GW: New Battle Boxes and Pricing Spotted

AD Mech Battlebox1

If you were tempted to start an Adeptus Mechanicus force you may not want to do the math on these deals…

Check these boxed deals out for the Ad Mech!

via 11-3-2015

White Dwarf Ad Mech 1 White Dwarf Ad Mech 2


Don’t think the Emperors Favorite Sons got left out of the action either:

White Dwarf Space Marines 1

Okay – now for the important part. The prices leaked too:

gw pricing wd 93

Space Marines Battle Demi-Company – $220 – normally $275.50 if you bought each box – $55.50 in savings!

Adeptus Mechanicus Battle Maniple – $215 – normally $285 if you bought each box – $70 in savings!

Adeptus Mechanicus Elimination Maniple – $150 – normally $185 if you bought each box – $35 in savings!

And just in case you wanted to get your Heresy on in novel format here are three books coming at you from Black Library:

White Dwarf Black Library

and last but certainly not least there is a teaser pic from Forge World as well:

White Dwarf Forge World Knight 1


I guess Black Friday is coming early this year…

  • Barnabus

    GW bundles… with a discount?! And a not insubstantial one? Wow, well-played, GW, well-played. It’s sad that such a simple thing is such a big deal, but I’m just glad to see it. I’m going to have to get one of each of the Mechanicus bundles.

    Are these direct order only, or will 3rd party online retailers also carry these?

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      that’s the big question. Some of the old bundles which had a discount were almost approaching acceptably priced when sold at an additional 25% off by a discounter.

      I’d be tempted by the big Mechanicus deal but I already have plenty of Rangers and Vanguard.

      • moonshadow101

        Same. I’ll grab the Elimination Maniple in a second if I can see it at $125ish.

        • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

          I expect a lot of people are in the same boat, since the infantry are the only reasonably priced unit in the faction, and the minimum requirement for the force org.

      • georgelabour

        For me it’s a godsend. I’ve been pondering making a mechanicus war convocation to accompany my Magaeras knight but have been putting it off while I finish up the main knights of my household.

        One elimination maniple and two battle maniples gets me right where I need to be.

        Though I’ll still need to get a few more dragoons to run a cavalier force at some point.

    • They do these every November

    • nurglitch

      Damn you, GW!

  • Sad when that’s seen as a “deal”. GW priced themselves into obscurity with me long ago. I’m surprised so many people are still hanging on.

    • Defenestratus

      Thats because most of the other games are trashy garbage.

      • Ross Allan

        Careful now…you know what happens when you don’t constantly criticise GW…. They’ll call you names.

        For me, an Elimination Maniple methinks. Always need moar Kataphron.

        • That’s pretty ironic and judgmental (the judgmental nature is in fact where the irony comes from). I’m not here to call anyone names. Have fun buying a new codex/supplement/rules set every month though.

          • georgelabour

            Yes..we should all instead buy from that one company that’s been in business for decades, but has never ever changed its rules or put out new product beyond its first offerings.

            Can you remind us which company that is again?

      • Good to know I play a lot of trashy garbage.

        • TweetleBeetle

          You likely do. Every second and third tier game (which all of them beneath GW are), have proven to be lacking in options, can’t hold interest for long, etc. While you aren’t alone in being “priced into obscurity”, that doesn’t speak for the majority, or even a trend.

          Quit being poor. The hobby is expensive if you want to play anything worthwhile, or if you expect the company making it to be around for more than two conventions.

          • lol, quit being poor because the hobby is expensive? I have a garage full of the hobby. I just decided to stop buying models with melon hands, gorilla arms, and out of scale guns a while back… Funny how I still buy at a regular pace though and somehow my hobby is far more affordable. Enjoy your skulls, bad proportions, and abysmal tournament rules!

          • benn grimm

            Ignore Twee-beetle, hes not the sharpest tool in the box…

          • WellSpokenMan


            I can’t respond any better than this, so here.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            wow, that’s rude even for you.

          • WellSpokenMan

            Keep on representing GW, Tweetle. You are a marketing machine.

          • nurglitch

            Dude has a point, even if it’s rude. I recall reading something about writing to the effect that being inspired by something you think was cool about a book usually mistakes what was cool about that book.

            I get the sense that it’s true of gaming products as well, especially when I look at all the kickstarters and small productions out there. They’ve seen something that works, and decided to take what’s cool and improve the rest, and in doing so lose what actually appealed about the original. Of course, sometimes they find something that appeals to enough people to keep them going and that’s great. But all you have to do is go to any forum and read people’s wishlists or rules proposals to get the sense that some people don’t understand how Warhammer 40k is still around, let alone profitable.

          • WellSpokenMan

            I disagree that there was any point whatsoever in that post. The first part is in support of Defenestratus’ statement that most miniature games are trashy garbage. Which was just a personal opinion stated as fact.

            “Quit being poor. The hobby is expensive if you want to play anything worthwhile, or if you expect the company making it to be around for more than two conventions.”

            This part is both insulting and ignorant. Wyrd has been around for ten years, as has Corvus Belli. Both of their games can easily be played at tournament level for under the price of Dark Vengeance and a Codex. “Quit being poor” speaks for itself.

            My biggest problem with 40k is isn’t the rules that cost $50 and have an obvious lack of proofreading, and it isn’t the expense of, by far, the most expensive miniature game I’ve seen. It’s the die hard fanbase that will attack anyone who doesn’t sing the praises of GW. For those of us that aren’t in love with 40k, it is hard to understand how a game that seems so flawed can inspire it’s fans to act so derisively to people.

          • nurglitch

            Perhaps consider that you like other games and thing Warhammer 40k sucks, and then consider what it would be like if your preferences were reversed.

          • WellSpokenMan

            That’s the thing. I think it’s flawed. I never said it sucks. I like some of the fluff. I love the conversion potential of the models. There are a more than a few things I don’t like, but if I bring those things up everybody assumes I hate the game. I don’t hate it. If I hated it I would sell off and use the money for other gamels. I’m just not in love with it. I wouldn’t have clicked this link if I wasn’t still at least a little bit interested in the game. The fact that the article was about a “deal” is going to attract people who think one of the game’s flaws is pricing. The Space Marine “deal” being considerably less of a deal than their new Calth box, isn’t exactly inspiring.
            If someone insults something I like, I just figure “you’re loss” and move on. I don’t call whatever they like instead “trash” and then proceed to imply that they are inferior in some way because they don’t like what I do. That’s not normal behavior outside of the 40k community. Arkham’s original comment was a bit condescending, but he didn’t say the game sucked either. He said it was overpriced. That hardly seems to justify the uproar.

          • Thatroubleshootah

            Here, here!

          • Thatroubleshootah

            i play bolt action and it is pretty sweet. It is also pretty cheap. not really sure what you are talking about.

          • DeathBy SnuSnu

            Plus Bolt Action has the added advantage of feeling like what should have happened to 40K decades ago. I go you go is so incredibly tedious with even a moderate force. With activation dice you’re potentially always a single unit away from having a crack.

          • georgelabour

            People keep telling me its cheap. But thirty to forty bucks for a low detail plastic/resin/metal car that didn’t even require much of a design process owing to its preexisting nature doesn’t scream ‘cheaper and better than GW’ to me.

            It instead merely strikes me as just more of the same but with different rules on how my toy soldiers go pew pew.

   chainsaw swords or mechs…

          • Thatroubleshootah

            I like chainsaw swords but im kind of getting bored with the grimdark. In terms of detail plastic the Rubicon ww2 model kits which are 28mm scale are very well detailed and you don’t need ten of them in an army. What is cheap about bolt action is that a 1000 point army for any faction is only about 100 bucks.
            Also order dice.

          • DeadlyYellow

            The Antares starter set is due out this month! That’s currently prioritized for me over anything GW is releasing.

          • Thatroubleshootah

            Amen to that my brother

          • Dave

            Trolly troll troll

          • Talys

            The money I spend on the hobby isn’t even a fraction of the value of the TIME I spend on it. But anyways, these are great bundles, with mostly useful and desirable stuff (except a command squad… I a need another command squad like I need a root canal).

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        there are loads of brilliant games out there. The reasons lots of people carry on with 40K is

        a) they already have big collections and so are financially invested

        b) they are attached to the fluff and so are emotionally invested

        c) because 40K is quite common its relatively easy to get pick up games, or people are already in ‘scenes’ and are socially invested in the game

        Any or all of these are liable to change. When prices get too high or the meta changes too fast then people’s existing collections aren’t enough to keep them playing. When fluff changes are made people quit over that (witness the rage quits after Raukaan). As player numbers decline and other games get more popular then factor c) becomes invalid too.

        All three factors are already being undermined, so Gw should watch out.

        • ChubToad

          I disagree. That’s like saying GW players are just cought in a infinite boring loop.
          People play any game because they like it and enjoy it. Not because they suffer from a sever case of “Sunk cost fallacy”. And even if there are some, this is not a trait found only in 40k players.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            well obviously they play because they enjoy it, I am giving reasons why people might carry on playing even though they don’t always have fun, or might carry on playing 40K when other games are available or may even be more fun.

            Sorry I didn’t make myself clear, I’ve edited the post to try to make more sense!

          • cudgel

            I think the sunk cost fallacy does in fact count for some gamers not wanting to play a new game. You can’t drop a blanket statement like that. When you’ve spent more then a thousand dollars on a game you are inclined to stick with it. Lots of people do just enjoy it and thats fair.

          • ChubToad

            Perhaps, but it is not a main reason and certainly not why lots of people still play the game. It’s as a “blanket statement” as saying “I’ve spent thousand dollars on a game, I’m inclined to stick with it”.
            We can agree that this happens sometimes, but the fault is not the prices of the game, it’s the lack of capacity of gamers to let things go.

      • Patrick Boyle

        If you honestly believe that I don’t know what to tell you. The only thing 40k has going for it as a game is the scale of the battles. No one else is doing infantry game at this size. Mechanically though, partially as a result of it’s size, it’s a clunky, outdated, unengaging drag.

        As actual games, there are plenty out there now that are much more enjoyable experiences. That they tend to cost less, in total if not on a per model basis, is just a bonus.

        • WellSpokenMan

          Don’t spend too much effort into engaging the true believers. Their belief in the in the superiority of 40k is so much a part of their being that accepting another viewpoint as reasonable is inconceivable to them. They will attack you instead, as Tweetle does below.

          When I think about how much what I’ve spent on 40k would have bought me in the other games I now play, I want to vomit.

          • Patrick Boyle

            Don’t get me wrong, I guess I could be considered part of the problem as I still buy the occasional kit, because I genuinely enjoy the modelling and painting, and I still like the setting. But I don’t buy nearly as much as I used to, and I get my gaming in with other systems these days. Every once in a while I have my Blood Ravens hit the table, but not like a few years ago when I was playing an 8+ hour tournament 3 weekends a month.

          • WellSpokenMan

            Same here. I’m not selling my models or anything. I still like the conversion potential of GW’s products, and I keep an eye out for new releases that tickle my fancy and won’t drain my wallet. I’m not in love with the game aspect though, and I’ve grown tired of the endless kvetching on how to “fix” 40k. I wish people would actually try some of the other stuff that’s growing in popularity now, instead of mindlessly attacking anybody who offers a dissenting opinion.

          • Thatroubleshootah

            me too

        • nurglitch

          I’ve played a lot of other games. I still enjoy Warhammer 40k. Which is to say I don’t think Warhammer 40k is somehow a less enjoyable experience than Malifaux, Warmachine, or whatever. In fact it’s still my game of preference and I’m enjoying 7th edition more than I have enjoyed any other edition of the game. I think it’s okay to say that there’s plenty of great games out there, and that as a preference I like 40k best. I think people like me are the ones that are keeping GW going because they’re catering to us, and in return we give them money.

          • Thatroubleshootah

            I like playing 40k, but other games and the pricing is taking my hobby money away from 40k

          • nurglitch

            I don’t see a problem here.

          • georgelabour

            If you’ve been wargaming for a hobby you’ll likely come to understand that this happens in a cyclic nature.

            Most people don’t go into a monomaniacal obsession over any one system, model line, etc. Instead they move from game to game and genre to genre while eventually coming back around to things they’ve already enjoyed.

            And if you really pay attention you’ll find that the ‘evils’ of GW are in fact merely the standard practices of any wargames company that’s going to be producing its own setting, and models, a decade from now.

            Which makes the frothing bigotry of previous posters sadly amusing. Not to mention a potential gold mine for psychology grads.

        • Thatroubleshootah


        • David Leimbach

          Problem with your argument, is that I personally recently played a game of 40k – and I enjoyed it!

          Therefore your argument is invalid.

          • WellSpokenMan

            I recently played games of Infinity and Malifaux and I enjoyed them too.

            Divide by zero!

            You know, when 40k was young and the gamers were an open book, you used to say “live and let live.” You know you did.

          • Emprah

            That was before the internet flame wars!

          • WellSpokenMan

            It’s funny, I gave up online gaming because I got tired of how fractious it was and I took up TT gaming where I thought people would be more civil. They are, until they go post online. Then it’s a bunch of grown men calling each other stupidhead and yelling “quit liking what I don’t like.” I wonder sometimes if the interwebs will be the end of us.

      • cudgel

        Well I guess those companies are about to go under right? I mean Infinity is about to disappear any day now.

      • petrow84

        Glad you have the time and energy to play in-depth MOST of the other games around, I can barely keep up with 3 game-system to play regularly.

    • Notmanythings

      priced themselves into obscurity “with me long ago” lol A) Think highly of yourself and B) Your still here commenting on GW boxed sets you claim to have no interest in (well at least you claim!)

      • Well, I’m not alone, so my statement isn’t just reflective of my own opinion. I’m commenting here because despite my best efforts these updates still show up in my inbox, newsfeed, and every other place.

        • confoo22

          So you come here to comment on articles you wish weren’t here “in spite of your best efforts,” which I have to assume is your mildly insulting comments. Your comments drive up BoLS comment totals on GW articles, which alternatively drives up BoLS revenue attached to GW articles. Your mildly insulting comments then encourage those who still enjoy and plays GW games (which is a legit position to have in spite of your personal opinion) to respond in defense of their hobby. Which then drive up comments and revenue for GW articles on BoLS.

          If you find these articles annoying then stop commenting on them because I guarantee you BoLS isn’t going to consider an article with more comments to be a failure.

      • Thatroubleshootah

        If one person is commenting that means many others feel the same way. While it is good to see these discounts prices need to drop lower to encourage new players to buy in. without new players the game will stagnate.

        • Xodis

          Thats not very true, tons of hobbies can be SUPER expensive (way more than 40K), as long as there is a cheap way to “test the water” (eBay, discount retailers, low model count games, etc…) the price point is just fine. Newbies may be intimidated but most consumers relate higher price to higher quality. Take Golf as an example, beginners either rent clubs or buy a set at Academy (an american sporting goods store in case you’re not american) for less than $200. It never fails though that those who stick with the hobby, eventually upgrade to a MUCH more expensive (possibly better) set of clubs, hell some even purchase a club membership to play at better areas, and it all started with some cheapo clubs.

          • Thatroubleshootah

            The analogy is flawed. Golf is not sitting on a shelf next to several similar games that are fun and cost less to play. It used to be that gw had the market pretty much to themselves. Now they have competition. This month i will be buying infinity operation icestorm and beyond the gates of Antares. I might also buy into the dropfleet commander kickstarter. I won’t be buying into the demi company because i bought tons of marines from my flgs that were sold to them from the dark vengeance set.

            I have a hobby budget and right now gw is only getting a fraction of it. When I need something gw i am most likely to get it from eBay or used from an flgs or from a third party like bitspudlo or from china.

            You see what I am getting at. The company has trained too many of its customers to not give them money. They need to reverse that trend with lower prices or they will see their market share further dwindle.

            You may care only for 40k but you and gw have to know not everyone does. If gw doesn’t act like they are in a war they are destined to lose.

          • Xodis

            I quit 40K awhile ago, might get back in if the new CSM book is found worthy though.
            Here are the flaws in your reasoning:
            A) Even if YOU buy second hand, whoever you purchased product from is still giving GW money. Even discount retailers are STILL giving GW money….so in the end they are still getting paid for this product that is “over priced.”
            B) Golf itself is not competing, but what about Golf clubs, they are ALL competing against one another and exclusivity and prestige beat out all the competitors, especially the free ones.
            C) You are forgetting the single most important thing in marketing “Cheaper = Worse”. No this isn’t true, but its what the market has been selling since LONG before we were ever born. From medications to hobbies and even primary transportation, if its more expensive it “must” be better. The Corvette is worse than a VW bug in SOOO many ways, but the Corvette is still super expensive and still sells to those with the funds. Tylenol still outsells its cheaper “off-brand” counterpart at every convenience store, just like the more expensive GW will continue to hold strong (there is no doubt some of its prestige has faded) long after you quit and move on to a “better and cheaper” game.

          • Thatroubleshootah

            A. Yes gw makes SOME money even if i bought off ebay. My point is that they make less. The extent to which gw continues to train its customer base to seek cheaper and cheaper ways of getting it’s product is the extent to which they are leaving money on the table.

            B. In terms of golf clubs most super expensive golf clubs are not that much better than most pretty expensive golf clubs. It is a general rule of consumer goods that after a certain price point you are going to get diminishing returns. 40,000 dollar speakers don’t sound much better than 20,000 speakers.

            C. The market is actually speaking for itself and my point can’t really be argued. I and a lot of other people are diverting our hobby cash away from gw and towards other games. That is an incontrovertible fact. You can comment on it, but you can’t change it. Further, it will only exacerbate as time goes on if gw does not change it’s pricing.

          • Xodis

            A) yes less than normal cost, but still not less than they are selling at retail, so in the end they still get their money.
            B) Im not saying the super expensive clubs are better than the less expensive clubs, my point is that the consumer STILL buys into it.
            C) The market really isn’t though, your example is anecdotal, there are tons of conflicting anecdotal evidence. What we DO see is that GW isn’t changing their plans to meet the “we want it cheaper” crowd. A public company has to ensure maximum profits (its the law), sure your group maybe switching games, but DOES NOT MEAN that all others are, my anecdotal evidence itself conflicts against yours, so who is to say which is better? AoS (the most controversial move by GW in probably its history) has been selling well to Fantasy/40K/and new players alike. Its even sparked a renewed interest in older Fantasy models. My anecdotal evidence also includes thousands of fans of AoS who are buying into the game, but its still just anecdotal and minuscule in the long run.

          • Thatroubleshootah

            If some shmoe buys a rhino for thirty dollars and sells it on ebay and i buy it on ebay games workshop makes, at most, tjirty bucks. If they lowered the price of the rhino to twenty bucks I would buy one from them and they would profit from two customers instead of one and make forty instead of thirty dollars. Also they would undercut the recasters.

            The degree to which expensive equals good in the mind of the consumer is directly related to keeping the consumer from trying other cheaper brands. No one would ever buy hunts ketchup its gross. Heinz is the only delicious ketchup. If, however heinz raised it’s prices beyond a certain point a certain number of its customers would try hunts and realize that all ketchup is just tomatoes sugar and vinegar. Your job as a retailer is to never make it occur in the minds of your customers to try another brand. Once they do you are going to lose market share.

            Does this mean defection from 40k? Not necessarily. What it does mean is that gdubs target market is spending some of their hobby dollars with other companies. Every dollar in the dropfleet commander kickstarter is a dollar not in gw bank account. This is a fact.

            I know based on comments on this and other forums and yds, anecdotal reports from my flgs, that price is a big reason people are trying other systems, another is community support and fun rules.

          • Xodis

            I’m not saying price isn’t a factor of GW’s current sales, what I am saying is that regardless they are still rolling strong. Probably not as strong as they would like, but every niche hobby is taking a hit with the current super stardom of Kickstarter.

            You’re also not taking into account cost to manufacture, lets just throw some numbers out there and say that same Rhino costs $10 to make, so if I sell 2 at $20 I make $20, but if I sell 1 at $30 I make the same $20 and still have product to sell.

          • Thatroubleshootah

            I was just using hypothetical numbers to illustrate a point. No one is saying that gw iz not in the black or a strong company. I’m just saying that their behavior is that of a company with no competition when in fact every month more and more product from other companies are released. Everyone has a hobby budget and a bit goes here and a bit goes there. If gw had wanted more of my money they would have found some way to make it cheaper to build a tau army. Because they separated the tau and space marine boxes and charged 100 and 140 for them they lost my money.

            I still buy gw stuff but gw sees much less of my money than they might if prices were twenty percent lower.

            I bought half of my black knights from china. Working with them was a pain, but I’m not paying 40 bucks for three bikes.

          • Xodis

            You are right, they are pricing some of their customers away, but all I’ve been trying to say is people have been predicting GW’s downfall since before I started in this hobby, and they are still around and still running strong. They can afford the to make mistakes and take risks, hell we see those who quit buying GW products here all the time, it can only mean they are secretly hoping that GW turns its business practices around or they seriously have no lives and choose to troll lol.
            The problem with all the competition is the staying power, sure Mantic is rolling big after their successful KS, much like other companies do, but in the end after everyone who wants their product HAS it, and got it cheap due to KS, there are no customers left to sell to. Its why a lot of FLGS’s don’t stock KS items, because most of their customers already picked it up a copy during KS. Kickstarters are great at what they are good for, selling products, but they are not building the community that is required to establish a game and keep it selling during those times when there isn’t a new KS going on.

          • Thatroubleshootah

            The kickstarter example was just that. Gw doesn’t have the two fifty i spent on bolt action, the two fifty i spent on dropzone commander, the 45 i spent on samurai for my mordheim, frostgrave, ronin games etc etc. The point you acknowledged was the only point I’ve been trying to make. Gw is pricing some of its customers away.
            The more they do this the smaller their market share will be. Tjeir ip is probably too strong to ever go outof business but it could go the way of marvel comics.
            Used to be comics were a buck, then two, then three and now they are four bucks a pop. Not exactly affordable for your typical ten year old. The thing is that marvel which is owned by Disney couldn’t care less because their comic books are really just ads for their movie and TV franchises.

            I could see the same situation with gw where the models get so expensive only a relatively small number of people buy them, but the models really only exist to sell video games.

            I personally would not like to see 40k turn into an ultra luxiry good. Time will tell.

    • Victor Hartmann

      Most likely because people are having fun. Pretty simple.

      Also, what’s the point of your post? So, offering a substantial discount is a bad thing? Curses! GW is offering a large discount! I wanted them to eternally maintain the high prices I am complaining about! I must use this opportunity to take jibes at them! Take that! And that! Muahahaha!

  • David Clarke

    If I wasn’t too busy snapping up all the Tau releases, I’d be all over those Ad Mech bundles!

    • majorwesjanson

      If I wasn’t budgeting for 2+ Heresy boxes, so would I. If my FLGS still has them in stock in a few weeks, I’ll probably grab them.

  • Markus Beckers

    I’m shocked. GW offers a discount ? Is this an april fools joke ( in november ) or is it for real ?

    • kingcobra668


    • Merca84

      Did you just write “GW” and “discount” in the same sentence ?

  • durendin

    More likely re-packaged stock from the AdMech release that didn’t meet sales expectations now priced to move.

  • Spy_Smasher

    Held off on admech hoping there would be a box like this, and I got two. A rare good decision on my part when it comes to hobby spending!

  • aka_mythos

    Given the new CEO’s comments at the investors meeting a month or two back, I’d anticipate we’ll see more worthwhile bundles. The jist of the new CEO’s belief is that he sees greater potential for earnings by offering volume discounts to consumers. This is the same guy who started FW’s bundle deals before this promotion.

    • nurglitch

      Same guy also said that there was going to be a review of GW’s model lines, so I’d imagine there’s going to be some stuff falling by the wayside or going OOP in the near future.

      • aka_mythos

        It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out. That could be everything from eliminating the lowest selling items to “squatting” under selling races. It’s what they do after that which will be interesting. Its all ultimately in the pursuit of thinning out what stores have to stock to make room for new products. Who knows it may make room for Sisters of Battle or condemn them.

        • Dave

          If they “squatted” another race the internet would explode. Some people just like to watch the world burn…count me in!

          • aka_mythos

            If they were willing to dump WHFB then squatting a faction is orders of magnitude less severe.

            That said, they have FW now and it’s an avenue for creating models where a lower sales volume is acceptable. It’d suck if GW got rid of SoB but if FW supported them they’d atleast have some slick models.

  • Captain Raptor

    It always shocks me to see what people consider a good deal. As far a GW product goes if it’s not 50-70% off I’m not interested. All that’s required to get an actual good deal is some patience and e-bay (and a good re-caster if you like forgeworld).

    • Thatroubleshootah

      I agree. I got most of this stuff plus a lot more for ridiculous prices off ebay a few weeks back.

  • Frank O’Donnell

    So if I buy 2 of the demi-companies do I get all of their transports for free ?

  • Spacefrisian

    Oh the HH box set is only 125 euros, cheaper than i had expected.

  • SittingInACorner

    oof I just ordered the robots and 2 boxes of destroyers. I could have saved 35 bucks

    • nurglitch

      Maybe contact them and ask if your order can be re-jigged to take advantage of the deal. Doesn’t hurt to ask. Or just cancel and buy the deal.

      • SittingInACorner

        well I was almost 2 weeks ago and everything is already being painted :'(

        • JP

          Easy fix. Spend the next 25 years of your life, blood, sweat, and tears inventing a time machine just to go back and take advantage of this deal.

  • Agent OfBolas

    — Games Workshop —

    The ultimate REPACK company.

    • standardleft

      We are not a games company. We are a repackaging company first.

      • petrow84

        “Intended to do the finest repacking in the world, and inclined to do this forever.”

  • Azhrarn

    Both Mechanicus Bundles look useful. They’d basically get me most of the models for my current army… Are these going to be highly limited or not?

  • euansmith

    Oooh, plenty of bits for conversion there.

  • Gunther Clone C

    Adeptus Mechanicus Battle Ma Nipple.
    Adeptus Mechanicus Elimination Ma Nipple
    *immature giggling*

  • Erik Setzer

    Holiday season bundles. It’s that time again. They screw up a lot of things, but at least the bigwigs at GW remember to put together big expensive boxes to sell as gifts for the holiday season when people are going to drop wads of cash on Little Billy.

  • Victor Hartmann

    Our team has been talking about doing Mechanicus for Adepticon. This might move us from talking to building.

  • Damian Reid

    ummmmm, Is there actually a discount for us in New Zealand? It doesn’t feel like it tbh.