Get ALL the Horus Heresy – But Act FAST!


Black Library has so much Heresy – you can’t handle it – but you only have 2 weeks to get in on it!

We are well into the holiday season and Black Library is rolling out a bunch of new bundles to keep you occupied while you are curled up next to fireplace with a glass of your favorite beverage. Take a look at this pair of Horus Heresy offerings:

via Black Library


The Horus Heresy… So Far $349.99


The Horus Heresy is the greatest war ever waged, the conflict that ended an age of reason and enlightenment, and brought the Imperium to its knees. Brother fights brother, armies that once marched together face one another across the field of battle and entire worlds are lost in the firestorm unleashed by Horus.

This collection contains the entire Horus Heresy so far in eBook formats. Included, you will find 29 novels charting the war from Horus’ fall to his preparations for the invasion of Terra. You’ll also get 16 novellas* telling stories from the Great Crusade and Heresy, including tales of the primarchs, the Battle of Tallarn and more. Plus, 76 – yes, 76! – Quick Reads* shed new light on heroes, villains and events from across the breadth of the Heresy. This is truly the ultimate collection of Horus Heresy tales.

The Title included in this bundle are:

Horus Rising
The Wolf of Ash and Fire
False Gods
Galaxy in Flames
Lord of the Red Sands
The Flight of the Eisenstein
All That Remains
The Phoenician
Descent of Angels
Battle for the Abyss
Tales of Heresy
Hands of the Emperor
Fallen Angels
A Thousand Sons
Army of One
The First Heretic
Prospero Burns
Age of Darkness
By the Lion’s Command
The Outcast Dead
Deliverance Lost
Corax: Soulforge
The Value of Fear
The Primarchs
Know No Fear
The Honoured
The Unburdened
Fear to Tread
Lost Sons
Shadows of Treachery
Child of Night
Angel Exterminatus
Tallarn: Executioner
The Eagle’s Talon
Tallarn: Witness
The Purge
Mark of Calth
Distant Echoes of Old Night
Scorched Earth
Vulkan Lives
The Unremembered Empire
Death and Defiance
Sins of the Father
Brotherhood of the Moon
Wolf King
The Devine Adoratrice
Vengeful Spirit
The Final Compliance of Sixty-Three Fourteen
The Damnation of Pythos
Legacies of Betrayal
Blades of the Traitor
The Gates of Terra
Tallarn: Ironclad
Promethean Sun

*Some of these novellas and Quick Reads are individual files, while others are included in anthologies.

Still want more?  How about all the Horus Heresy Audio dramas?


The Horus Heresy Audio Drama Bundle 2015 $220


Horus Lupercal, the Emperor’s favoured son and general of his armies, has rebelled. Across the Imperium, brother turns on brother and the flames of war spread ever further. Against this backdrop, heroes of both sides battle for supremacy, for power or simply for survival.

This bundle contains 33 audio dramas that deepen the story of the Horus Heresy, telling stories large and small of great heroes, dramatic battles and intriguing mysteries.

The Title included in this bundle are:

The Shadow Masters
Iron Corpses
Garro: Ashes of Fealty
The Eagle’s Talon
The Watcher
The Herald of Sanguinius
Garro: Shield of Lies
The Long Night
Master of the First
Echoes of Ruin
Hunter’s Moon
Thief of Revelations
Wolf Hunt
Honour to the Dead
The Sigillite
Garro: Sword of Truth
Burden of Duty
Grey Angel
Butcher’s Nails
Garro: Legion of One
Raven’s Flight
The Dark King & The Lightning Tower
Garro: Oath of Moment

~Black Library says these are “ONLY AVAILABLE FOR TWO WEEKS”.  That should keep you busy for months.


  • Drathmere

    So many books, yet so far from terra!

    • Shiwan8

      Yeah. Honestly this was a maybe a book per faction (legions, mechanicum, regular humans in their factions etc.) in stead of “hi, this is Bobbicus, a legion space marine and in this book we will take a close look on how he prefers his morning coffee” like they did it.

      Not that it’s a bad series. I just got to book 6 or 7 and realized I was not even closing the half way point so I quit it. It’s interesting but not even near 30+ books interesting.

      • ChubToad

        The Heresy series is too big to follow it entirely at this point. If you’d had followed it from the beginning it would have been much more fun. Now you just stick to a plot line and follow it.

        • Shiwan8

          I think I’ll rather waste my time in some other way or just do something useful instead.

  • durendin

    How to write a Horus Heresy Novel?

    Do – Primarch A gets betrayed by Primarch B. Surprises, massacres and lulz. Rinse and repeat as often as possible, recycling as much as you can.

    Don’t – ever mention anything suggesting the main event between the Emperor and Horus. Keep it in a 40K-esque perpetual “five minutes to midnight” setting.

    • Ben

      And profit! God I love capitilism!

  • Евгения Ремезова

    $349.99 for books of _that_ quality? Thanks, I’d rather get torrent.

    • MKG35

      And so companies raise their prices to cover this or stop making the product.

  • miniwar monger

    One must be really blinded by love to like this junk. By any standard this is really bad literature.

    If you still insist on it, better get the audiobooks they cut huge chunks from the books, you might say all the bad parts, though this might be considered a bold statement.

    • John Grammaticus

      Have you only read the first two novels? I almost lost interest as the hyperbole was excessive (!) but everyone seems to rate them as better than the others.
      The series is great, I’ve read in release order up to Scars and I’m still going. No idea why comments on here are so negative but that’s the internet I guess.

      • The Basement Gamer

        Ironically, it was John Grammaticus that really turned it off for me (the character, not the poster). That and this Cabal/Perpetual nonsense. It is the most irrelevant plot tangent in a series with many.

        • Евгения Ремезова

          It’s hard to disagree. Grammaticus and Cabal stuff is a blank attempt to cover actual lack of talent from writer’s side.

        • ChubToad

          Ugh, totally agree with you. Grammaticus is such a useless character. I hated it most in Unremembered Plot-line, I mean Empire.

        • Agreed. That is the subplot that annoys me the most. Every single time Abnett goes back to it (and now also other authors as Abnett has made them too relevant to ignore) I want to put the book away.

    • The only audiobooks which are in fact abridged are for the opening trilogy, and even those have unabridged versions by now.
      And the abridged versions are pretty terrible for all the subplots they cut, which make everything else feel disjointed and contextless.

  • Lord Solar Mac

    Why can’t they just make an HBO quality mini series….like game of thrones, lol, only half way joking.

    • William Jameson

      “A Game of Golden Thrones”

    • Gridloc

      They are trying too, but even around the clock teams of set workers can’t make enough skulls to do it justice. Until they can won’t see a show…

  • smurfORnot

    get kindle, use torrents…spent 350$ on resin…except maybe 20-25% that are worth reading, I wouldn’t waste my time on others tbh.

  • benn grimm

    Having gone back and started re-reading the series from the beginning, to try and fit in all the extras, I can honestly say they aren’t as good second time around. There are still some great stand outs; Horus Rising, Mechanicum, Legion, First heretic (that whole arc) the 1ksons and SW ones, but man is there a lot of filler and cliched sci-fi of the lowest calibre.

    It is a good story, but to anybody thinking of embarking on it for the first time; skip all the novellas, audio dramas and short stories (until you get to the anthologies). Just focus on the main books and avoid all the Nick Kyme (Salamander) ones like the plague.

    And have patience; its about the long meandering journey which all goes a bit Pete Tong, rather than the final destination. Kind of like that film Titanic… 😉

    • Shawn

      I’ve never read the whole series Ben, and I never intend to. The Horus Heresy has been beaten to death in novellas, other books, the rule books the army books, ad infinitum until it’s an old dead horse that needs to die. Why am I going to spend days, weeks, or maybe a month or two to know how Horus betrayed the Emperor when I already know when and the why? Over 32 novels for one single galactic war is beating a dead horse. Even the original Star Wars didn’t go beyond 3 novels/movies. It’s time to move on. We need stories that focus on 40k and better yet, those stories that progress the timeline, no less.
      And I agree about the writing that some of the others post. some of these authors get away with so much crap. Too much use of similes or metaphors or similes that don’t make sense, or too many use of characters that have little to no impact on the story and disappear again (Soul Drinkers Omnibus). It’s not epic enough if I show through words how the space marine fought his way through a horde of orks, but instead if I tell you that the space marine fought his way through a horde of works and attach it to some prayer to the Emperor and a lame metaphor it’s perfectly acceptable.

      • benn grimm

        I dunno, I still love the stories, but the series has slightly lost its way. There are a tonne of Star wars novels of varying quality, but none I’ve ever read touched (good) 40k for atmosphere, depth or scale. Progression of the timeline is for you and your mates and maverick BL writers. Soul Drinkers are a perfect example; the consequences of their rebellion are either unseen or unfelt, despite involving the Inquisition, the Imp Fists, Tzeentch himself…but in a galaxy wide empire, built on suppression and absolutism; surely this is how it should be?

        Worlds can burn and sectors vanish into the warp (or maw of some intergalactic locust swarm) and the galaxy just carries on as before; in many ways thats the beauty of the setting; its incredibly open to interpretation and there is a heck of a lot of room for these different takes to co-exist. For me, the new exploration and humanisation of old faves by ADB advances the story, because we learn something new about something old and apparently established, in the same way as we do with Abnett with a newly created chapter.

        I recently read Ahriman Unchanged and as I got towards the end of the novel, I realised that if Ahriman won, the setting would changed irrevocably and an army would essentially dissappear, along with some central characters in the Chaos book. So obviously this wasn’t going to happen. At this point I kind of got that ‘Simpsons’ feeling; no matter what happens, at the end of the story, everything goes back to how it was at the beginning, and I totally started to lose interest.

        Anyway; I went back to it, and without spoilers; I was wrong; John French did advance the story and I totally didn’t see it coming and it was amazing the way he brought it all together. For me, the new exploration and humanisation of old faves advances the story, because we learn something new about something old and apparently established, in very much the same way as we do with newly created chapters (Iron Snakes) or stories about what happened the first week of the 42nd millenium would.

  • Andrew

    I’ve read quite a few of these. Right about where they had Marines fighting chaos corrupted dinosaurs I stopped. I’ll pick them back up when they get to Terra.

    • amaximus167

      Hahaha, I luckily never read that one! The Shadow Crusade material was pretty enjoyable, IMO.

      • Andrew

        It was actually really well written, but my thoughts were “OK, now they’re really milking this series.”

    • benn grimm

      Lol, Chaotic dinosaurs, sounds so lame, which one was that?

      • Andrew

        “The Damnation of Pythos”, which again, was actually a very well written and enjoyable read; the Chaos corrupted death world was actually pretty cool in execution, but at this point I’ve read 30 (!!!) of these damn things, and we still haven’t even seen the Death Guard fully fall to Nurgle. Looking at the site now, there’s been 11 novels and novellas since that one, and judging by the synopsis of the latest one “Cybernetica”, we are still not chronologically closer to Terra than when I stopped. Guess I’ll just have to re-read Bill King’s two short stories about the siege again.

        • benn grimm

          The series has definitely lost its way of late, and like you (I think), am still waiting for a decent Death Guard book; The short story ‘Daemonology’ was frustratingly brief/shallow and Flight of the Eisenstein isn’t really about the Death Guard, not the ones who are still Death Guard anyway. Night Lords long play would be nice too.
          Haven’t read Cybernetica yet, but it looks pretty cool. Tbh I don’t mind how many it takes to get to Terra, I just wish they’d tell better stories on the way. Would be awesome if Bill King wrote a full HH book.

  • Thatroubleshootah

    I am Bundlar of Stronghold Bundleronia! In the future all will be bundles! Bow to your bundled bundlelords!