GEEKERY: Kickstarters Off the Beaten Path

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Campaigns run by Hysterical Games and The Long War are steaming ahead, but they aren’t the only kids on the block.

Let’s take a look at some of the cool projects made by individuals and small companies out there right now:


spell book gaming box


Spellbooks are stylish and functional reliquaries for your favorite gaming gear. They come in two basic styles; “card deck” and “rolling tray.” The card deck is made for trading card games like Magic: The Gathering, while the rolling tray is for the generalists out there. You can further personalize the rolling tray interior with removable foam inserts cut to a variety of templates.


death star poster


2 years of determination and more than 400 work hours later, the lost blueprint is almost complete. This limited edition of the DeathStar II blueprint will be a A1 sized poster (594 x 841 mm  / 23.4 x 33.1 in) on a 170gr coated premium paper, 4-color (CMYK) offset printed, mat finish with UV protection. Each poster is numbered, signed and embossed with a seal of authenticity.


tsr cover


This project is the thirteenth installment of Jeff Dee’s ongoing effort to re-create his old TSR / Dungeons & Dragons artwork – which was destroyed to make room in TSR’s files. Last time, he re-created nine drawings from AD&D modules A1: Slave Pits of the Undercity and A2: Secret of the Slavers Stockade. This time he’s re-creating eight drawings from AD&D module A3: Assault on the Aerie of the Slave Lords!


sky heart


SkyHeart is an all-ages graphic novel by Jake Parker inspired by his favorite movies and comics. If you liked Miyazaki’s Nausicaa, Star Wars, Tokien’s The Hobbit, and Indiana Jones, then you just might become a fan of SkyHeart. Jake has a solid background in in animation as a concept artist (Horton Hears a WhoRioEpic) and comics (FlightMissile MouseRocket Raccoon). The final product will be a 7.5 x 10 inch 100+ page bound book that comes in both soft and hard cover editions.


phi robot lego


Phiro is a robotics & coding platform that teaches problem solving and computational thinking, basic skills required for the next generation. With Phiro, kids can become artists, engineers, economists, astronomers or anything they want. And it’s fully LEGO compatible!


What awesome small company crowd funding projects are you watching right now? Give them a shout out in the comments!

  • euansmith

    Phew… that was a close one… the lack of minis meant I was going okay, until I saw Skyheart… but I was saved from that by the shipping costs to the UK; $20 for the softback book plus $24 for postage. I’ll have to hope it makes its funding level and I can buy it off Amazon at a later date.

    • Xodis

      Yeah that stinks, my son is getting into comics now, so I’m thinking of picking it up myself.

      • euansmith

        The designs for the villains (I presume) in Skyheart look really cool.

        • Xodis

          I agree, I think my son will like the hero as well. He’s not a brick wall like his dad, so I think he will appreciate a smaller character like himself.

          • euansmith

            Is Xodis your Mixed Martial Arts cage name?

          • Xodis

            I wish lol

  • Xodis

    Really want a Spellbook for my D&D sessions, might have to wait until retail on this one though.

    • Chris. K Cook

      Yeah I’m the same.

      In many cases that’s the best option less of a wait between stumping the cash and having the thing in your hand too.

  • Markus Takanen

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