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He’s finally here! Come see the long awaited Super Archaon model of the Apocalypse up close, in this week’s GW unboxing!

The new kit is HUGE, and everything about it screams I am a bad guy. Archaon’s sword the Slayer of Kings is as big as a Space Marine Terminator, his shield a legionnaire in power armor, and Dorghar his mount is one of the biggest beasts ever releases in plastic.

Archaon will surely be the centerpiece of any army he’s a part of, an impressive honor for a design that;s nearly THREE years old.

Archaon Everchosen $165

This kit contains all the components necessary to make one absolutely staggering, enormous, intimidating Archaon, the Everchosen. Covered in the gifts of the Dark Gods, he bears the Armour of Morkar, featuring numerous Chaos markings, inscribed with runes of warding and malice. His shield displays the symbols of the Dark Gods, and he clutches the Slayer of Kings. His vast winged mount, Dorghar, has undergone countless horrific mutations as he consumed souls from the carcasses of Archaon’s bested foes – huge wings, the faces of unfortunate Stormcast Eternals whose souls he has consumed embedded within his skin, three daemonic heads and twin tails.

Get your closer look at the new Grand Marshall of the Apocalypse!

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  • psuedonym McFakename

    ‘Long Awaited’ By whom exactly? People who don’t have working eyes and too much money?
    The model looks insanely overdone and it’s full of CAD copy-paste parts from other models.

    • amaximus167

      i think for the people that expected it to come out during the End Times. When it was rumored to be released.

      • euansmith

        Archaon, “Ah, sorry, I’m late chaps; hope I didn’t miss much… What do you mean, you started without me?!

  • Ira Clements

    Wow the pricing has really becoming a runaway train.

    • Camoron

      Yep. Every new release I wonder more and more whether I want to stay in the hobby.

      • euansmith

        3rd party suppliers tend to knock 20-odd% off… but it is still going to leave a hole in the kids’ college fund.

        • Necro Alienerd

          Sell the kids’ organs for more money for a single model. Everybody wins!

      • Ira Clements

        I love the miniature gaming hobby. I consider GW only as one marketer these days.

    • Dave

      Yeah, it’s just crazy. Google “Model Kits” and see some of the high end kits you can get for around that price. No comparison. It may be a fantastic model, but not $165 fantastic.

  • Thatroubleshootah

    i don’t know who this model is supposed to be representing and it looks like a 7th grader’s drawing of his favorite metal album cover. and $165 american dollars?????

    W T F G W?

  • Erik Setzer

    Eh… It’s not bad, but I can’t shower it with that much praise. Too much of it is obvious CAD. It’s got sharp edges rather than smooth curves in places, and continues the horrendous CAD chains they’re putting on a lot of the Chaos models. If designed by hand, or with more time put into it, it’d be quite astounding… but still not worth $165.

    I’ve seen one assembled, and it is big. He stands taller than a Bloodthirster (the impressive Bloodthirster, not Skarbrand, who looks even more terrible when put beside a standard Bloodthirster… yep, guy was fielding all three at once). The really annoying thing, though, is that he has a huge base but the model only takes up a relatively small part of the base. This might not be a problem in, say, Warhammer Fantasy Battles, but Age of Sigmar pretends bases don’t exist, so for someone to actually be in reach of Archaon per the game rules, they would have to place their models on Archaon’s base, especially from the rear. So you’re now paying $165 for a game piece that, by necessity in the game it’s designed for, has to have models put on top of it, potentially damaging any work you do on the base to try to make it impressive and not just a bland flat circle.

    On the other hand, a lot of gamers will probably take it as one more sign to rewrite the AoS rules to something that makes some freaking sense, and will just measure base-to-base. (While that seems like it’d be a disadvantage for Archaon, he’s rather large toward the top, so you can imagine he would take up that much space whirling around fighting anyway. And also, given that basic infantry will just serve as delicious morsels for him and nothing more, throwing bodies at him isn’t really going to crap his style much.)

  • Necro Alienerd

    But then revel don’t see themselves as masters of the universe and see a need to setup shop everywhere.