I haven’t played SDE or Zomicide, but I can say they’re generally pretty good quality. No flash, light mold lines, cast on bases. They’re cast in a reasonably flexible plastic or resin though so some parts can bend. Darth Vader’s light saber in particular seems prone to bending, as do thinner gun barrels. They’re fine figures to prime and paint, and the mold lines can be trimmed and filed off easily. I spent some time filing down the heavier mold lines on the multi-part AT-ST model in the box and they came off easily.

  • Bradley Macduff

    has potential has potential i could see why someone would use this

  • euansmith

    “Rebel Commander”… or Spy and Traitor?